7 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from Circle Hub

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If you’re trying to boost your business, you might have thought about various ideas on how to do that.

We can all agree that building a business is incredibly challenging and taxing.

However, nowadays, there are many (some would say) unconventional ways to achieve that. After all, new times and new problems require new solutions.

That is why your business can definitely benefit from Circle Hub – an innovative approach to workspace that will have your business grow a mile a minute.

What is Circle Hub?

Circle Hub lobby

Basically, Circle Hub is a shared office community. It offers numerous types of workspace which can easily fulfil any business needs you may have.

While in normal offices, it is up to you to take care of every mundane action that comes with operating such a space, with Circle Hub, you can focus solely on your business.

When you’re not thinking about, let’s say, coordinating cleaning services or paying utility bills, you’re much freer to fully access your creativity.

Currently, there are locations in Northridge and Ventura, CA, and both of them are fully furnished and have community managers.

Disadvantages of Traditional Office Spaces

Traditional office spaces are all we’ve known for decades, it seems. But are they really the best solution for the new age of workers and new age of businesses?

Many would say – no, not really.

Traditional offices have quite a few disadvantages that many are now taking into account when deciding on the base for their future business.

First, leasing an office space is a long-term commitment. Average leases for a pre-built space range anywhere between 3 and 10 years. That’s a long time. And if you’re a business just getting your bearings, this may be a bit more than you’re willing to commit to.

Also, the cost of such spaces can be astronomical in some areas. Your business needs to be positioned well, but that position usually comes with a hefty price tag. In addition, leases come with restrictive lease agreements; unlike co-working spaces, which usually come at a fraction of the cost, while also being positioned right where it’s needed for your business to grow.

Now, another problem may be the very high priced deposit you may have to pay if you’re just getting started. All in all, leasing traditional office space can be quite costly.

In addition, a traditional office space means that the leaser or the owner of the business simply has to take care of all facilities and services required to run a functional company. This includes things such as hiring a cleaning crew, setting up equipment, and looking into all security matters that may be necessary. Not to mention the time it takes to train new staff for maintenance and security, etc. Also, if the office space is not furnished, you would need to buy furniture and other things, which means additional costs.

What Does Circle Hub Offer?

Now, as we’ve seen, tradition is slowly going out the window, particularly if you’re a growing business and need alternatives to said tradition.

There are plenty of things in Circle Hub’s offer that you simply cannot miss if you’re looking to grow and advance your business.

For instance, Circle Hub has several options for your workspace:

  • Hot Spot. With this option, you can come by whenever you want and work in Circle Hub’s shared community spaces. It comes with high speed internet and (best of all) complimentary drinks. There is no long-term commitment, which means you don’t have to fear future costs.
  • Designated Desk. If you prefer working at your own desk in the working area (and let’s be honest, a lot of us like to work at our own desks, as mundane as it sounds), then you can claim one for yourself. Again, it boasts high speed internet and complimentary drinks. You don’t have to book it for any longer period of time than you need it, so, again, that is a major plus.
  • Private Office Suite. If, however, your business needs a bit more privacy, there is the option of renting out office suites. Offices vary in size, so you can choose what you need; the smallest office has a single desk, while the largest one has five desks. This option also includes internet and complimentary drinks.

In addition, whether you need a professional mailing address, or an event venue, Circle Hub’s got you covered there.

You can use their professional business address if you need it for official correspondence – they receive your mail, and you can pick it up, or it can be forwarded to any location you need.

Now, if you’re trying to grow a business, you definitely need to have a chat with various people at the same time. But what about conference space? Is this a possibility in Circle Hub?

Well, of course it is.

When it comes to conference rooms you can use, there are currently two options, with more coming soon. In Northridge, there is currently an option of a conference room for up to 8 guests. It has a whiteboard and even a flat screen TV.

The one in Ventura is slightly smaller (made for up to 6 persons), but it is equally engaging and suited for concentration and privacy. Again, it has a whiteboard and flat screen. All the conference rooms offer high speed internet and complimentary beverages. You will also have access to common areas and to kitchen and break rooms.

And last, but not least, it has on-site parking.

There will be another two options available soon in Ventura, i.e. larger conference rooms – one which can accommodate 10 people and one which can accommodate eleven.

Circle Hub is listening carefully to the thoughts and wishes of its users and strives to improve the experience in any possible way, so you know to always be on the lookout for such upward trends!

You can even organize events in Ventura. Their 1,500-square-foot space is more than adequate for gatherings up to 170 guests. You can hold seminars, networking events and even parties there. And you’ll even get a professional event coordinator to help you with any issues you may encounter while planning. With their experience, you may rest assured that everything will go according to plan and nothing will be amiss.

Should your business require warehouse space, this is offered in Northridge. In fact, Circle Hub is the first co-working facility which offers such space under one roof, with flexible contract terms (month-to-month option). You even get an on-site forklift, a professional packing table and 24/7 access to the warehouse.

Warehouse space with man wheeling boxes

Other things that Circle Hub offers include cleaning services, printing services, kitchen and break rooms, and even a fitness center and a gaming room. Circle Hub strives to make your working experience as enjoyable as possible. While you may think that, for instance, the fitness center or the gaming room might distract you, that is simply not true. Their purpose is to help you distress and relax, so you can continue with your work day unperturbed.

In any case, if you’re looking to see all of these options personally, you can always book a tour and learn everything first-hand.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Circle Hub?

And now we come to the essence of the matter.

Sure, Circle Hub sounds great on paper, but can it deliver? Can it actually help your business in various ways?

Well, short answer – yes!

But, here’s how:

1) With Circle Hub, you will be cutting costs

Two women at work talking at desk

As we’ve noted previously, there’s a lot that goes into renting traditional office spaces. When we say a lot, we mean a lot of money and a lot of time. Circle Hub is fully equipped to handle the everyday needs of your business. Also, since you’ll be sharing the space normally, this will allow you to pay a much cheaper price than in a traditional office setting.

Not to mention the time you will save when you don’t have to deal with such everyday matters that take up a lot of time in offices.

2) You (and your coworkers) will be more productive

Basically, once you’re in such a professional environment, this is definitely going to affect you and your coworkers’ ability to concentrate. Higher concentration leads to higher productivity, which, in turn, leads to better business.

And all that just from being surrounded by other professionals.

While in Circle Hub, you will be able to literally see your motivation increasing and you will be able to focus more thoroughly on the tasks at hand.

3) You will be able to expand

You will simply love Circle Hub and its ability to help you expand. No matter how you start, whether it be with one employee or ten, you can always count on them to accommodate you as your business continues to grow.

When you’re confined to a traditional office space, expansion may seem unachievable – it usually requires a lot of time and a lot of organization which you may find challenging. With Circle Hub, it’s as simple as notifying them that you will need additional space, for your needs to be accommodated.

This is particularly important if you’re just getting started. Whatever we may hope for, the first year is always uncertain, which is why it is preferable to use a space that is able to grow. If your business underperforms within that period, you won’t be losing anything, and if it exceeds your expectations, they will be able to suit your needs.

4) Networking is a given

Business networking event with people talking

This day and age, a lot of the success of our businesses depends on our chances (and ability) to network.

And what better way to do it than within a shared space with tons of other professionals?

This is particularly important for startups, since usually, when they first start off, they lack the connections that are simply pivotal if you want to succeed. Even with an exceptionally good product, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to get your bearings and position yourself within the market.

Networking that Circle Hub offers is something that budding businesses should definitely take advantage of.

Even if you’re an already established business, networking is great for expanding it, for driving progress. You will be able to build incredibly valuable partnerships, which will help you further down the line.

5) You will have access to more client bases

Because you will be working around many professionals from a number of different industries, you will actually be able to gain insight into the workings of different markets. In turn, this will open up a whole new world of possibilities for business and customer-base growth.

Additionally, instead of just working with only your team, in Circle Hub, you will be able to inform others about the workings of your business. That way, through sheer word of mouth, your business will acquire additional clientele.

6) You will have access to various talents

Circle Hub is simply brimming with freelancers and entrepreneurs. That is a fact that you can definitely use to your advantage.

Let’s say you need a webpage developer? Chances are, you’ll have one (or a dozen) in the vicinity simply by sharing the co-working space.

With Circle Hub, you will be also saving money since you will have easy access to talent. This will definitely save you time from going out through the (sometimes grueling) process of searching for the talent in the more traditional ways.

By easily finding individuals that can help you advertise and expand your business, you will also save time by realizing your business goals much quicker than by going about it the traditional ways.

So, explore Circle Hub’s talent pool and watch your business skyrocket!

7) You will have all the flexibility you need

Man typing on laptop at desk

Instead of going to the office from 9 to 5 each day, with Circle Hub, you will be able to stay as long as you want to get the job done.

This can be quite beneficial for boosting your business’ goals.

If you’re a workaholic, you will be able to stay for longer than the pre-appointed 5 o’clock. If you feel like you will be productive even by working three hours, then you have that option, too.

Some people use the offices for fewer hours, some for more, but the fact is that every business requires different schedules, and that is something that will definitely be accommodated in Circle Hub. 

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