9 Things You Didn’t Know About Ventura’s Top Event Venues

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When you think about coworking, the things that usually come to mind are open work spaces – places where freelancers do their, well, freelancing… So, basically, a place where people come to do their jobs in a comfortable, stimulating environment.

However, coworking spaces can not only offer a good workspace, but so much more. They are places where big deals are made in more than one way.

This is where event venues come in. In fact, some of the top event venues in Ventura can be found at coworking spaces. Read on to learn a little more about them…

They Can Often Be Found in Coworking Spaces

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Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and that’s not just because they cater for the needs of so many. People are now realizing that coworking spaces are the perfect spots for hosting many different types of events.

Additionally, coworking companies themselves have seen the opportunities that might arise from hosting different events. As a result, they have started offering their own event spaces, not only for their users, but for everybody that needs to host an event of any kind – be that a business meeting, a get-together or a party.

First prize among all top event venues definitely goes to Circle Hub. We provide the ultimate experience in the area of event organization. You can host an event for as many as 170 people. Pretty good, right?

The Food is Taken Care of For You

Ok, so not all event venues offer catering, but we do! Thanks to Circle Hub’s on-site kitchen, we’re able to take all of the hassle out of bringing in food for your event. Just tell us what you’ll need, and our expert team will whip it up for you in our kitchen.

Even better, you won’t need to hire additional staff. There’ll already be a team of dedicated staff on-site, ready to help. Talk about making things easy!

They Can Be Perfect for Networking

As you may already know, networking is key to running any successful business. Being able to connect with different groups of people allows you to tap into a pool of unlimited possibilities, not to mention talent.

This is why all coworking office spaces include top event venues in their offer. We know just how significantly an event venue could transform your network, and therefore your business.

Top event venues are perfect places for hosting networking parties, where you can invite all of the people that are interested in making advancements in their career. At such events, one could meet a potential business partner, ready to help your business with fresh ideas.

They Can Give You Access to a Ready-Made Community

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Hosting a networking event could be a really difficult endeavor, especially when it comes to drawing a crowd.

This is why coworking spaces are perfect for hosting such events. The thing that makes them top event venues is that you have access to an already established community that exists there. Each coworking office space is swarming with people working there in their different lines of work.

Have a meeting with the managers and coordinators and reach out to the community that is already there. Renting a coworking event space from us would mean that we can also help you with advertising. We can help you distribute advertisement material, and also promote your event through our media channels and social networking sites. That is some priceless help you can’t buy anywhere else.

With little effort, you will get access to a whole community of talented people wanting to attend your event.

Isn’t that just amazing? Top event venues at coworking spaces will provide you with exactly what you need – some quality space and quality people, too.

They are Perfect for Different Types of Events

You might think that the top event venues in coworking spaces would offer their services solely for business-related activities. However, this is not the case.

Luckily for you, some of the best coworking spaces, including Circle Hub, offer their top event venues for pretty much any type of gathering. If you want to throw an anniversary party, go right ahead!

Planning a birthday celebration – that’s more like it! A New Year’s party sounds delightful, don’t you think?

The best asset coworking companies have is, as we have already mentioned, a lot of delightful spaces, designed to host even the pickiest of people. Different seating arrangements and different types of spaces at your disposal will make your events a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Every space is designed to cater for different demands. Some can be extremely professional, while others are ultra relaxed. Just let us know what you need!

They Can Be Highly Practical

There isn’t a more practical space than a coworking one. The whole idea revolves around the maximized usage of space and bringing people from different areas of work together. When you add to that all the amenities that go along with it, you see that there are many benefits to such spaces.

If you book an event space or a conference room at a coworking office space, you don’t only get the space, but also the top-quality projection kits, along with lighting and sound systems of the highest quality. You cannot put a price on that. At any other venue, you would have to arrange for those things separately, but, at a communal office space like ours, you get all that included in the deal.

As we have said, we can also provide you with excellent catering and refreshments.

One more thing to check off the list, for sure!

When you come to think of it, this one is a no-brainer. Instead of stressing about all the little details that you have to arrange in order to host an event, choose to be practical and let coworking companies do everything for you.

Some Will Provide You with an Event Organizer

Planning an event

As incredible as this might sound, it is completely true. However, not all co-shared spaces offer such services, which is why we’re pretty proud of this one.

Only the best from the best.

At Circle Hub, you are given an amazing space, catering, access to all the amenities, and, best of all, an event organizer.

Anybody who has tried to host anything knows what a struggle it can be. How priceless would it be to have a good event organizer?

A good event organizer will take care of any problems that might arise and make everything that much easier for you. Your job would be to just sit back, relax and watch your guests enjoy themselves.

Top event venues will always have everything you need to make your gathering a perfect one.

You’ll Be Following in the Footsteps of Big Corporations

You would think that big corporations would have special event venues of their own, where they can organize as many different events as they want. However, in recent years, large companies have also started renting coworking office spaces for their employees for numerous reasons.

They have realized that placing their employees in such spaces actually raises their productivity levels, and helps their employees get more motivation to do their job. Тhe reason for this lies in the diversity of the people coming there to work and the different office spaces they can occupy. Whether one chooses a designated desk, a hot desk, or a private office, everybody will be seated exactly how they want at that moment, which makes the process of working all the more enjoyable and comfortable.

It is no different when it comes to renting top event venues. Big corporations often choose to host a venue at a coworking office space because this means more opportunities for networking and creating connections. Some of the most lucrative partnerships have been made in such places, making it a winner.

They Can Give You an Insight Into a Different Working Culture

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Many people that come to Circle Hub to celebrate an occasion or to have a business gathering are often taken aback by the completely different working culture that exists at a co-shared office space.

An event with us gives people an insight into a whole new way of working. As a result, that event becomes all the more memorable.

Here at Circle Hub, we offer tours of all of our spaces. Why not come and check out our hot desks, private offices, and even our on-site gym while you’re also scoping out our event venue? Coworking may be something that you haven’t considered yet, but keep an open mind – you never know what you may discover while planning your next event!

As it can be seen, renting top event venues implies so much more. Choosing the right one can not only help you have a memorable event, but it can change the course of your career. Get in touch with Circle Hub today to learn more about the event spaces we offer.

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