24/7 Access: The Key to Coworking Convenience

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While some coworking spaces have set opening hours, meaning that you can only work there within a certain timeframe each day, others, like Circle Hub, offer 24/7 access. Not only does this make life so much more convenient, but it also benefits professionals in a number of other ways…

Full Control Over the Hours You Work

One of the perks of using a coworking space in the first place is that it gives you the flexibility to choose your own working hours. Unlike a traditional office space where everyone starts the day at roughly the same time, a coworking space with 24/7 access hands full control of the workday over to you.

In order for people to work to their full potential, this makes sense. After all, everyone feels most productive at different times of the day. Some are morning people and happily rise at the crack of dawn, eager to get on with the day. Others are night owls that loathe early starts but thrive when they work into the late hours of the evening.

By offering 24/7 access, this is something that Circle Hub actively encourages. Turn up whenever you want and stay for as long as you’d like. Having this complete flexibility will not only allow you to make the most of your most productive hours but it will also make it much easier to establish a healthy work-life balance.

Claim Your Favorite Desk Every Time

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Most coworking spaces operate on a hot desking system. At Circle Hub, these are known as our Hot Spots. This essentially means that when you turn up for the day, you simply pick an available desk, sit down, and get to work. It couldn’t be easier! It’s usually very relaxed, with people strolling in and out at various points of the day.

However, if a coworking space has set opening hours, it tends to lose this easygoing nature. Instead, you’ll likely end up with a crowd of people at the doors in the morning, waiting for that space to open. It’ll then be a mad rush as everyone dives for their favorite desks. If there are a few people with eyes on the same one, some will end up missing out.

You won’t need to worry about any of that if your coworking space offers 24/7 access. The workday isn’t so rigid and so the coworking space doesn’t become overly busy at peak hours. This means that there’s a good chance that your favorite desk will be available when you turn up.

Plus, even if it’s not, you can always make use of our Designated Desk service. This allows you to book a specific desk of your choosing for a certain day/time. This way, you can be sure that your favorite desk will be ready and waiting for you whenever you’re ready to start your day.

Save Time on Your Commute

One of the benefits of being able to work from a coworking space rather than having to travel to a specific office each day is that you’re in charge of your commute. There are so many coworking spaces out there, meaning that you’ll likely be able to find one that’s easy and convenient for you to get to.

However, even then, rush hours can be a problem. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there’s sometimes no getting away from the traffic that can seem to build up at certain times of the day.

If your coworking space has set opening hours, then there’s a good chance that you’ll end up caught in that rush hour chaos. After all, their opening hours will likely be regular office hours, meaning that you’ll need to arrive at your coworking space at around the same time that everyone else arrives at their own offices.

With Circle Hub’s 24/7 access, you’ll be able to completely avoid frustrating commutes. You can plan your day around busy times so that you’re traveling at quieter hours. Not only will this save you time, but it will also make your workdays feel so much less stressful! 

As Many Breaks As You Need

Breaks during the workday are more important than many people realize. Research shows that regular breaks not only boost performance but can also have a hugely positive impact on mental well-being. Experts recommend taking a 17-minute break every 52 minutes if you want to maximize productivity. 

However, if you’re working within set hours, this is pretty much impossible to do. After all, you’ll need to get all of your work done by a certain time. Constantly feeling as though you’re on a time crunch makes it very unlikely that you’ll schedule in regular breaks.

Having a coworking space with 24/7 access changes that. There’ll be no limits to how long your workday should be, allowing you to make time for breaks. 

What are you meant to do during all of those breaks? This all depends on what your coworking space offers! At Circle Hub, you have plenty of choice. You could simply spend some downtime grabbing a snack and a coffee from our kitchen/break room. Take a seat and get chatting to some of the other people around you! Alternatively, you could head on over to our on-site fitness center and squeeze in a workout. If kicking back and relaxing is more your style, we also have a gaming room that our members can use whenever they want. 

Network With a Greater Variety of People

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Speaking of chatting to other people…

Remember when we discussed how different people are more productive at different times of the day? Well, a coworking space that has set opening hours will likely only attract a certain crowd. This rigid structure won’t appeal to those who thrive on late nights or early starts. As a result, although they may end up at that coworking space to start with, they’re likely to soon migrate over to a more flexible space with 24/7 access.

This can be limiting when it comes to networking, which is actually a huge perk of being a member of a coworking space. As you probably know, the right professional network has the potential to take your business to the heights of success, making this something worth building. If your coworking space lacks professional diversity in its members, you’ll only be able to expand your network to a certain extent.

However, if, on the other hand, your coworking space has 24/7 access, you’ll be able to meet a greater variety of people. Turn up at a different time once in a while and you’ll see a whole new crowd, each person with the potential to turn into a very useful professional contact.

Fewer Crowds and Distractions

One of the biggest downsides of working at a coworking space is that it can sometimes get crowded and, as a result, noisy. While Circle Hub members are more than happy to abide by our noise policy, other coworking spaces are more lax about their regulations. They turn a blind eye to boisterous team meetings and loud phone calls, leaving other members frustrated. Not only can all of this noise be annoying, but the constant distractions can harm productivity.

Noise level becomes even more of a problem in a coworking space that doesn’t provide 24/7 access. Because everyone needs to squeeze their workday into a set timeframe, there is likely to be a greater number of people present during opening hours. 

On the other hand, a coworking space with 24/7 access will seem far less crowded, no matter what time you arrive. Everyone’s working hours will be more spaced out, so it will never seem too busy. 

This then means fewer distractions too. At Circle Hub, we take things even further with our on-site community manager who ensures that noise levels remain acceptable at all times. This, coupled with the various areas we have specifically for breaks and socializing, means that our coworking spaces are very much distraction-free zones!

A Professional Environment for Out-Hours International Calls and Meetings

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Sometimes, even though you may want to keep 9-5 working hours, it’s simply not possible. Whether you work for an international company or you have clients based overseas, dealing with various time zones means that your working hours need to be flexible. Sure, your clients or employer will make allowances for the fact that you’re located in a different part of the world, but there will likely still be times when you’ll need to take a Zoom call or attend a video conference at odd hours.

While you could do this from home, this doesn’t exactly spell professionalism. However, if you have a coworking space that you can turn to at any time of day, you’ll have a professional environment in which to take your calls/attend meetings. 

Wondering how you would do so without disturbing everyone else in the room? This is where our private office suites come in. Book one for an hour, or however long your meeting is scheduled to run for, and you’ll have complete privacy. You’ll be able to be as loud as you want and won’t need to worry about discussing confidential information. Even better, taking your calls from a private, professional, and exclusive office space will give your clients a great impression of your dedication!

Enjoy 24/7 Access With Circle Hub

As you can see, 24/7 access to your coworking space is pretty important. It may not seem this way to begin with, which is why many professionals initially make the mistake of signing up for a coworking space that doesn’t offer this. However, in the long run, 24/7 access is extremely beneficial. It will give you full control over the structure of your work day, make your commute more convenient, and make the coworking space you’re in so much more enjoyable to work from.

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