Coworking in 2022: What Changes Can We Expect to See?

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Coworking has been changing at such a rapid rate lately. It’s no surprise that many have been left wondering what to expect from coworking in 2022. Is this still going to be the way forward for so many? Stick with us at Circle Hub as we find out.

Surviving the Pandemic

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It has been two years now since the pandemic started. In that time, many of us have reached rock bottom when it comes to dealing with it successfully. The strain and the fear have entered every part of our lives. We had to learn how to cope with that and continue living.

Because, at one point, the only thing that was left was surviving, right?

Well, it has been the same with businesses all around the world, coworking companies included. Some of them, unfortunately, didn’t survive the ongoing pandemic. Others had to find a way to stay afloat.

All in all, it was one big mess in the beginning. However, it has now paved the way for a new, hybrid form of working, which everybody has already grown accustomed to.

It goes without saying that working from home has a new appeal, and that companies are now struggling to get their workforce to come back to the office.

Unfortunately for them, this is easier said than done.

Many workers have seen the perks of working from home. The flexibility, the comfort – they don’t want to give that up that easily.

On the other hand, many companies had to find alternative forms of how to group their employees. Why? Because working in crowded office spaces was out of the question in the time of a pandemic. That is why they resorted to placing their employees into smaller groups and into coworking office spaces, which would give them the necessary professional atmosphere, but also the safety they needed to be able to protect them from Covid19.

In fact, coworking companies proved essential when it came to saving the corporate world. The new, hybrid way of working gained extreme popularity, took the world by a storm and it is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

The opportunities for coworking in 2022 are now endless. Let’s go through all the ways it can develop from here.

Global Increase of Corporate Users

Coworking in 2022

It goes without saying that businesses, both big and small, will have to incorporate this type of working arrangement into their plans for the future. It is believed that by 2025, the number of coworking space users will reach an annual growth rate of 12%, which is fascinating.

Coworking spaces will be incorporated in order to lessen the number of employees working in an office.

In that way, there will be no need to pay long-term leases. In addition, coworking in 2022 will bring many other benefits for bigger companies, to name a few:

Cost Effectiveness

Since a lot of companies have lost significant amounts of money, saving money will be a priority in the near future. That is why it comes as no surprise that they will choose coworking spaces over renting big traditional office spaces. They are cheaper and easier to manage. As we have said, there are no long-term leases, which means more money saved to actually be put to better use.

Circle Hub offers amazing short-term leases that would save you significant amounts of money. And for that money, you get so much more. You also get a personal assistant that is in charge of all the tedious administrative work, which means you can focus more on work.


Big company managers have seen that, when given a bit of flexibility, their workers tend to work harder and finish more of the workload, compared to spending their fixed hours in a traditional office. Coworking in 2022 will bring them just that; more productivity, which is what every manager wants, isn’t it? In coworking office spaces, you have the liberty to choose your working hours, which means that you come in when you feel like working. 

Some people are just not early birds. They appreciate it significantly if they can come a bit later and still finish everything they are supposed to. On the other hand, some people are night owls. They are used to working at night. They are the hardest ones to be persuaded to come back and work in the office. But if you give them the opportunity to actually work in the office at night, with all the amenities that are provided there, they are sure to turn up.

Networking Possibilities

Big companies are afraid that if their workers stay at home working, they will lose the most precious business possibility of them all – the possibility for networking. But having workers in a coworking office space would give them the comfort and the flexibility they want, as well as endless opportunities to meet new people; coworkers that could turn out to be potential customers or partners.

Free Amenities

This is another way for companies to save money. What they previously had to provide and pay for themselves will be provided for them by coworking companies. This includes all the free coffee you can drink, state-of-the-art equipment, different seating arrangements to fit everybody’s wants and needs, even gaming rooms.

Coworking in 2022 will truly give them an amazing deal.

The Rise in the Number of Freelance Users

Coworking space

The world has not only seen a rise in the number of people working from home due to the worldwide crisis, but also a rise in the number of freelancers. People have shifted and started to seek happiness in places other than the traditional office spaces.

So, Coworking in 2022 should expect a significant inflow of new freelance workers in their premises.

Working from home does have its perks. However, all our coworking office spaces are so well-planned and equipped that nobody would want to leave them. They can come whenever they want, work with the best computers and high-speed Internet and, most importantly, focus properly on finishing their work on time.

By renting a space here, not only will you get numerous opportunities to choose the workstation of your dreams, but our amenities are out of this world. The gaming rooms, the gyms, the kitchen are so perfect you would never want to leave the place.

So, undoubtedly, freelancers will be frequent visitors of coworking office spaces in 2022.

The Shift Towards the Suburbs

One of the major predictions coworking in 2022 brings with it is the shift of the workforce from the city center to the suburbs. Many more coworking office spaces will be opening on the outskirts of cities.

Many employees grew tired of the long commute. Working from home during the pandemic gave them an insight into how their life could look if they were not traveling long distances to actually go to and from work. So, they are not so easily persuaded to come back to the old ways of doing things.

For this reason, coworking spaces in the suburbs would be the perfect solution for people living nearby who don’t want to waste any more of their time traveling.

Major brands have already opened their shops in the suburban parts of cities because they have realized people just can’t be bothered to travel long distances.

As we have mentioned, big companies are already struggling with luring their employees back to the office. This would be the next best thing. Many major coworking companies are already sealing deals with important businesses and opening their premises further from the city center and closer to the suburbs.

Positioning a coworking office space in the suburbs will be the best of both worlds. Having the same flexibility you have at home, without actually being at home.

Because, although you can work relaxed at home, it brings a couple of drawbacks with it. Namely, at home, you can easily lose focus. There is a laundry basket over there, full of laundry that needs to be folded. Then there is that mess you made the previous day waiting to be cleaned. And, of course, your family. If you have kids, it is really not that easy (to put it lightly!) to work from home. They need attention, which you simply cannot give them if you have a deadline. You enter a state of stress. This won’t reflect well on your performance.

That is why placing a coworking office space in the suburbs will be the way forward for coworking in 2022.

Landlords Making Their Way in the Coworking Industry

Coworking space

Up until now, landlords have been making deals with coworking companies and renting their space to them.

However, with the rise in popularity of coworking office spaces, they saw their opportunity right there. Landlords and other investment groups see the chance for profit in creating their own flexible spaces, so coworking in 2022 will definitely see more of them.

The middleman is being cut out. Landlords and other investors that are in possession of some sort of space will be able to offer their premises to coworkers alike.

Consequently, we can definitely expect a more competitive market in coworking in 2022. More competition creates more coworking office spaces. More coworking office spaces means better service because everybody will try their best to attract potential users. They will have to go all out, in order to make themselves more appealing than the others. That is the beauty of competition, you know users are going to get amazing things out of it.

Implementation of More Advanced Software Technology

Due to the predicted rise in co-shared office space users, there will have to be a way to manage all of them. Imagine if a glitch happened in the middle of the working day and schedules got all messed up. There would be many angry people looking for refunds because they weren’t able to finish their workload.

That is why, in order to control and organize the ever-rising number of coworkers, coworking in 2022 will have to bring some serious technology with it. Advanced automation of management systems will facilitate office management in and out of the offices. Scheduling will be that much easier and everything will be in order. Everybody will be clear about which seats are taken and which amenities are being used.

This will lead to top efficiency and member satisfaction. Since the competition is going to be strong in the area of coworking in 2022, everybody that is even considering this type of business endeavor should really think this through.

Although expensive, it is going to save you a lot of trouble, so it is going to be a must in the future.

Creating a Strong Community

Coworking space

Coworking in 2022 will be quite challenging, especially for those companies that are just starting. They should pay special attention to the community.

Although the thing that attracts people the most are the amenities, the thing that keeps them there is the community. In order to establish a good community, you need to focus on bringing people together. They have been separated enough because of the pandemic, so what they need now is socialization. Safely, of course. Be prepared to have a strong, competent community manager who will be able to think of a way in which they could connect people.

In that way people will not only come to work, but will come to spend some quality time with their friends. 

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