11 Amenities to Look for in a Coworking Space

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What is it about a coworking office rental space that makes you come back over and over again? Is it the atmosphere, the nice people you meet, or everything that the coworking space has to offer?

Coworking office rental spaces have, during the years of expansion and upgrading, become a personal sanctuary for everybody who is in search of productivity, pleasurable working conditions and flexibility. Some would compare it to entering a special realm, completely detached from the harshness of the outside world.

Inside, you are able not just to work productively, but to relax, while waiting for your inspiration to come.

No, not you?

Well, if you are not having the same feelings about the place you are working at, then you have chosen the wrong one. A perfect place for working needs to have everything your heart desires. Circle Hub takes a look at what you may be missing. 

Incredibly Fast Wi-Fi

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You would think that this is an absolute must in every office rental space. However, you’d be surprised at what’s out there.

There are places that don’t provide you with an Internet speed you need to finish your workload, which makes you desperate and quite irritated at the same time. If this is you, just exit the space and try to find another one right around the corner.

The basic thing a co shared office rental space needs to offer is fast accessibility to the Internet, and there is no discussion about that. In this day and age, having to worry about a stable Internet connection is out of the question. You need fast Wi-Fi, and you need it now.

Other things that might not suit you could be tolerated, but when it comes to a stable Internet connection, which is a prerequisite for your job, you mustn’t make exceptions. If you want to do your workload in time, find a coworking space that will not disappoint. Always go through the reviews of the place, so you could see whether a particular place has all that you need.


A high number 2 on the list is, definitely, a comfortable workplace. There is nothing more stimulating than sitting in a comfortable, ergonomic chair, that will not make every inch of your body hurt, if you happen to sit in it for more than an hour.

This is why it is important to look for a communal office rental space that will provide just that. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, a comfortable chair is something that can make or break your career. Yes, we are exaggerating a bit here, but you know what we mean.

There is nothing more distracting than not being able to sit properly and organize your work space. Whether it is the chair that doesn’t sit with you, or a work table that is just a bit off, not having a proper work station can make a world of difference.

That is why, when you are searching for a perfect place to work, look around, try out a couple of work spaces, and see whether they are your cup of tea. One of the most important factors that influences your productivity is definitely comfortable seating arrangements, and be sure you have enough of that at your future coworking office rental space.

A Variety of Office Rental Space Options

Each coworking office rental space needs to be flexible towards the demands of its users. This is very important when it comes to seating arrangements. In order to fulfill the needs of every single visitor, they need to have a wide range of options.

Each and every one coworking community needs to have it all: from the designated desks for those that need a bit of privacy, to hot desks for those that do not. Of course, there always have to be private office spaces for people that have frequent meetings with clients, and need to have a more professional look.

More often than not, when it comes to types of seating, many co-shared office rental spaces will deliver. There is just so much competition, and those that do not, soon fall under, and lose their appeal.

Modern Office Equipment

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In the modern era, if you are not up-to-date, you are long gone, and that is a fact. In order to prosper, not only in work, but in life, you need to keep up with recent trends.

In the case of coworking office rental space, you need to be on the lookout for the space that will have state-of-the art equipment that can help you do all the workload properly. This doesn’t include just a fast Internet connection, which has already been mentioned; this includes all the necessary equipment that has to be there in order to help you finish your job with ease – modern computers, with applications you need to do your job properly, printers, etc.

Of course, these are just general things that come to mind. More and more coworking spaces are shifting their attention to tending to special niches, for example, collaborative work spaces that are only designated for people working in IT, lawyers, cooks, the list goes on. Therefore, they need to pay special attention to the type of people they are trying to attract and try to do their best and have just the right equipment that will meet their needs.

A Nice Food/Drink Area

Let’s just take a break from all the “functional” things you need to work properly, and let’s focus for a while on the thing that, really, matters the most – the place where you drink that cup of coffee you so desperately want, when you are in need for a break.

Of course, there are more important, work-related things, but whether some like it or not, this is a selling point of any coworking office rental space. If you don’t have a proper café, and a place where people can have a cup of coffee, then you might as well close the premises.

Everybody needs a break, and when you have a perfect place to have it, everything seems different, and easier. So, before making a choice of a space where you are going to spend your working hours, be absolutely sure that it has a coffee shop or a restaurant that you will find pleasurable enough to spend your free time at. There is nothing better than reaching a milestone, and rewarding yourself with a cup of freshly ground coffee, alongside that amazing club sandwich that is on the menu of the day.

Recreational Areas

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Inspiration doesn’t come easily, and many people look for it in different ways – some like to take the aforementioned cup of coffee, while others prefer a workout, or doing some yoga. Finally, there are some that are just in desperate need of a nap, so they can restart their brain and find a solution to a problem that brought their work to a halt in the first place.

If you belong to any of the mentioned groups, be sure to look for a coworking office rental space that will have the type of recreational area that will meet your needs.

Being a member of a communal office rental space that doesn’t have at least one of the recreational areas is unimaginable.  The nap rooms, the gaming zones, the wellness areas – all that your heart desires. So, seek an office space that has those, and get your value for money.

Meeting Rooms

Now that we’ve taken a little break and shown you all the free-time amenities a coworking office rental space can have, let’s go back to the more serious ones. In this case, the meeting rooms. These types of spaces are very valuable assets of any coworking office rental space, because many people need to have meetings with their staff or the potential clients.

For this reason, your coworking office rental space of choice needs to have a proper meeting area, where you can see potential clients. Even if you are not planning to have meetings any time soon, you never know what the future holds, and you never know which important client you will have to meet. And when that day comes, you will have a functional place to meet them and show just how serious you really are.

When it comes to the attributes every meeting room has to have, be sure that your chosen one has the following – a white board, a video projector, audiovisual or videoconference systems, VGA/HDMI and Mac connectors, computer chargers, conference phones, TVs and these are just the basics.

In addition, you have to see whether the seating is comfortable enough. As we have already said, comfortable surroundings are half the work.

A Good Community Manager

Yes, we know, not an amenity, per se, but really, really important to have in a coworking office rental space. There is literally nothing more important than having a good community manager that you can turn to whenever you have a problem. A good community manager is responsible for creating an appropriate working atmosphere, one where everybody is productive and comfortable, one where everybody is in the working “zone.”

A good community manager needs to be alert, always present to solve any type of problem that might arise. And when it comes to handling many different people, with different occupations, interest and personalities – admittedly, possible problems that will eventually happen are numerous. They need to be in charge of predicting any possible problems in the community and fixing them before they actually happen.

So, before you decide on the coworking office rental space that would suit you, be sure to meet the community manager. You will know right then and there whether you will have a good coworking experience or a bad one.

Outdoor Space

People working outdoors

No longer does working imply closing yourself between four walls, which sometimes makes you feel like you are in prison. This is just what coworking companies had in mind when they realized they would have to help their clients feel free. This is accomplished by providing people with an outdoor space which can help them take some fresh air and concentrate better.

There is nothing more inspiring than sitting under direct sunlight, in sync with nature, and outer space. And if you are lucky enough to have an amazing view, you have hit the homerun of coworking spaces.

Of course, for those that find the outdoor space distracting, this is not a prerequisite. However, if you are among the ones that need a bit of sun to do their job properly, be sure to find an office rental space with a nice garden or a balcony. You won’t regret it and your productivity will go through the roof.

Call Areas

Distraction is one of the main reasons many people don’t opt for a co shared office rental space. However, more often than not, myths about coworking spaces being full of distractions are just that, myths.

One of the main sources of distraction are, of course, phone calls – a problem which any proper coworking office space has dealt with long ago. Namely, every up-to-date office rental space, has so-called phone booths, where people can go and have their conversations in private. That way, not only will they finish everything that needs to be done over the phone properly and in peace, but they will also not distract their coworkers in the process.


This is very rare to find, but if you are a parent who doesn’t know where to leave your kids in order to work, finding a coworking office rental space that offers babysitting is a jewel that shouldn’t be lost.

For parents with kids, this amenity is the most precious one, because it can be quite burdening not having a place where to leave your kids well attended while you work. That is why some of the coworking spaces have decided to provide all parents with childcare services, which will mean a world of difference. No more stressing over whether you are going to manage leaving your child at daycare and arriving to work on time, no more thinking about what they are doing or whether they are well.

By having a childcare service at your place of work, you will not only be able to check on your kids whenever you want, but you will do your job more productively knowing that they are close by.  

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