This is the Best Part About a Coworking Space

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A coworking space can be beneficial to professionals in so many different ways. However, ask around and you’ll find one thing in particular that people tend to appreciate the most; the flexibility that comes from working from a coworking space.

Coworking provides the utmost in flexibility, something that more and more professionals are seeking. Join Circle Hub as we take a closer look at some of the many ways in which you’d be able to enjoy more flexibility in your life by signing up to a coworking space.

Flexibility to Choose Your Commute

One of the biggest appeals of coworking is that you’re able to choose where your coworking space is located. Rather than having to trek across the city to a specific office every day, you’ll be able to pick a coworking space that’s easy for you to get to. With coworking spaces becoming more and more popular, you’ll now have more choices than ever!

This is a bigger deal than it initially seems. Research shows that a long or frustrating commute can really sap away a person’s motivation to work. One study found that it leads to a 16% increase in absenteeism while another noted that a commute of more than 10 miles each way could raise blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and anxiety. Sleep quality is affected too if your commute is longer than 45 minutes each way. As you can imagine, this ultimately hinders work performance.

The flexibility to work from a coworking space rather than subjecting yourself to a torturous commute each day is undeniably one of the best aspects of coworking. Pick a convenient location and your short commute could even become enjoyable. If you’re in California, check out Circle Hub’s two locations. We have one coworking space in Ventura and another in Northridge. Both are located near freeways and public transportation options. They both also offer convenient parking – something that’s often the worst part of commuting to a busy city!

Flexibility in Choosing a Workspace

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Not only does coworking give you the ability to decide where in the city/country you work, but once you’re actually at your coworking space, you’ll then be able to choose the type of workspace that you want to sit at. Most coworking spaces offer a variety of workspaces so that you can pick the one that’s best suited for the tasks that you’re working on that day.

For example, at Circle Hub, we have desks that are available for people to drop in and use whenever they want. They’re called Hot Spots and there’s no advanced booking required. They’re extremely convenient, especially when you have a last-minute project and need somewhere to work.

Once you’ve worked from our Hot Spots for a while, you may end up establishing a favorite desk. If this happens, you can reserve it with our Designated Desk service. Pick a day and a timeframe and we’ll hold that desk for you, ensuring that it’s available when you arrive.

If you’re working on something confidential or you need some privacy for a video conference, we have private offices that you can book. These can be reserved by the hour and offer all of the office resources that you could need.

Need to hold a team meeting? We also have conference rooms that you can use for this! Each one comes with a flat-screen TV and a whiteboard, giving you the tools that you need to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly. The flexibility of a coworking space, especially one like Circle Hub, means that it will always be able to cater to your requirements, no matter what they may be.

Flexible Working Hours

Many automatically assume that working from a coworking space means that you have the flexibility to choose your own working hours. This is true in a sense but if your coworking space has opening hours of its own, you’ll still need to adhere to these. Some only provide 9-5 working hours while others take things a bit further with 6-6. Either way, this isn’t much use if you often find yourself working late into the night, or like to start your day before the sun comes up.

This is a gripe that many coworkers have had in the past, which is why Circle Hub remains open 24/7. Many of our members find that their productivity thrives in the quieter hours, and we want to give them the flexibility to make the most of this!

Flexible Pricing

For many professionals, the alternative to a coworking space would be leasing their own private office space. However, if flexibility is what you’re looking for, a privately leased office isn’t going to deliver.

Why? Because, for starters, you’ll have a contract that you’ll have to stick to. Sign a two-year lease and you’ll be stuck there for two years, even if your needs change after a few months. The cost of hiring a private office space, along with the overheads that you’ll need to cover, can also really eat into the budget of a small business.

However, coworking once again shines, this time with its flexible pricing. At Circle Hub, there aren’t any long-term contracts that you’ll need to sign. Instead, our membership runs on a monthly basis. You pay a monthly fee and can use our shared workspace services. The added extras, such as our private office suites and conference rooms, can be paid for by the hour. This ensures that you aren’t wasting money on anything that you don’t need. 

If you decide that you aren’t going to need a coworking space for a few months, you can pause your membership at any time. You won’t need to give us any notice or pay extra fees. Instead, you can simply go your own way whenever you please, returning back to us when you need us again in the future. It really couldn’t be any more flexible!

Flexibility to Grow

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Another flexibility issue that comes from privately leasing your own office space is how this limits you in terms of growth. Sure, you may only be a two-person team at the moment, but if your business grows and you need to hire more people within the year, you’re not going to have anywhere to put them since you’ll be stuck with the two-year contract for that tiny office that you leased. Likewise, you don’t want to fork over for a larger office space to begin with as there’s no certainty that you’ll need this. It would be a huge risk for a small business to take.

With a coworking space, however, growth is easy. If you decide to expand your team, you can simply get them their own membership to the coworking space that you’re using. Choose desks next to each other while you’re working and it will feel just like a regular office environment. 

This flexibility is exactly why so many larger corporations are now ditching their traditional offices in favor of coworking spaces. From Facebook, Uber, and Spotify to Starbucks, the Bank of America, and Microsoft, everyone who’s in the know appreciates how much easier it is to both scale up and scale down when based out of a coworking space.

Flexibility to Socialize and Network

Love socializing and networking? At a coworking space, you’ll have the flexibility to do just that, whenever you want! Of course, this doesn’t mean constantly tapping on the shoulders of the people next to you in an attempt to strike up a conversation. Instead, a good coworking space will provide several downtime areas where members can take some time out and get to know each other.

At Circle Hub, a large amount of this takes place in our kitchen/break room. Whether you’re whipping up a snack for yourself or grabbing a coffee to make the most of our complimentary refreshments, the vibe here is always friendly and relaxed.

There are several other spots at Circle Hub where you can chill out too. Sprawl over a beanbag or sofa in our common areas, kick back with your favorite video game in our gaming room, or head on over to our onsite fitness center for a midday workout. Wherever your interests may lie, you’ll find it so easy to meet like-minded people at a coworking space.

What about for those of you who are more introverted in nature? This is why Circle Hub also hosts networking events. These are informal gatherings that are not only enjoyable but will have you feeling like you’re a part of a community. This sense of belonging can go a long way in not only boosting your self-esteem and mental health, but also in giving your productivity a boost! Loneliness and isolation are big problems for modern-day professionals. A coworking space will give you the tools to overcome that whenever you feel the need!

Signing Up For a Coworking Space at Circle Hub

More and more professionals have recently been citing the importance of flexibility when it comes to job satisfaction. After all, having to lead a life that feels restricted and controlled is never fun! This is why the coworking market has boomed lately. A good coworking space will give professionals flexibility in a way that they’ve never experienced before, and this is great news for productivity and general happiness. 

If you’re curious about immersing yourself in such a flexible working environment, Circle Hub won’t disappoint. Book yourself in for a tour of our coworking spaces, where you’ll be able to spend some time speaking to some of our members while checking out our facilities, and, like many others, you’ll soon fall in love with this way of working!

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