Circle Hub: Your Ultimate Coworking Solution in Northridge

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Coworking is becoming increasingly popular, with individuals and businesses all over the world choosing to adopt this working model. While the concept itself is great, not all coworking spaces meet the mark when it comes to quality and available amenities, making it important to do your research before picking a coworking space for yourself.

If you’re looking for a Northridge coworking space, you have a few options, one of which is Circle Hub. The services and amenities that we offer are second to none, which is why our members would all agree that we’re the best Northridge coworking space around!

The Shared Workspaces at Circle Hub

Each Northridge coworking space out there will operate in its own way. However, most coworking spaces consist of an open-plan room kitted out with desks, which people can drop in and use as and when needed. At Circle Hub, this is known as our Hot Spots. These areas are bright and spacious, making them conducive to productivity. There’s no advanced booking required, making them super convenient.

With our Hot Spots, you’ll also be able to enjoy a different view each time you turn up to work. Mixing up your environment in this way, rather than sitting at the same desk every day, can help to give creativity a boost. With that said, if you do happen to fall in love with a particular desk and want to ensure that it’s available for a specific date, you can do this with our Designated Desk service. This allows you to reserve a desk in advance, which is ideal for when you have a big deadline coming up and want to ensure that your working environment is absolutely perfect.

Circle Hub Offers Privacy Too

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Most of the time, a shared workspace is great. However, what happens if you’re working on something confidential and can’t risk having anyone else see what you’re doing? Or what do you do if you need to attend a video conference but have so many people around you?

This is why it’s important for a Northridge coworking space to offer the option of privacy too. At Circle Hub, this comes in the form of our private office suites. These enclosed offices provide complete seclusion. No one else will be able to see or hear you, so you won’t have to worry about security breaches with confidential work or disturbing everyone else when you take a call. Again, you can rent out these offices as and when you need them, which works out to be very cost-effective.

What if you need more room than an office provides? The largest of our offices holds five desks, which may not cut it if you’re hosting a meeting. In this case, you’ll be able to turn to our conference rooms. Sleek and modern, our conference rooms vary in size but all come with a flat-screen TV and a whiteboard. The largest can accommodate 16 people, making it ideal for larger gatherings. Our conference rooms are available to rent by the hour, at a rate that’s much more competitive than anything you’d find elsewhere. We want our members to be able to access these professional facilities without having to break the bank!

Access Whenever You Need It

Some Northridge coworking spaces are only open during regular business hours, which can be a problem for many. There may be times when you need to work outside of these hours and not being able to use the coworking space that you’re paying for can be very frustrating! 

This is why Circle Hub operates on a 24/7 basis. You’ll be able to come and go whatever the time of day. Not only is this useful when you have a big deadline coming up or an international Zoom call planned, but you may find that it also better aligns with your own productivity. After all, everyone is unique and is productive at different times. Some do their best work first thing in the morning while night owls prefer to work during the later hours. At Circle Hub’s Northridge coworking space, all of this is possible.

Take Things Further With Our Virtual Office Service

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With a choice of both shared and private workspaces available at Circle Hub, you won’t need to worry about leasing an office space for yourself/your business – Circle Hub offers it all! However, this can then lead to confusion when it comes to correspondence for your business. Since you don’t have an office space of your own, what do you use as your business address?

While some may be tempted to use their home address, this isn’t advisable. Not only can there be safety concerns associated with making your home address publicly available, but it doesn’t look very professional either!

This is where the Circle Hub Virtual Office service saves the day. For a small monthly fee, you’ll be able to use Circle Hub’s professional address as your own. When you receive mail, we’ll sort and store it for you. We can even forward it on digitally if you need something urgently but aren’t able to come by for it. 

Circle Hub’s Extra Amenities

When it comes to amenities, there are certain things that every Northridge coworking space should provide. Stable WiFi, printers, a cleaning service, a secure access system…these are all no-brainers! If you’ve been looking at a Northridge coworking space that doesn’t offer these basics, take that as a big red flag.

At Circle Hub, we always try to go above and beyond, which is why we offer so many more amenities for our members to enjoy. Our common areas, for example, are always appreciated. Whether you want to relax on a sofa, sprawl out on a beanbag, or spend a few minutes whipping up a snack in a kitchen, we’ve got it all! In fact, you’ll even find complimentary refreshments in our kitchen area, which could give you some big savings if you have a coffee addiction!

Explore the Circle Hub building and you’ll come across several other amenities too. From an on-site fitness center to a gaming room, we’re all about encouraging our members to take regular breaks. Why? Because research confirms that this can really help with productivity and mental health. Some coworking spaces try to get people in and out as quickly as possible but at Circle Hub, you’ll feel welcomed enough to take your time and schedule your workday in a way that works best for you.

A Sense of Community

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Although a coworking space is primarily an area of work, it can also help to feel a sense of belonging. This can help to boost both performance and innovation. It’s one of the reasons why most of our members find that they’re suddenly more productive after working from Circle Hub’s Northridge coworking space.

At Circle Hub, our sense of community is strong. We have such a diverse range of members from so many different industries, meaning that you’ll meet some very interesting people each time you stop by. You’ll make new friends as well as new professional contacts, which could end up furthering your career.

While our common areas are a great place to meet other members, we encourage this even further by also hosting informal events. From yoga sessions to breakfast spreads, these are a great way to get chatting to others without any pressure.

A Warehouse Space

While a coworking space takes care of where you work, what do you do if your business has stock to store? Does this mean that you have to resort to working from two locations; your coworking space as well as your storage facility?

With most coworking spaces, yes, that’s exactly what it means. However, with Circle Hub’s Northridge coworking space, things are a little different…

Our Northridge location has an on-site warehouse, making us the first Northridge coworking space to offer offices and storage under one roof. We’re equipped to handle receiving/sending goods too and also have an on-site forklift that you can use.

Even better, just like our coworking space, the contract terms for our warehouse space are flexible. You can rent a space on a monthly basis, saving you from tying yourself into a long and pricey lease.

Enjoy a Convenient Location

It goes without saying that you’ll want your Northridge coworking space to be easy to get to. Nobody enjoys a long commute. Plus, this is one of the benefits of using a coworking space in the first place. You won’t have to trek across town to a specific physical office as you’ll be able to work from a coworking space that’s easy for you to access.

With Circle Hub’s prime location, accessibility is a breeze. We’re just minutes away from multiple freeways, making it simple to travel to us. If you’re driving, you won’t have to worry about parking either. There is plenty of street parking around us and if you happen to be renting one of our private office suites for the day, you’ll be able to benefit from reserved parking.

Once you’re here, you’ll also enjoy the buzzing environment that surrounds us. The Northridge Fashion Center, with all of its sleek bars and restaurants, is just a short distance away, as are many other coffee shops and eateries.

Circle Hub’s Northridge Coworking Space

At Circle Hub, we try to ensure that our Northridge coworking space caters to our members’ every need. From the variety of workspaces that we offer to the extra amenities that we provide, it’s easy to see why we’re the top choice for many when it comes to coworking spaces in the area!

Want to see Circle Hub’s Northridge coworking space for yourself? Click here to book a tour today!

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