What Makes Circle Hub the Best Co Working Space in Northridge?

There’s a lot to love about Northridge. It’s easy to get to, close to the city, and is rich in restaurants, shopping centers, and other fun stuff. That’s why we believe that Circle Hub Northridge is set up in the best location possible for people living in San Fernando Valley, California.

Northridge is (you guessed it) north of Los Angeles and has a population of over 70,000 residents. That makes it one of the least populated populations in the area, so it’s not suffocatingly crowded.

It’s known to be highly diverse in this area too, which means there are more chances to meet different kinds of people if you work here — another thing we love about hosting a coworking space in Northridge.

But Circle Hub isn’t the only coworking space operating in Northridge. After all, coworking is the “new normal” now, so there are tons of other options in Los Angeles and California. So, what makes us the best co working space in Northridge and the area around it?

Here are just a few things Circle Hub has to offer that make it the best co working space in Northridge.

1. Workspaces for Individuals Who Work Better Alone

Designated desk at the best co working space in Northridge, California

Obviously, the biggest benefit you can get out of the Circle Hub Northridge location is the different types of workspaces available. These are great for freelancers, self-employed people, or anyone who just wants to come in and work by themselves in their own little area for a day.

If you’re an introvert who likes to work alone and focuses on tasks better in solitude, you can book a designated desk. This is your own personal desk that you exclusively “rent” out for a short time (no long-term commitment needed!). That means the desk is all yours — no one else can sit there and you can enjoy your alone time.

However, if you thrive working around a community of like-minded people you can chat to every few minutes, you’ll love the space’s hot spots. Hot spots are our common areas shared by almost everyone in the space. You just grab a set in one of the bars or lounges and work amid the buzz of other people around you.

For both the designated desks and hot spots, you get access to Circle Hub’s high-speed internet and complimentary drinks, too!

As you can see, there are tons of different workspace options for you, whether you like to sit by yourself or hang out with others as you finish your deliverables. This flexibility is just one thing that makes Circle Hub the best co working space in Northridge.

2. Conference Rooms for Bigger Teams to Brainstorm Together

Video meetings via Zoom or MS Teams are great for anyone working remotely. They allow you to meet up with your team at any time, even if you’re all working from different places. They have definitely proven their value when everyone had to work from home during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But there are downsides to video calls, too. Some of the biggest problems when it comes to doing virtual meetings include technical issues with equipment and time management for meals (because people seem to think that virtual meetings are allowed to persist into lunch hour!).

So, even if video meetings are convenient, it still sometimes makes sense to have in-person meetings with your team. You can do that in Circle Hub Northridge’s conference rooms.

There are plenty of benefits you can reap from in-person meeting rooms. Renting one out for a day or two at the best co working space in Northridge is much cheaper than paying monthly rent for an entire office. It also makes a good first impression when you’re meeting potential clients.

The spacious meeting rooms in our Northridge location can seat up to eight guests. It’s glass-enclosed for extra privacy, so you and your team can feel comfortable talking about confidential projects. There’s also a flat-screen TV for presentations and teleconferences, as well as a whiteboard for brainstorming sessions.

3. Warehouse Services to Help Manage Your Business’ Inventory

Warehouse space with man wheeling boxes

A warehouse is the perfect industrial space your business needs if you manufacture and sell physical, tangible products and need to transport them from place to place when your customer puts in an order. There’s an amazing warehousing service waiting for you at the Circle Hub Northridge location.

Having a warehouse makes doing inventory for your products way easier. It’s loads better than cramming all your manufactured goods into a tiny garage. Since all of your products will be housed in one centralized place, it will be a breeze to keep track of new batches coming in and out of your inventory.

At Circle Hub, your products will stay safe and ready to ship out whenever you have an order to fill. We have all the equipment needed to keep your goods fresh, whether they’re perishable food items or cosmetic products with tricky storage instructions.

What makes the Circle Hub Northridge warehouse better than other warehousing services? Simple — you get access to other onsite coworking spaces. Come for a visit to check on your inventory and stay to get some work done in the common areas!

4. Practical Amenities to Make Sure Your Work is Smooth and Seamless

You can’t claim to be the best co working space in Northridge without amazing and practical amenities to show for it. That’s why it’s our top priority at Circle Hub to give you the best. We want to ensure that your working experience is smooth, enjoyable, and super productive.

Let’s start with the more practical features Circle Hub Northridge has to offer. As with all of our locations, the Northridge site has high-speed WiFi anyone can access. That way, all your emails and messages are sent out immediately. Video meetings and file uploads to the cloud go very smoothly without lagging and any other bumps in the road.

There are also printing services if you need something in writing right away, and cleaning services so that your workspace is always neat, tidy, and organized. The space also has an onsite community manager that you can talk to if you’re having any problems with the area.

And there are fun amenities, too! We offer complimentary refreshments for anyone who comes in to work at Circle Hub for the day. We even have a ton of break rooms to allow your mind to rest and relax between tasks. This can help boost productivity as the day goes on.

These are just some of the most important amenities to look for in a workspace — and Circle Hub Northridge has them all!

5. 24/7 Access to the Space so You Can Work Whenever You’re Ready

Woman working in office at night

The best coworking spaces in California aren’t just those with pretty exteriors and free food. One of the most pertinent things about any workspace is that you can come in at your own time.

Now that a lot of us work remotely, we crave a certain flexibility when it comes to when and where we work. Many aren’t as productive anymore during the sluggish 9 to 5 clock-in time that traditional offices still require of their employees. That’s why having 24/7 access to a coworking space is extremely relevant.

When you can have the freedom to pick when you work, you perform at your best. You can choose to work whenever you’re in the right headspace, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night.

We at Circle Hub understand the importance of being in the zone at a specific time of the day, no matter how weird the hours are. So, we make sure that the Northridge location is always accessible to you at every hour of the day. You never have to be tied down by the suffocating 9 to 5 rule ever again.

This is just one of the reasons why we know we’re the best co working space in Northridge. Not only do you have a plethora of workspaces to choose from and amenities to enjoy, but you can benefit from them all day, every day — no questions asked.

6. Easy Access to the Location Coming from the Freeway

The best co working space in Northridge has to be accessible to people in Northridge, right? The commute shouldn’t be a hassle. Paying for high gas prices to take long routes to work or getting lost because of confusing directions are both out of the question. And no one wants to take narrow backroads daily to get to their coworking space of choice, right?

That’s why we made sure that Circle Hub Northridge is accessible to major freeways in the area. It’s an easy drive to get to the building if you take the 101, 118, and 405 freeways. Totally hassle-free for anyone going on a commute to work!

Because you can take these freeways to Circle Hub, it’s safer than, say, driving through sketchy neighborhoods and losing your way. It also helps out with the traffic flow coming to and from the coworking space.

7. Virtual Office Services to Give Your Business That Extra Air of Prestige

Mailing address

We’ve been talking about how Circle Hub is the best co working space in Northridge, but it’s also the best virtual office in the area too! The location provides a virtual office service that gives you a professional mailing address, allowing us to handle your business mail for you.

So, instead of sorting through mail every day at home or having to get the door when the post arrives in the middle of a meeting, you can let us receive and organize everything for you. Then, we’ll forward it to you digitally. You can also pick up your mail and parcels if you happen to drop by!

Another of the biggest benefits of a virtual office is that it gives your business a more prestigious listed address. Instead of putting your home address on your calling card, you can put in the Circle Hub address. Imagine that — your business card with “Los Angeles, CA” written on it, even if you’re technically working from home somewhere else!

8. The Close Proximity to Bars and Restaurants for Work-Related Socials

A lot of workers nowadays talk a lot about burnout. When you’re under copious amounts of stress and have no work-life balance, work turns into something you dread, and even hate. This is a huge problem that employers need to address, especially among younger employees.

Luckily, there’s a way to help. Experts suggest that having fun, work-related events boosts the health and well-being of younger employees — aka those prone to burnout. Things like team get-togethers, dinners, and after-work drinks can be super helpful in retaining job satisfaction.

Circle Hub Northridge is very near several bars and restaurants where you can hang out with your team after a long week of work. The Northridge Fashion Center, known to be the largest mall in the neighborhood, is close by as well. This is yet another plus of our prime location!

Because these places are so near the Northridge coworking space, work-related socials are always within reach. Exploring and having fun in these areas after working at Circle Hub is a great opportunity to bond with your team and let them relax and unwind.


The Circle Hub Northridge location is well-loved for its modern interior design and fun workspaces where you can meet all sorts of people. Even those who avail of its services remotely are impressed with it, thanks to its excellent virtual office and warehousing services. These barely scratch the surface of the many reasons why it’s the best co working space in Northridge.

When in the Northridge and northern Los Angeles area, don’t make the mistake of choosing a coworking space that doesn’t have good amenities or accessibility. Go only for the best for the sake of your business and employees — Circle Hub Northridge.

Want to see the best co working space in Northridge firsthand? Contact us any time and book a tour of Circle Hub’s Northridge location to see what we have to offer. We can’t wait to have you!

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