8 Things Remote Workers Need to Know About Circle Hub

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If you’re a remote worker based in California and have been looking to make the move to a coworking space, you’ve probably come across Circle Hub in your search. You’re not alone – our coworking spaces have recently been attracting more remote workers than ever, and for good reason! 

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not Circle Hub would be a good fit for you, here are eight things that remote workers need to know about our coworking spaces:

1. There Are Two Locations to Choose From

One of the perks of being a remote worker is that you can work from just about anywhere. With that said, any coworking space that you sign up to needs to be easy for you to access. You don’t want to have to deal with long commutes or driving around in circles for an hour trying to find a parking space. Easy accessibility is key.

Sign up with Circle Hub and you’ll have two locations to choose from. Both are extremely easy to get to. The first, which is in Ventura, is conveniently located just off the 101 freeway. There’s plenty of parking directly in front of the building, which happens to be just a 10-minute drive from the beach! 

Our other location is in Northridge, in the heart of the valley. Multiple freeways are nearby and we’re also a short walk away from the buzzing Northridge Fashion Center. Street parking is available but we also have some reserved parking spaces for members to make your commute as stress-free as possible!

2. You’ll Have Access to a Variety of Workspaces

Coworking spaces vary quite a bit in terms of what they offer. Some provide shared workspaces and not much else, making it easy to understand why some remote workers may be hesitant. Shared workspaces are great but, sometimes, you may need some extra privacy.

This is why, at Circle Hub, our members can choose from a variety of workspaces. Our hot spots are our shared spaces – turn up whenever you want, grab a seat, and get to work. You don’t need to book a desk or reserve a time slot – you can simply come and go as you please. 

If there’s a specific desk that you would like to use, our Designated Desk service can help. With this, you can reserve a desk for certain days/times, ensuring that it’s free for when you need it.

What about when you need some privacy? That’s where our private office suites come in. These luxury offices range in size. Some have just one desk, making them perfect for an individual who needs a couple of hours to work on a confidential project, while our largest houses five desks, which is ideal if you’re trying to host a meeting with multiple remote workers. These offices are available to be booked by the hour, making them very cost-effective!

3. Circle Hub Offers Some Fantastic Amenities

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Although remote workers love the flexibility that they have, the fact that they often have to fork over for various amenities can really eat into what they earn. This is another perk that comes from signing up to a coworking space. Most will offer a range of amenities that members are free to enjoy, and Circle Hub is no exception.

To start with, office amenities. From high-speed WiFi to on-site printing facilities, you’ll have everything that you need to complete your work smoothly and efficiently. 

When you need to take a break, you can do so at one of our lounge areas or head on over to our kitchen. Here, you’ll be able to make use of our facilities to whip up a healthy snack, or simply give yourself a much-needed caffeine fix with the complimentary refreshments on offer. 

If you need to release some steam, our on-site fitness center is perfect for this. It’s an equipped gym that’s ideal for a quick workout – something that has been shown to boost productivity. 

Our gaming room is also great for some downtime. Not only will you be able to hang out with like-minded people and have some fun, but gaming is something else that can increase productivity by up to 20%!

4. You’ll Be Able to Pick Your Working Hours

Most remote workers are able to pick their own working hours, which is one of the main advantages that comes from working remotely. However, many coworking spaces don’t align with this. Whether due to building/insurance regulations, staffing costs, or anything else, some coworking spaces are only open during regular office hours. If you want to work outside of these hours, you’ll have to find somewhere else to go.

It goes without saying that this isn’t very helpful for people who want to work outside of the standard 9-5 hours. Plus, the whole point of a coworking space is for remote workers to have a professional base to work from whenever they need it.

This is why Circle Hub remains open 24/7. Remote workers will truly be able to pick their own working hours, rather than having to adhere to hours that we’ve set. Whether you want to turn up at the crack of dawn or work well into the night, you’ll have the freedom to do so at Circle Hub.

5. We Attract a Diverse Crowd

Some coworking spaces can be pretty niche. They’re aimed primarily at a certain industry or niche, such as coworking spaces for artists or women-only coworking spaces. There’s no denying that this method of doing things can have some advantages, but we believe that immersing yourself in a more diverse crowd is always going to be more beneficial.

At Circle Hub, you’ll meet members from all walks of life. Professionals from so many different industries make use of our coworking spaces, resulting in a wonderfully varied group of members. It’s not just remote workers that use our workspaces either. An increasing number of large corporations have been making the move to coworking spaces, as are freelancers, hybrid employees, and more.

This makes for a very inspiring ambiance. You’ll be able to gain new insights and perspectives on any projects that you’re working on and will hopefully be able to provide the same contribution to others. Networking is also a breeze when you’re surrounded by such a diverse group of people. Speaking of which…

6. You Can Take Part in Free Networking Events

Coworking spaces are already great for networking, but Circle Hub takes this one step further. We host a variety of events that our members are free to participate in whenever they want. Unlike traditional networking events, these are casual gatherings with no pressure involved. Sure, they’re great for meeting other professionals but they’re also perfect for anyone who simply wants to do some socializing.

What sort of events do we host? Our evening yoga sessions are very popular. There’ll be an instructor on hand to lead you through, making it ideal for both beginners and pros. 

You can also attend our free breakfast sessions or our juice bars. Not only are these a great way for remote workers to save a bit of money, but, again, you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with other members, and you never know what that could lead to!

7. Our Community Managers Keep Everything Running Smoothly

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What happens if you run into a problem or a conflict while you’re at a coworking space? Fortunately, at Circle Hub, this doesn’t happen very often, thanks to our hard-working community managers. They’re always on hand to keep the peace and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The community manager is the person to speak to if you have any queries about our coworking spaces while you’re there. They’ll also be able to help with introductions if there are specific types of people that you want to meet. Whether you want to get to know more tech people or you’re hoping to promote your graphic design services to a marketing expert, the community manager will be able to point you in the right direction.

8. Our Coworking Spaces Are Affordable With No Long-Term Commitments Required

For many remote workers, the main downside to a coworking space is the cost involved. Some can run pretty pricey, making them cost more than they’re worth to you.

At Circle Hub, we understand how important it is for remote workers to be able to keep costs low, especially if your employers aren’t forking out for you to use a coworking space. This is why we’ve always kept our prices very affordable. A reasonable monthly fee will give you access to our basic services, and any extras, such as our private office suites and conference rooms, can be booked at an additional hourly charge. This saves remote workers from having to pay for facilities that they may not use.

Even better, there aren’t any long-term commitments involved. Our members pay by the month, and you can stop and start your membership whenever you want. If you’re planning on traveling for a couple of months or simply want to take some time off, you can pause your membership until you’re ready to get back to work with us!

Finding Out More About Circle Hub

There’s so much more that we can tell you about the coworking spaces available at Circle Hub, but the best way to find out whether or not we’re the right fit for you is to book a tour. Pick whichever location is most convenient for you and then come and see us. Checking out our workspaces for yourself will show you first-hand just how inspiring and motivating our environment is. You’ll be able to see our various amenities and facilities too, and will also be able to spend some time speaking to any members that happen to be around. This will give you an even better insight into our coworking spaces, after which you’ll more than likely want to join us!

Click here to book yourself in for a tour of Circle Hub today!

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