Need a Video Production Space in Ventura? Here’s How Circle Hub Can Help

Video production space in Ventura

In the age of TikTok, Instagram, and all things social media, it’s important for businesses and personalities to be noticed. If you’re not relevant, you’ll likely drown in a sea of smaller yet trendier brands making waves online. That’s why content creation is such a huge deal for many industries today.

Because the world eats creative content up, there’s a demand for places where you can shoot your content. That may be a little photo studio for some, or a versatile video production area for others. You can’t just shoot your business’ Instagram reels in a dingy one-room apartment all the time!

Looking for a video production space in Ventura, CA? We’ve got one at Circle Hub Ventura! We know video and content production is a must for all kinds of businesses, so we’ve built a space for it to earn our name as one of the best coworking spaces that listens to the demands of the industry.

Curious as to how the Circle Hub video production space in Ventura can help you out? Read on to learn more about it!

Video and Content Production is a Must in this Day and Age

Man filming video

When you hear the word content, you probably think of girls taking forever to dig into their lunch because they’re trying to take the perfect flat lay photo for Instagram, or funny TikToks that teenagers take for a whole hour only for it to be stripped and edited into a viral 30-second clip.

And that’s understandable! It’s proof that content creation has found its way into people’s everyday lives. But when you’re a business or a creative professional, content production is so much bigger than that in the grand scheme of things.

As of early 2022, there is an estimated 4.62 billion people on social media — that’s greater than half of the world’s population! So, if there’s an excellent way to reach people and put their eyes on your brand or portfolio, it’s through social media content.

And we don’t mean boring email marketing or sketchy, annoying pop-up ads. We mean thoughtful, creative, engaging content — like gorgeous Instagram photos that showcase a brand’s products, or perhaps TikTok trends that have the potential to go viral and get your name out there.

People have their eyes glued on social media every single day. Video marketing in particular is something that younger generations gravitate to more than emails or blog posts.

So, content is an excellent customer acquisition strategy. It’s a way to connect with your audience and boost brand awareness. And in the long run, if they love your content, you’ll be able to form a solid relationship with them.

Who Will Benefit from a Good Video Production Space?

In theory, creating content is easy. Just take nice photos or videos and post them online, and you’ll rake in the views and impressions, right? Well, sorry to break it to you, but it’s not that simple.

Content production is a creative craft. To do it right, you need the skills, the eye, and the best video production space you can find. Having the best location for your shoots (no matter how big or small the production) is key when creating content. You need a space that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, too.

A video production space is beneficial for many types of workers. They’re great for creative professionals, like freelance photographers and video producers, to beef up their portfolios.

Influencers and social media managers will also find a video production space useful because they need to churn out new, engaging content day in and day out.

Looking for an area to shoot your next product photoshoot or Instagram reel? Circle Hub has an awesome video production space in Ventura that may just tickle your fancy. Interested? Here’s how our video production space can help you out!

1. It’s an Affordable Option with No Long-Term Commitment Required

If you work in content creation and production, you might have already considered renting out a studio space full-time. But renting out that big a space is expensive, especially for brands that want an in-house studio. You’ll have to think of paying for rent, maintenance, equipment, a crew, and more.

It’s even worse for your bank account if you’re a freelance creative professional with no consistent content production work. Imagine paying all those expenses to rent out a space only for you to use it once or twice a week.

Working in content production is expensive as it is. Save on overhead costs by renting Circle Hub’s video production space in Ventura for the short term instead. Many content creators work remotely at coworking spaces as it is, so renting spaces in the same place for a while is better than renting full-time.

Our video production space in Ventura can be used by a small group of up to eight people for $50 per hour, or a larger group of nine or more people for $75 per hour.

Lots of studios charge a per-day rate only, but if you need the space for shorter than a full day, we’ve got you. Although we at Circle Hub do have a day rate for our video production space in Ventura, you can book the space for as little as four hours if that’s all the time you need.

There’s no long-term commitment required when renting out the Circle Hub video production space in Ventura. That means it’s an awesome option for projects with quick turn-around times or shooting last-minute additions to existing content you already have.

2. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing to Help Boost Creativity

When it comes to content, creativity is king. You won’t be able to capture anyone’s attention with a super wordy, straightforward post when social media is full of funny, pretty, flashy content.

One way to get those creative juices flowing and boost productivity when creating content is by having a visually appealing video production space, like the one Circle Hub has.

Our video production space in Ventura is fully furnished with sleek, modern, uniquely-styled furniture that will go nicely with the content you shoot.

And while renting a studio space usually requires you to invest in lights and equipment to mimic natural lighting, our space has tons of it already, thanks to Ventura’s bright sun.

We cannot stress enough the importance of an enjoyable workspace, even for content creators. Working in an awesome-looking video production space is a must if you want to feel inspired to make creative content. And more importantly, it also makes your videos and photos look ten times better than they would in a plain-looking set.

3. The Spaces Can Accommodate Both Small and Large Groups

Video production space in Ventura

Even if you only plan on shooting your video content in one little corner of the room, you’ll need tons of space to hold your equipment and cameras. This is especially so if you’re working on a bigger production that requires you to work with a whole team of crew and talents.

So, the space you shoot at must be spacious enough to hold all of you comfortably. You also need to make sure all your equipment will fit in the space.

The video production space in Ventura is 1,500 square feet in size. It can hold small productions, like for social media content creators, but also fits bigger projects, like a whole team coming in to shoot a quick online commercial. It’s very spacious, so it will never feel stuffy for you, your team, or your equipment.

4. You Get Access to Essential Workspace and Production Space Amenities

Because our video production space in Ventura is located at the main Circle Hub building, you’ll be able to book all the extra workspaces you need before, during, and after your shoot. So, if the need arises, you can book an extra room or area for you and your production team.

There are also a lot of useful amenities within Circle Hub to help make your video shoot run a lot smoother. We offer high-speed internet for better comms with remote team members, and even free refreshments in case you or any of your talents need to take a break and sip on something yummy.

5. You Can Book a Conference Room for Pre-Production Meetings

Circle Hub conference room

One key workspace you might want to consider booking when working in the video production space in Ventura is a conference room.

Productions require a lot of careful planning before the shoot starts. People have to be aligned on the day’s agenda and share their ideas on how to make the shoot a success.

So, it would be a bright idea to rent out a conference room for a quick pre-production meeting with the whole team before heading to the main video production space.

The Circle Hub conference rooms are available for rent by the hour. There are multiple rooms on the premises that can fit anywhere between 4-12 people in a team.

They’re all glass-enclosed and private, so you don’t have to worry about confidential details of your project or content calendar being heard by others. They also have a flat-screen TV and a whiteboard for all your team’s brainstorming needs before you create content.

6. You’ll be Near Many Workspace Options for Editing After Your Shoot

After you’ve wrapped up shooting at the production space, the next step is for you (or your team’s designated editor) to stitch all the clips together in a nice video. If you’re a social media manager or influencer, this means perfecting the content you shot through your trusty apps and tools.

If you want a quiet place to work on these next steps, you can always drop by our “hot spots” — shared community spaces where you can walk in, grab a seat, and work wherever you want.

While you’re there, you can even take advantage of the bustling coworking community around you. You can ask the other freelancers and working professionals in the area for their opinion of your edits and works in progress. It’s a great way to crowdsource feedback on your content before you submit it to your client or post it on social media.

7. You Can do Both Indoor and Outdoor Shoots

While the video production space in Ventura is beautifully styled and comfortable for anyone, there are times when you have to go outside to shoot your content. After all, we all know how difficult it is to find creative inspiration when you’re stuck indoors, right?

It’s tiring to see the same four walls in a video production space, even if the room is spacious and gorgeous. If you want more sun and greenery in your shots, you’ve come to the right place. At Circle Hub, you can shoot in both the indoor and outdoor spaces of the building.

The area around the Circle Hub building has tons of greenery, allowing you to shoot outdoor content in a breezy setting.

8. It’s in Close Proximity to the Heart of LA for Accessibility and Scenic Shots


Many factors go into choosing a location for your production space. You need to think about how accessible it is so you don’t have a hard time getting there, or how close it is to restaurants and parks that you may want to shoot content at afterward.

There’s lots to see in Ventura, so it’s an awesome place to shoot your content. Once you’re done shooting at Circle Hub’s video production space, you can explore the city and shoot content in other, more scenic areas, from beaches to Latin American restaurants to nature hikes.

Ventura CA is also an awesome place to hold your post-production parties if you’ve just finished shooting a big project with your team. It’s just what you deserve after a long day of creating content!


For lots of creative professionals, social media influencers, and blog owners, a content production space is a must. It’s also slowly starting to become a key element in helping small businesses expand, thanks to the growth of social media in the last decade.

So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing production area to shoot your content, don’t hesitate to book a tour to check out Circle Hub’s video production space in Ventura. It’s so much more affordable than renting out a production studio full-time. The fact that you’ll be in the heart of LA and can shoot scenic shots outside is just the cherry on top!

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