8 Types of Coworking Spaces: Office Rental at Your Disposal

Coworking space

It seems that when one is searching for the perfect office rental space, they have to go through heaven and hell itself only to realize the space is not quite what they had in mind. Especially now, when there are so many to choose from.

But, does it really have to be so hard?

The answer is – no. You just need to know what type of office rental space you actually need. Yet, it may happen that, in fact, you are not quite sure what to actually look for.

That’s why Circle Hub is here to give you a helping hand and get you introduced to the various options you can choose from. We’ll find you your perfect fit!

1) Conventional

Coworking space

When you think about classic office rental space, you usually have the conventional, basic, type in mind. This is because it was there before everything, it is the original type, made for everybody in search of a place appropriate enough to work in peace, but also be around other working individuals, thus having the feeling of belonging to a community.

With the house being too overbearing a place for one to focus completely on the workload, and cafés being, well, cafés, with all the commotion and noise, that can soon become unbearable, especially when you have a huge amount of work to do. So, many people often seek refuge in the first, obvious choice – the traditional co-shared office space.

There, they experience all the positive sides of that type of office rental space – the collaboration, the atmosphere, and stimulation every freelancer would die for. Not to mention the economic benefits. Working there would save you a lot of money.

And the best thing of all – it would provide you with all the free coffee you can drink.

Indeed, “traditional” coworking spaces are more casual than other more “up-to-date” ones, but their main advantage is their inclusiveness – everybody who is willing to work can come there to work in peace. In addition, there is always going to be an opportunity to meet somebody not quite from your line of work, but with some different perspective you might need to move forward and make a major breakthrough when necessary. This is one of the most popular options that Circle Hub offers in our repertoire, as it has been proven to be quite the boost to business.

And a happy customer is a returning customer, isn’t that so?

2) Full Service

If you are looking for a serious upgrade for your business, then this is the right place for you. Not only is it equipped with state-of-the-art computers, printers, and all other gadgets that your heart desires, but it can also provide you with amenities you could have only imagined in your dreams.

You can usually find these sorts of places in the most exclusive parts of cities, and they may sometimes target a specific group of workers from the vicinity. At every step of the way, you will only encounter professional service.

Full-service coworking office rental spaces are usually run by professional community teams, trained for meeting their clients’ every need. They are there to solve any problems that you might have, they are even responsible for helping you grow your business properly, providing you with proper advice and directing you on the right path towards success. Soon you will start to wonder how you managed doing anything without them.

Dazzling, professionally designed interior is what first draws you in, but you stay for the high-quality delicious snacks and coffee. All jokes aside, at such an exclusive place, you will be provided with a range of dietary choices and, most importantly, first-class coffee. Circle Hub is well-known for its rounded-up experience, and yes, that includes snacks.

The gym, the resting room, the massage room, the bowling room – like a never-ending amusement park. However, you are, hopefully, responsible enough to know that these types of amenities are used only in situations when you need a small break from the things you have been working on.

You can often find that there are several floors in these types of office rental spaces, and that they are divided according to the type of your membership. The “fuller” service you pay for, the higher floor you are assigned to.

3) Private

Office meeting

These types of communal office spaces are usually designed to cater to companies that need more privacy and that are not up to sharing their ideas with the whole coworking community.

Even though that somewhat goes against the core ideas surrounding any type of coworking office rental space, some companies are adamant about having their own personalized, private offices.

Be that as it may, coworking businesses being businesses, after all, needed to adapt to many different groups of users and customers. This is how private coworking offices came to be. Having a private office space just for yourself includes a door that can be locked, sometimes even a whole private floor.

These coworking office rental spaces actually encompass the best of both worlds: the flexibility of coworking spaces and the seclusion of a traditional office.

As for the costs? The ones that don’t want to share their workspace or their ideas, for that matter, need to be ready to pay a bit extra. Don’t worry, a private kitchen just for you will drive all your worries away.

4) Professional

Although coworking spaces have long been present in the business community, and they have become somewhat of a symbol of innovation and progressive thinking, it seems that not all potential clients and customers look at it that way.

For this reason, more “corporate” coworking spaces have been made that would cater to the needs of companies demanding a more “serious look”. Namely, for some customers, it is of utmost importance to appear in front of their clients as trustworthy and stable enough to take them on.

As soon as you come in, you are welcomed by friendly staff that will direct you further. Everything screams corporate, sometimes even the furniture too.

However, one mustn’t disregard the human need for rest and a break during the day. That is why many of these types of coworking office rental spaces still come equipped with couches and private personal spaces. This gives people somewhere to go when they need their time to relax. Of course, there is always as much tea and coffee as you can possibly desire, not to mention other beverages and snacks.

Many big companies sublet a part of their building to this type of coworking company. They see that as a perfect opportunity to find a rising star, a talented freelancer that would be willing to work for them. So, it comes as no surprise if you encounter a big multinational company renting one floor of their offices specifically to coworking companies that will bring them new potential employees.

By bringing startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs together, they can benefit significantly from the inflow of new creative ideas and completely new perspectives. So, if you are looking for a potential stable job at a big company, office rental spaces in such locations would be the perfect choice for you.

5) Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads

Coworking space

Is there anything more inspiring than working in the remote countryside, enjoying the peace and quiet?

For many members of the freelancing community, the answer is, definitely – no.

With the rise of the digital nomad culture, there has been a shift from coworking spaces offering their premises in the city center to them finding perfect sanctuaries for their members in the remotest, most exotic parts of the country and the world.

These specific types of co-shared office spaces are the result of people’s desire to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and find the peace they so desperately need in rural areas, i.e. the countryside. Many people are not suited to withstand incessant traffic, commotion and everything else working in a big city entail. As each day passes, there are more and more people looking for these types of refuge.

Some nomadic coworking spaces offer different types of additional activities, such as different tours, hiking, and many other things that are meant to put your mind at ease and help you find the inspiration you need to finish the workload.

Imagine being able to work in a remote, exotic destination. Spending time getting to know the local culture and their business world. It can be quite enticing.

One thing that might be a problem when working at such a distant location is the WiFi connection. It can be pretty unstable at times. However, there are always local coffee shops and restaurants where you can find immediate help, check your email, and other Internet-related things.

6) Industry-Specific

Evolution waits for no one. So, if you are not able to change and go with the flow, you are usually on the losing side. This is especially true when it comes to the business world.

The world of coworking has endured many changes, and has gone a long way. From a simple idea of a couple of like-minded individuals sharing a workspace to an enormous community uniting people all around the world.

The recent development of co-shared spaces went in the direction of creating special surroundings designated only for certain types of workers. Namely, there has been a rise in niche-specific coworking spaces, which cater to the demands of a single industry.

Not only has this proven to be a good idea, but it has also turned out to be a very prolific one. If implemented well, this type of communal office space can end up having many members standing in line for a membership.

The development of such places went in many different directions. Today you have, for example, female-focused coworking spaces, family coworking spaces, coworking spaces for lawyers, cooks and many others.

The benefit of such office rental spaces is that you can find everything you need for your line of work at one place. Their mantra is providing their members with everything in order to do their job well.

This means that coworking spaces for artists will have a studio, dancers will have a gym, parents will have playgrounds for their kids, cooks will get well-equipped kitchens.

If you are someone in search of a place that needs to tick each of the boxes on your list of features, then look no further. Find your sanctuary and start doing what you love ASAP.

7) Minimal

Minimal office space

These types of coworking spaces are designed for the ones that need a space to work, but they also need to cut their costs. They resemble the traditional office spaces, only with less furniture. Affordability is the key advantage of such places, so you cannot expect luxury amenities or services.

There you will have your work table, a stable WiFi connection and you are good to go. You can get a free cup of coffee, and that’s about that.

However, these places do have their perks. If you are in search of a quiet and casual space where you can properly focus on work, then this is right up your alley. Needless to say that, in these types of spaces, having a good community manager is of utmost importance.

There is also a vibe of inclusivity, so be sure that you are going to be very welcome in these sorts of places and they will soon accept you as a vital part of their family.

8) Virtual Offices

For some of you, especially now in the pandemic, working in a room full of people is out of the question. Luckily, there is a solution. If you are in need of office management, and occasional conference room usage, then look for an office rental space that will provide you with virtual office services, which you’ll find here at Circle Hub

This type of commodity offers all the perks of having an office, such as a physical address, someone who will look after your correspondence and mail, meet and greet customers etc., without actually having to pay the full price of having one. 

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