The Circle Hub Guide to Ventura

Ventura is known for being a surf-town and a city of creatives. If you are getting ready to head to Ventura you want to know what to do, where to go. It might not be a time meant entirely for sight-seeing and fun in the sun. 

If you need to get some work done on this trip, Circle Hub has a location in Ventura. Combine the trip with proactive work time, a meeting space and tanning time.

During your down time, check out our list of places to go, restaurants to check out and things to do in Ventura. Get to know this beautiful city while being productive.

The History

The city surrounded by green hills and bordered by rolling ocean was initially dubbed San Buenaventura. The city was originally founded in 1782 when a Spaniard by the name of Saint Junipero Serra started the Mission San Buenaventura. This is where the nickname the “city of good fortune” comes from.

Almost 100 years later, the mission was thriving, surrounded by orchards and gardens and incorporating the largest ranching operation that was currently in California. It changed quickly upon its incorporation by the State legislature in 1866. 

With the beginning of the oil boom and increase in agricultural production in the surrounding area, the city became a hub for immigrants and wealth began to flood into the city. This brought with it the construction of roadways, bridges and railways.

Ventura at night

Due to its prime location on the beachside of the Pacific ocean, Ventura has a rich cultural history. It has been impacted by the Chumash, Spaniards, Europeans, as well as the Chinese. Now you have some insight if you notice a range of diversity in its architecture and art while wandering the city.

The city is currently home to 109,000 residents living in the 32 square miles that make up the city’s limits. It has a scenic and vibrant environment with a rich business culture. It simultaneously maintains an air of entrepreneurial growth as well as being carefree and unpretentious.

Where to Stay

When it comes to planning a trip away, first thing first. Finding the right place to stay is an important part of having a smooth transition into the city life.


Marriot Ventura Beach

The Marriot is the place to go for a charming getaway from the hustle and bustle of big cities like L.A. It is centrally located and newly renovated with a sunlit lobby and beautiful guest rooms. It is only two blocks away from the ocean as well as close to Highway 101 for easy access from other cities down the coastal Californian stretch.

Visit their website here to book your stay.

Inn On The Beach

A prime location looking out onto the Pacific Ocean. The allure of this little inn is the stunning sunset views along with the gentle ocean sounds lulling you to sleep at night. They designed their inn with every room facing towards the ocean and featuring a fireplace to keep you cosy no matter what time of year you visit.

Visit their website here to book your stay.

Clocktower Inn Ventura

Here, guests will get the feeling of the history of Ventura and its surrounding hillside. At home in an old Spanish-style building that was originally built to serve as a firehouse, this inn is at once cosy and intriguing. It features The Blue Agave restaurant with homemade Mexican food and an impressive selection of tequila.

Visit their website here to book your stay.


Emma Wood State Park

Emma Wood state Beach

If you need a nature fix instead of stopping in a hotel, you may be interested in camping closeby. Emma Wood State Beach is an open area backed by rolling green hills and bordered by a beautiful beach and the Pacific Ocean. Camping here gives you easy access to Ventura, yet allows you some peace and nature at night.

To pitch your tent here, visit their website and claim your spot.

Waypoint Ventura Vintage Trailer Hotel & Campground

An interesting place to stay for a night or two is the Vintage Trailer Hotel by the beach. Lined up are vintage trailers that are made for anyone from an individual to a family to come and stay for a while. You can also bring your own trailer and park it in the “hotel” area. The family of trailers forms a community of travelers with outdoor areas for recreation to meet someone new.

Visit their website here to book your stay.

Where to Eat

Mexican food

Once the place to stay is figured out, it will be time to take advantage of the delectable range of cuisine that the area of Ventura has to offer. Heavily influenced by Latin American culture means a great selection of taco joints. This isn’t the only thing to chow on though. The immigrant culture has brought in Asian cuisines, European cuisine as well as some down-to-earth burger joints.



There are two Corrales locations in the city, situated with a half mile of each other. The restaurant is known for its authentic Mexican food, with many locals raving about their burritos. This includes a morning service of breakfast burritos as well.

Check them out on Tripadvisor to find your next meal.


Lalo’s is a spot not often visited by those that aren’t locals. Although it might not look like too much from the outside, the food that is served is about as authentic, and delicious, that you can find in California. From homemade guacemolia to a mix of tasty salsas, find it all at Lalo’s.

Check them out on Tripadvisor to find your next meal.

Everything Else

The Greek at the Harbor

Although there is always more room for mexican, if you are looking for some variety, try out The Greek for a taste of Greece along the Californian coast. This is not only a delicious restaurant to visit but also an interesting and engaging one. They don’t just serve great hummus and falafel, but also host bellydancing performances along with other engaging activities.

To see their menu and event list, visit their website.

Lure Fish House

Since you are right by the ocean, it would be near travesty to not eat fresh caught seafood. Lure Fish House is one of the more upscale restaurants for the smaller city of Ventura. This doesn’t do anything to diminish their delectable dishes of fried shrimp or fresh oysters. Their menu changes a bit seasonally but features sustainably sourced seafood all year round.

To see their current menu, visit their website.

Where to Drink

Beer taps

You may need a caffeine fix in the morning. Or, after filling up on authentic burritos, a falafel wrap, some seafood or any of the many other dishes from the surrounding area, you head out for a after-dinner drink. But where to go? We’ve got you covered with some suggestions for local breweries and coffee shops.


Leashless Brewing

Those that are mindful of the environment will enjoy the special attention that this brewery gives it. Leashless is a certified organic, independent craft brewery. Their goal is to make the world a better place, one glass of ogranic beer at a time. If you are looking for a taste of their selection head into their tasting room. You can also check out their even schedule to head in for a pint and live music.

Check out their event calendar and hours on their website.

Anacapa Brewing

Loved by lovlas and visitors alike due to its original in Ventura itself. This brewery doubles as a restaurant with great seafood and American-style menu options. It was established in 2000 and is focused on building a community around good, quality beer. They have a dog-friendly patio to make a meet-up with people and fido’s alike an easy afternoon.

Check out their event calendar and hours on their website.

Coffee Shops

Kay’s Coffee Shop

Kay’s is a locally owned and operated coffee shop.It is your one stop shop for baked goods, made from scratch and a cup of locally roasted coffee. It serves traditional espresso-based drinks as well as some of their own concoctions. There are options even for those who may not enjoy coffee as much. Whether dropping in for a latte or a lovingly baked treat, Kay’s is the place.

Check out their menu and location at their website.

Prospect Coffe Roasters 

This coffee house isn’t just your run of the mill coffee shop, but instead a specialty coffee and roastery. Made with a cozy atmosphere for lovers of caffeine, this shop is family owned. Started in 2014, it has grown in popularity with locals and travelers alike. They are driven by their passion for coffee and their commitment to the quality means that you get great flavor in every cup with a side of friendly hospitality.

Check out their menu and hours at their website.

What To Do

It is time to get your day started! After a productive day facilitated by CircleHub’s new location in Ventura, you may want to head out to the beach, which is only ten minutes away, or jump on Highway 101 and head out for an adventure. 

Here is a list of some local suggestions to get you started.


Looking for an adventure? Take a kayak out for a while and come back satisfied. Right across the water from Ventura lies Channel Islands National Park. This is a chain of islands that, thoughout many years and series of geological events, sea caves were formed throughout. Kayakers can travel through this or go diving around them. They can take a kayaking tour or may rent kayaks from the Channel Island Kayak Center.


The big blue ocean may not be everyone’s favorite place to adventure. This is easily remedied by taking a trip out into the surrounding hillside. Arroyo Verde Park is closeby, featuring long routes of trails weaving throughout the hills above Ventura. There is also a hike up to Grant Park if you are looking for something quicker.

Visit AllTrails to get an idea of your hiking options near Ventura.


Man on beach with surfboard

There are a number of beaches that are great for surfing. What would a surf-city be without consistent surf? Check out Port Hueneme Beach, Mondo’s Beach, Silver Strand Beach and quite a few more to get started. If you are looking for a place to rent gear, check out Ventura Surf Shop or Seaward Surf & Sport and go from there.

Visit Ventura County Fair

Ventura has long been known for its country fair. Open in August, it features The Derby Club, the Rotary Club and Swap Meet. There are continual events that go on at the Fairgrounds year round, though, if you are looking for something fun to do in the local area. The fair brings in rides, dance and musical performances and caricaturists. 

To get more information, check out their website.

Walk Down Ventura Pier and Promenade

Downton Ventura doesn’t only feature many great places to shop and have fun in the sun, but here the pier juts out from the beach. Get a breath of fresh ocean air by walking out on the Venutra Pier, originally constructed in 1872. It makes for a beautiful spot to watch the sunset or for a sort of bench time picnic area right next to the ocean. 

To explore the whole Boardwalk along the Pier, you can rent bikes and take the bike path throughout the whole area.

Wine Tasting

The whole of California is known for its wine production. If this appeals to you then it may be time to get out a map and route out your personal wine tasting agenda. Plan B Wine Cellars features a large barrel room and award winning wines. If red wine is your thing, then this is the place for you. 

This isn’t your only option around Ventura though, but also Old Creek Ranch & Winy, Labyrinth Winery and Four Brix Winery and Tasting Room.

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