How Would a Coworking Community Benefit You?

Coworkers talking about the benefits from a coworking community

We don’t know about you, but we are feeling quite optimistic about the upcoming year. Hopefully, the pandemic will come to an end, or at least some new, less dangerous variants will come to be, so there will be less fear.

In the end, we believe that is all we need this year – less fear.

Less fear to meet our loved ones, less fear to go outside, less fear to start a new business endeavor. For many people, working from home has become something they grew accustomed to, but still something they would like to change.

There are many ways in which they could change their situation, but the best solution of them all would definitely be renting a coworking office space. Stick with Circle Hub as we talk through some of the top benefits from a coworking community.  

Networking Opportunities

Coworking space

Whether you are a freelancer working from home, or a small business owner, you will definitely need opportunities to meet other business people alike. Sitting at home will just not put you in situations where you can do so. That is why one of the top benefits from a coworking community is networking possibilities.

Prolific business acquaintances mean everything in today’s market. You would be quite off track if you didn’t try to make any. The best possible way to do so is to be surrounded by people.

And there is no better place than a coworking office space. You are constantly surrounded by like-minded people that will help you climb the business ladder very easily. You can always find somebody that will help you if you are stuck with the workload. The best thing about coworking is that you may find coworkers from different fields of work that can help you change your perspective and look at the problem from another angle.

In addition, there is always the possibility of meeting a potential business partner with whom you will be able to make great things happen.

These potential business connections are exactly what drove even the big companies to shift their employees to co shared office spaces. Being at a regular traditional office space they rented for their employees denied them the opportunity to meet new people. And that is what they needed. So, when they weighed the pros and cons, they realized the best thing to do is to shift a part of their workforce.

Increased Productivity

The result of the pandemic was that many people were made to work from home. Although it provides you with a sense of comfort, there are quite a few things that actually get in the way of you doing your job there.

Yes, the common notion is that you can work from home anytime you want.

But is that really so?

How often did this happen – the minute you sit at your desk, ready to finish the workload, your kids start calling you, or somebody is hurt, or something gets broken? Or, you realize that you haven’t folded the laundry, prepared lunch, etc. All these things can be extremely distracting and frustrating. As an end result, you won’t finish your work on time.

That is why one of the top benefits from a coworking community is definitely being able to work in peace. No distractions, no laundry, no children, no lunch. Just you and your computer.

In addition, being surrounded by like-minded individuals definitely increases your desire to work. At Circle Hub, the working atmosphere is incredible and you can’t help but get carried away with it. You get the desire to do more, and finish the workload faster.

Saving Money

People working on laptops

Another of the top benefits from a coworking community is definitely cost-effectiveness. Let’s see how several groups of potential co-shared office space users are able to save money by renting such a space.


Freelancers usually do their jobs either at home or at a café, when they get bored with the domestic environment. There are also those that can’t stand working from home at all, and they spend all their time working at a coffee shop. One coffee after another, a sandwich here or there when you get hungry, and soon you end up spending a big chunk of what you have earned by just working in such places.

Every experienced freelancer knows that working at a café ultimately doesn’t pay off.

What can you do then? You just go back home.

The solution here is quite easy. Rent a coworking office space. Not only will you spend less money, but you will also get all the free coffee you can drink.

Yes, you heard us right. All the free coffee you can drink. We should have written this in caps lock, because this is, without a doubt, one of the top benefits from a coworking community.

There are other things too, like state-of-the-art equipment, various types of seating arrangements, but nothing comes close to free coffee.

Of course, we are kidding, but having free coffee is definitely a big save.

Big Corporations

On the other hand, we have big corporations. Renting traditional office spaces for all their employees costs an arm and a leg. However, the ongoing pandemic shifted their perspective and they soon realized how much cheaper it would be to actually rent a coworking office space.

It is less expensive and less binding. When you rent a traditional office space, you need to sign long-term leases that are quite costly. When signing a contract at a coworking office space, you can choose the period of time you want to spend there and sign short-term leases that help big corporations save money for other investments.

Small Businesses

Small business owners are in the same ordeal as the others, it seems. They don’t have enough money to rent a traditional office space. On the other hand, staying at home in a garage space that was turned into an office isn’t a long-term solution. That is why they should also consider renting a coworking office space.

It will help their business reputation because it will make them seem more professional. Not to mention that they will have better equipment than what they could have afforded at home.

By renting a coworking office space, both small business owners and big corporations get something invaluable – access to a vast talent pool of possible employees. You don’t need their CVs, you can see what they do on the spot. This is one of the best top benefits from a coworking community.


Woman working in office at night

Imagine having to travel an hour to work, and yet another from it. We are sure that most of you don’t have to imagine this situation because you are living it. It seems like you are spending a big fraction of your day just traveling to and from work.

Well, one of the top benefits from a coworking community is the fact that you can choose when to come in. No more fixed nine to five working hours. You can avoid rush hour and save yourself the torment of being stuck for hours in a traffic jam.

This type of flexibility has been shown to increase productivity, too. Your performance doesn’t depend on the time you spend in the office, but the workload you finish. That means you are free once you are done.

Of course, many would come in and finish everything faster and better if they knew that they can go home once they are done.

More flexibility means more time with your loved ones, your family and friends. No more canceling dinners or daily visits to your friends, you just need to organize your work around them.

Circle Hub is, for example, open 24/7. This is particularly suited for those whose inspiration for work doesn’t come early in the morning, but later during the day, or even at night.

You would be surprised to see how many people actually enjoy working at night. That is when they feel most inspired and that is when they do their jobs. There’s nothing wrong with that. Being able to work when you feel inspired, instead of when you are made to work, is definitely one of the top benefits from a coworking community.

Equipment and Amenities

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Now comes the really good stuff. This is by far the best thing about renting a coworking office space. The laptops and computers at any coworking office space will make up for all the years you had to suffer over your broken, slowed-down laptop.

The high-speed Internet will never fail you and you will be able to finish everything on time and even before your deadline.

Other additional pieces of equipment are also at your disposal any time you want.

If you are somebody that needs to have frequent meetings with potential customers or partners, you needn’t worry. You can just book a conference room many of the coworking companies have. Circle Hub not only offers conference rooms but also warehouses if you need a place to store your goods. A good deal, wouldn’t you agree?

There comes a point in the working day when you desperately need a break. Anything to just stop with what you are doing and relax for a bit.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to get relaxed at Circle Hub. That is one of the top benefits from a coworking community.

If you are somebody that enjoys having a quiet time drinking their coffee, you will be able to do that at the café and kitchen area our communal office space has. There, you will see many other coworkers doing the same thing. This will also enable you to maybe find a friend that has the same interests as you. And if you are not that into coffee, there is always tea.

If you are generally not into that sort of break, you have various other options. Circle Hub, for example, has a gaming room for all of you gaming enthusiasts, and an on-site fitness center.

Socializing and Sense of Community

Working from home can be a lonesome endeavor. As much as you like the peace and quiet, you may miss having a chat with a coworker or generally having human interaction. That is why one of the top benefits from a coworking community is the opportunity to socialize.

Whether it is at a hot desk where you are surrounded by people, or in the kitchen and the café, you will always have the opportunity to have a talk, and maybe find a good friend.

We humans are social beings. Although we love having some alone time, there are times when we need to feel that we are a part of a community. The best way to do so is to become a part of a community. And a coworking community is something to be valued. When you enter there, you’ll just know that you are a part of something greater and that you all have the same purpose and cause. There is always somebody to give you a helping hand when you are in trouble and there is nothing better than that, is there?

So, although saving money and sticking to the old ways of doing things may seem like a good option, especially in the time of the pandemic, renting a coworking space is something worth considering.

Finding your place in a coworking community will benefit both you and your work.  

Want to know more about the benefits from a coworking community? Get in touch with Circle Hub today. We’ll talk you through what we offer, and you can also book a tour of our facilities.

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