Top Apps and Collaborative Tools You Can Use in Coworking

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In today’s era of modern technology, it is crucial to be familiar with all the apps and tools that can facilitate your work as much as possible.

Let’s face it – if you’re not in, you’re out.

Some tools and apps can make a world of difference, especially in the coworking world. So many different people, so many different needs.

That is why it is important for everybody to have a unique way to communicate and get support and resources at all times. There are many ways in which this can be achieved.

Importance of Having Good Tools and Apps in the Coworking Space

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So, why is it exactly important to have good tools and apps, you may wonder.

Well, it comes down to a single word. Collaboration.

All coworking companies should promote different ways of their customers interacting between themselves, whether they are freelancers, corporate workers or small business owners.

By using collaborative tools, they can easily get to know each other, spaces at their disposal and, thus, work more efficiently. These apps can really come in handy so let’s see what the best ones are and how you can benefit from using them.


This app was designed to facilitate everyday tasks that you have to do around the office, especially if you are a coworking space owner or a business owner.  It is meant to cut the time you need to finish some basic things in half and it is the best solution for any type of space for several reasons.

You can fully manage your space easily, sign up new members, keep plans in check and be in control of everything that is going on. You can personalize it any way you want. You can change colors and add your logo to make your coworkers up to date with your ideas. You can set up meetings, book credits, assign meeting room times and lockers.

It will make payments and invoices a matter of seconds. It enables easier transactions and their tracking. In addition, it accepts every type of card, with no additional fees. It integrates with Kisi, MailChimp and other apps.


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This is an optimal app for making all your operations easier and completely automated. With this app, you can take payments and invoices automatically without any additional paperwork, as easy as one, two three. Your members can use the app to check if something is available online and it can also integrate with many other popular apps.

One of its best features – the Member’s Directory will help your members be connected and engaged 24/7. You can easily create events and sell tickets.

All your members can put any type of information and business update on a discussion board, which makes everything all the more transparent. Everybody will be up-to-date with what is going on at any given moment. This is essential when you are working at a collaborative office space – to be connected and up to speed with everything and everyone.

This platform’s support is just amazing. The backup it provides is really astounding – the webinars, the videos and learning databases will be at your disposal at any given moment. It will help you experience all of the perks of the platform fully.

Passport by Nexudus can make it possible for your members to book a room online, Floor Plans will give you insight into your location, the desks and offices that are available.

By using Nexudus’ NexDelivery, you can organize your deliveries to your office in a matter of seconds, and you can use all the companion apps which deal with mail management.


This is an easy to use platform perfect for attracting new users. It is very informative and information you can get from it is quite discernible, which is the most important quality of any given platform. You can easily see the office space and work tables you can occupy and book them with a single click.  You can also put reminders about some special events that are happening at your event space.

A user only needs to sign up to make a reservation and make a payment for the number of days, weeks or months they want to occupy an office space. Copass unites all of the co shared office spaces that use it and gives you the opportunity to find a perfect working space for you. 


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One of the most popular communicating platforms on the market is Slack. It enables you to use a range of different tools for making interaction easy and stress-free. This is important because in that way, you can solve many work-related things issues and with no complications.

While at work, you have to be in contact with so many different people – your boss, your team, contractors, business clients… well, basically, everybody. With its easy access and simple user’s guidelines you can keep everybody up to speed about your plans and inquiries.

Slack conversations offer so much more – you don’t just exchange messages, you can make calls, share files and connect with other applications.


With Bisner, you can easily organize everything from your laptop. You can even create workspaces which you can invite many other users to. That way, you can make collaboration a lot easier.

You can store your files in one place and share them with everybody you want – coworkers, business partners, and your boss. You can chat with one person, or join a group chat, add a space where members can put comments and their thoughts about the things they are currently working on. 

If you participate in discussions, you can advance further in your line of work, because the possibilities for learning new things are endless. Taking in tricks of the trade can only be beneficial for you and your job. You can also network much easier, and, as we know, networking can be one of the most important steps towards the advancement in your career.


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This is one of the most malleable tools, perfect for managing different tasks and work.  You can choose between different ways in which you can manage a project, or you can just custom-design your own. It is best used for ongoing work, since bigger projects demand more structure, which Asana cannot provide. Bigger and more fixed projects need to have clear beginning and end dates.

How to differentiate between the two?

Well, it’s easy – you can use Asana for some lighter work you do every day. You wouldn’t use it, for example, for launching a new website. But you would use it for content writing for the same website.  It oversees who is in charge of what. It also puts all the information about a specific task in check.

In the end, you can clearly see all the tasks and subtasks, track work, see comments that can give you a better insight into what is currently happening with the task. Every part of the task that is completed automatically attaches itself to the main task, giving depth to the overall picture.

Asana also has an integrated calendar to keep track of all the deadlines. What is especially important is the space named Conversations, where all the participants can discuss all the issues they are having. That way they can solve any problem in a constructive way and finish the tasks more efficiently.


This is the best possible choice when it comes to coworking office space. This device can turn any whiteboard into a smart digital collaboration tool. It is beneficial not only for business but also for school and more.

You can share the whiteboards live through Zoom, Cisco, many other video systems or web browsers. You can integrate it with Slack and many others. All the participants can see the whiteboard, which makes it that much easier for you to share a breakthrough of any sort. You can make planning more effective, because everything is easier to visualize with Captivo.

You won’t have the need to ever write anything down in order not to forget it, Captivo will do everything for you. It can save and send all the content, which is extremely useful, if you want to be involved in everything that is going on. This can be hard, especially in the Cov-19 era, where all the meetings are generally restricted to a small number of people. So don’t feel left out, just download everything with the help of Captivo.

That being said, Captivo is also perfect if you are working from home. It will lower any time loss to a minimum.


An amazing online scheduling platform which will do practically everything you hate for you.

See what office space is available? Check. Free conference rooms you can use? You got it! It will make navigating everything almost effortless. God, you’ve got to love these modern contraptions!

All jokes aside, you can do wonders with this one! It provides you with a neat calendar that you can use to have all the activities at a single glance. Your users will have the opportunity to make the schedule themselves with the guidelines you specified. You can also set any type of rules that are needed in order to make booking conditions right the way you want them.

Could you imagine not being able to access this application from your phone in this day and age? Of course not! This app will fit perfectly on the home screen, enabling users to make bookings wherever they are: on a bus, on a train, on the go, at home, just wherever!


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There is a reason this application is called a Superman among the collaborative working tools. Any co shared office space shouldn’t think twice before obtaining this modern-day jewel. What is so special about this application?

Well, it is extremely user friendly in the sense that it unites both coworking spaces and remote venues. These remote venues could include any sort of spaces, for example coffee shops. The app enables its users to reserve workspaces anywhere near them in real time, which would mean you can reserve your spot, if not in a coworking office space, then in your favorite cafe in a matter of seconds.

If you join the DropDesk community, you get many perks, one of which being the ability to get full marketing support. This could do wonders for the development of your shared office space. Other benefits of DropDesk include private team messaging and event registration. It can inform you of the recent updates and community feeds.

Imagine having that sort of flexibility when organizing your working hours. This app will provide you with a truly unique experience. That is why it is among the most used applications of this type.


Let’s face it, the most tedious, but also one of the most important parts of any business, is accounting. This application is an excellent solution for all the small business owners and startups who want to do their accounting well.

It provides you with double-entry accounting, detailed records of your clients, a tracking tool and many other things. It takes such a huge load of an entrepreneur’s chest, many will find it simply irreplaceable. It gives you a detailed insight into your finances and helps you with making invoices and getting payments. It simplified many complicated processes of bookkeeping and many of you will be extremely grateful for discovering it.

Google Calendar

Yes, you are familiar with this app, but have you ever considered its full potential?

In all the hustle and bustle of a coworking office space, Google Calendar is sometimes the only tool you need. The simplest, yet most effective way in which you can maintain you schedule and share it with other users.

It is essential when you want to keep everything in check and organize your daily obligations. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to check it every day in order to see your plans, you get an email that informs you of everything you have planned for the day. You can also make a personalized link where others can schedule appointments with you.   

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