Choosing a Coworking Space: 10 Mistakes to Avoid Making

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If you have ever thought about renting a good coworking space, Googling coworking space to rent near me is not going to cut it. You have to take many variables into consideration.

One coworking space could be appropriate for you, while the other will not. It is easy to make a mistake believing that you have made the right choice, when, in fact, it turns out to be quite the opposite. In order to help you, Circle Hub has put together a list of things you have to avoid and mistakes you shouldn’t make when you are wondering “what coworking space to rent near me would be the perfect choice?”

Choosing a Space Based on Price

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Yes, price is often a strong factor you have to take into consideration what the perfect space should have. However, it mustn’t be the only one. Choosing the cheapest one shouldn’t be the only thing you think about. Coworking spaces are so much more than the price you pay.

You have to think about the location, the accommodation, amenities, and so many other things.

Let’s look at it this way. You might have gone through all the results on your browser when you typed in “the cheapest space to rent near me,” and you have found, presumably, the perfect one.

However, as time passes, you realize that you don’t like the atmosphere or the desk you have been assigned, or that they don’t have all the necessary equipment you need to do your job well.

Even worse, they don’t have a strong, stable, and fast WiFi connection. So, you end up struggling to open a simple email.

That would be a complete disaster, wouldn’t it?

That is why you should take your time and pick wisely. Keep in mind that a coworking space shouldn’t just be cheap, it should also deliver everything you need to finish your workload well and on time.

Choosing a Space Based on Location

Everybody dreads the commute, finding it even more tiring than the work itself. Many people make this mistake and choose a coworking space that will be near their home, not looking at all the other factors.

Looking for the right location is one of the most important factors when choosing a proper co-shared office space, but not in the way you might think. Going to a place to work that is near you would be easier, but would it be as beneficial for your business?

Picking a place far from the established business centers wouldn’t be a good option, because, in the business world, you have to keep up if you want to make it.

And how are you supposed to keep up, if you are so far away?

Being in the right vicinity of the actual business centers would contribute significantly to your climbing up the ladder. You are more likely to meet somebody influential in the business world if you are in the right place at the right time. In addition, if you are looking for a perfect partner or a perfect employee, you are not going to find them next to your home, if your home is off the beaten track.

Some things are worth the sacrifice, and succeeding in the business world, finding a good partner, employee, or just being in the center of happening is worth traveling a slightly longer distance.

So, instead of just looking for “coworking space to rent near me,” and focusing on the closeness of the place, try thinking about the bigger picture, and what would help you progress in the line of your business more.

Not Considering Infrastructure

Coworking space to rent near me

We have to admit, this is one that comes to mind last, but has the biggest influence on the problems that might occur in any coworking office space.

Imagine thinking “oh my god, I found the perfect coworking space to rent near me, incredible!” And it truly has it all: it is close to your home, it’s affordable, it has all the necessary equipment and desired amenities. You start working and you realize that the roof is leaking and every time it rains, there is a problem with the power supply.

Indeed, checking the age and the condition of the building should be your priority. No matter how incredible other features are, having a power blackout when you need it the most isn’t something you would want… well, ever.

Choosing an Inflexible Office Space

In this day and age, flexibility is a must. Especially if we are talking about coworking office spaces, where the majority of their users consist of freelancers, startups and small companies that have just started.

Having a flexible work schedule is the only way the aforementioned groups can function, because they can never know when the workload is going to explode.

That is why, if you found the aforementioned “perfect coworking space to rent near me” which is not flexible, just walk away. Don’t even consider it, just turn away slowly, and walk away.

Flexibility has become a preferable working arrangement, especially for those using coworking office spaces, for several reasons. Not only does it enable them to manage their time more productively, but it also allows them to save their time.

There are spaces that are open 24/7. You can always choose when you are going to come, and when you are going to leave. Sometimes your inspiration doesn’t come during the 9 to 5 time span. Sometimes it comes in the evening, even during the night. By choosing when to work, you can also avoid the rush hour, saving you much valuable time to spend doing something else. It is also beneficial for the elusive work-life balance, since you will have more time to spend with your family and your friends.

Not Considering Lease Terms

Lease paperwork

The flexibility of a place is not only important when it comes to working hours, but also when it comes to the actual lease.

There are spaces that only offer fixed leases that oblige you to rent a space a couple of months in advance. Now, this may be fine to some, but if you are a freelancer, you know that just won’t do, because you are not sure how much work you are going to have next month, and whether you are going to be able to afford it.

That is why it is best to look for communal office spaces that have flexible rent conditions and you are good to go. So instead of typing “coworking space to rent near me,” try “coworking space to rent near me with a flexible lease.”

In addition, it is very important to inform yourself about what the rent includes. At some places it just includes renting the office space, which means that every other additional thing you might need is charged extra. This might include event spaces, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, etc.

On the other hand, some, slightly more expensive places, are only more expensive because they include using all the additional amenities, which, when you think about it, proves to be cheaper in the long run.

Not Checking the Availability of the Equipment

Some coworking office spaces provide only that, office space. But we know that you know that office spaces should provide much more than that.

What is an office space without a stable and fast WiFi, or a working printer?

So, before you sign anything, make sure to visit the office space you are about to pay for and see whether it has everything that you need in order to work properly.

Not Considering Amenities

Office kitchen
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You might think you just need office space where you can work in peace, but is that really so? Having a proper place to relax like a café or a gym is equally important.

A time comes in your working day, when you get into a problem you just can’t focus on and solve. We all have those days. That is the time we get up, and do something else in order to clear our head and find the solution to the problem.

It is at that moment that a cup of coffee would be a perfect thing for you to reset. Or, if you are not drinking coffee, maybe exercising in the gym to blow out some steam would do the trick, or a half an hour in the gaming room.

You never know you need these things, until you do.

So, before making a decision about which space to rent near me, try finding out about the amenities they offer. They will come in handy, for sure. There are many coworking office spaces that provide you with a great variety of relaxation areas where you can easily find your inspiration.

At Circle Hub, for example, you have a mean kitchen and break room as well as a fantastic fitness center. And as for you gaming lovers, there is an amazing gaming room, too. Be sure to check it out.

Not Meeting the Community Manager

Considering that this is a person that can make or break your stay at any given coworking office space, not meeting the designated community manager would be a hard fail.

Community managers are the ones in charge of the complete organization of the place, as well as making sure the working groups fit well together. They are also responsible for solving any potential problems that might occur between the users. They are there to set the rules and to implement them.

So, check reviews of the community managers of the space, and meet them. When you meet them, you can have an honest talk about what you expect from the space, and, on the other hand, you can get useful and honest information on what you can expect in return.

Imagine being somebody that doesn’t stand noise. Without a proper community manager, you might be placed next to somebody very loud at a hot desk. And there is nothing you can do about it for the day, if the person next to you doesn’t want to cooperate. If there was a community manager and if they were good, you wouldn’t be placed at a hot desk in the first place.

Not Checking the Security Measures

Office security camera

Communal office spaces imply that there is a great number of people going in and out of the premises. That is why it is crucial that you check if the coworking office space has a reception desk, biometric check-up and a guard.

Cameras are a prerogative in such places, for sure.

When it comes to security of your personal files that you use on their equipment, it is an absolute must for coworking offices to have security programs installed that will safeguard your information against all possible attempts of intrusion.

A good coworking space takes care of every aspect of their users’ security, and be sure to have that in mind while choosing one.

Not Checking the Cleanliness And the Health Safety Measures

During the pandemic, it goes without saying that implementing health and safety regulations has to be of the highest standard. This again means it should be extremely clean and there should be a check-up point for everybody that enters the building.

At the premises, there should be proper distance between the tables and the work spaces, as well as proper barriers.

You wouldn’t believe how many, not just coworking offices, but communal places in general, are not following state health regulations. Such behavior endangers everybody present, so visiting the premises and checking that they keep everything in order goes without saying.

In the end, no, it is not enough just to browse “coworking spaces to rent near me.”

There is a whole lot more to it. A glimpse at these common mistakes will help you find your perfect spot, where you will be able not just to finish your workload in time, but also to have fun while doing it.

On the other hand, if you choose to disregard the advice, you might end up in a pickle that is not possible to get out of for couple of months, if you decide on signing a contract with an inflexible coworking company.

So, be careful and choose the best, because the best is what you deserve.

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