13 Ways Circle Cub Can Help Boost Your Productivity

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Everyone wants to be as productive as possible, especially when it comes to business. If you have been looking for a productivity boost for either yourself or the rest of your team, Circle Hub can definitely help. 

Easy Networking

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One of the biggest benefits of running your business from a coworking space is the way in which networking becomes such a breeze. You will be meeting so many new people on a daily basis, from a variety of different backgrounds, making Circle Hub the perfect place from where you can grow your business network. 

A study carried out in 2017 found that 82% of those who have worked from a coworking space have found that the environmet helped them to significantly expand their professional network. 

As you probably already know, networking is key when it comes to professional success. It helps with: 

  • Forming new business ideas 
  • Career advice and support
  • Finding new job opportunities 
  • Finding new customers and clients 
  • Greater access to industry insider information 
  • Raising the profile of your business 

Good networking can help to significantly expand your business, making this something that everybody should be doing. 

Social Support

When people are at work, forming social connections isn’t often a priority. As many say… “I’m here to work, not to make friends.” 

As common as that phrase may be, social connections and support at the workplace are actually extremely important. Building social relationships with those working around you can have a number of positive effects, such as: 

  • Increasing happiness
  • A greater sense of fulfilment 
  • Less stress, which means lower levels of burnout 
  • Increased engagement in the task at hand 
  • A greater sense of positivity at work 

Circle Hub recognizes the importance of social support, which is why both of the Circle Hub locations boast unique common areas, making it easy to get to know those around you. These areas are casual and comfortable, giving you the opportunity to foster social connections that could truly transform your productivity. 

Learn New Skills

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It goes without saying that the wider your skill set is, the more productive you can be. Of course, pushing yourself to take the time to learn new skills is easier said than done, unless you happen to be working from a coworking space…

A study recently carried out discovered that 69% of the people surveyed found that a coworking space not only helped them to improve upon their own, existing set of skills, but it also enabled them to learn new skills. 

Wondering how these skills are learned? 

Well, for starters, there will be so many interesting people working around you who would likely be more than happy to share some knowledge with you. However, the study also learned that the special education programs and events that many coworking spaces host also helped with this, with the majority of respondents having chosen to attend an event such as this in the past. 

Of course, not all coworking spaces offer these events, but Circle Hub is one with a jam-packed calendar that you can pick from. From community events to social gatherings to professional events, Circle Hub firmly believes in the importance of encouraging people to interact and learn from each other. 

Access to Collaborations

Need some help with a tech-y part of a project you’re working on? Or perhaps you’re looking for some branding or marketing advice…

Finding the right person to work with can sometimes take a while, but you will have access to people with such a huge variety of skills when you work from a coworking space, such as Circle Hub. 

Shared working spaces make collaborations so much easier, giving you the opportunity to grow your business in directions you would have never imagined. 

Flexible Working Spaces

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Don’t yet have an official office space for your business? Or maybe your team has suddenly expanded and you’re struggling to find a workspace for each member…

This is where Circle Hub’s shared community spaces could really save the day. 

Known as the Hot Spot working area, people can drop by whenever they want and choose an empty desk to work from, while making the most of the other business facilities offered by Circle Hub, such as the complimentary refreshments and the high speed internet access. 

No long term commitment is required for this service, meaning that you can use it as and when you need it. This will give you so much more flexibility when it comes to growing your team and planning for the future. 

Hire an Office

Shared working spaces are great, but sometimes you need a little privacy. If you don’t yet have an office of your home, finding a quiet, yet professional, space to hold a meeting can be a challenge. 

At Circle Hub, you have the option of hiring a private office suite. Sizes vary, with the largest able to accommodate five desks, giving you plenty of options when it comes to the different purposes you could use the room for. 

Just like the shared working spaces, these private offices also come with high speed internet access and complimentary beverages, and do not require any long-term commitment. 

Hire an Event Space

Need to hold an event of some sort? 

Whether this may be a networking event, a corporate seminar, or even just a social gathering, Circle Hub’s Ventura location boasts a 1,500 square foot event space that you can hire. This size is ideal for up to 170 guests, or 130 if you want them all to be seated. 

In addition to the actual event space, you also get a few added extras, including: 

  • High speed internet access for all of your guests 
  • Access to a restroom for all of your guests 
  • Kitchen access, making catering so much easier 
  • An event coordinator who will help ensure that your event is well-organized, runs smoothly and is an overall success

An On-Site Kitchen for Cognitive-Boosting Refreshments

Circle Hub kitchen

Both Circle Hub locations offer complimentary beverages, but the Ventura venue also happens to boast an on-site kitchen. With research showing that food has a direct effect on cognitive function and productivity, an on-site kitchen could prove to be an unexpected game-changer when it comes to growing your business. 

Yes, you could easily pack yourself a lunch and take this to work with you. However, have a quick think about the foods you would normally include in a packed lunch…

Chances are, breads, pastas and other processed foods are at the top of the list. These may seem filling, but these foods quickly release glucose into your body, giving you a short burst of energy before leaving you feeling fatigued. This is why so many people experience that mid-afternoon slump. 

Grazing on small, healthy meals throughout the day is so much better for you. This will keep your brain functioning optimally throughout the day, making you noticeably more productive, and having an on-site kitchen makes this so much easier. 

Wondering which foods you should be including in your meals and snacks at work? 

These foods are famed for boosting the brain and increasing mental performance: 

  • Avocados 
  • Almonds 
  • Figs
  • Olives 
  • Walnuts
  • Carrots
  • Sunflower seeds 

An On-Site Fitness Center

There are numerous studies out there that prove how regular exercise offers up immediate benefits when it comes to mental health and brain function. So, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are now encouraging their employees to spend more time working out. 

A study recently carried out in the UK found that on the days when employees of a company visited a gym, they noted: 

  • Better time management at work 
  • An increase in productivity 
  • Better interactions with colleagues 
  • A higher feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day 

This makes perfect sense. After all, it has been understood for years that exercise boosts concentration, mental stamina and creativity, and this can easily then translate into the workplace. 

As an added bonus, exercise has also been proven to reduce stress, which is something that just about everybody would benefit from. 

Finding time to go to the gym during the day or after work can be difficult, which is why an on-site fitness center makes life so much easier. The fully-equipped fitness center at Circle Hub’s Ventura location makes it convenient to squeeze in a quick ten minute workout whenever you happen to find some free time. Since exercising is always more fun in a group, the fitness center also offers cycle classes, with cycling being one of the best forms of exercise out there. 

Rent a Conference Room

Circle Hub conference room

While a private office can sometimes be ideal for holding a small meeting, you may find yourself needing a larger space once in a while. 

Circle Hub offers conference rooms for rent at both of their locations. The Ventura conference room has seating for six, while Northridge can accommodate eight, with both rooms also containing a whiteboard and a flatscreen TV, making brainstorming and presentations a breeze. 

Need a bigger conference room? 

Circle Hub’s Ventura location will soon be offering two more options, one with a 10 person capacity and one with an 11. 

If you decide to rent a conference room for the short term, you will be granted 24/7 access, which is ideal if you often deal with clients in various time zones, or have a big deadline coming up. 

Short-Term Warehouse Spaces

Need somewhere to store some extra inventory? 

Circle Hub can help. In fact, Circle Hub is the very first coworking space to also offer short-term warehouse rentals, all under one roof. This service can be found at Circle Hub’s Northridge location, with the rates for these spaces set at very affordable prices. 

Don’t worry about committing long-term either – the contracts are flexible, with a month-to-month option if you would prefer, making it easy to find somewhere to store large amounts of stock.

A Virtual Office

For people who work remotely, finding a permanent address to use as their business address can sometimes be a challenge. After all, the address you use for your business needs to be professional and credible, as this address will be plastered all over your website, business cards and more. Using your home address, as well as your cellphone number, will often not seem very legitimate to potential clients, and this could end up costing you some work. 

With Circle Hub’s virtual office service, you would be able to use Circle Hub’s professional address as your own. You don’t need to be based in California for this – you could be located anywhere in the world! 

Wondering how that would work when it comes to collecting the mail your business receives? 

If you’re not able to physically collect your mail yourself, Circle Hub can forward a digital version of this to you, no matter where in the world you are. 

Increased Motivation 

In a recent GCUC survey that was carried out, 84% of coworkers found that they felt noticeably more engaged and motivated when working from a coworking space. 

As you can imagine, all of this extra motivation quickly leads to productivity. You will find yourself making better business decisions, and will feel much more confident when you encounter any obstacles. 

An increase in motivation has also been linked to better stress resistance, a higher amount of energy during the day, and better health, meaning less time wasted on sick days. 

There really are numerous ways in which Circle Hub could help to boost your productivity. From giving you the business amenities that you need to grow your business, to encouraging you to foster and strengthen both professional and social relationships, the options are endless when it comes to growing your business when you have Circle Hub on your side. 

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