10 Ways Circle Hub Can Help Boost Your Productivity

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There are days when you just don’t feel like working. Let’s face it — almost every single workday is a battle between actually working and lazing around for a few extra minutes in bed. Sometimes, this is due to burnout, but other times, it’s simply because your environment doesn’t inspire you to be productive.

Everyone wants to be more productive than they actually are. We all hope to squeeze in as many tasks as possible within our 9-hour workday. But it’s not always easy. There are times when you have no energy or motivation to work. That’s why having an enjoyable workspace is incredibly important.

When you like where you work, you’ll be more inclined to get things done. Being in a coworking space like Circle Hub can help boost productivity in plenty of ways.

Don’t believe us? Let’s go through them one by one. Here are 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity day in and day out.

1. You Can be Around People in Common Areas…

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The first of the 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity is the fact that you will always be surrounded by people. For extroverts who thrive in an environment where they learn from and converse with others, a coworking space like Circle Hub is their natural habitat.

Circle Hub has common areas known as hot spots. In these shared spaces, you use the same bar, lounge, tables, and desks as other like-minded, business-oriented people. You can drop by whenever you want, just grab a seat, and work with new friends.

At Circle Hub, you’ll feel the air buzzing with conversation among spirited workers. This will surely motivate you to work, since you’ll have buddies there with you. After all, employee performance increases when they’re surrounded by work friends.

When you’re around people in the common areas, it’s easier to seek expert advice about things you’re not sure about. You’ll also be able to take breaks and socialize when you want. This makes work more bearable when you’re burnt out. As a result, this increases both employee happiness and productivity.

2. …Or be By Yourself and Your Team in a Private Area

However, not everyone loves being around others during working hours. Some people’s work style involves being quiet and cherishing the peace of not being bothered by others. Introverts will usually work better this way — solitude and privacy will only increase their productivity.

Having to deal with other people can be distracting when you’re trying to concentrate on getting your tasks done. So, it’s completely valid if you’d rather be alone during work. Alone time is a must when you want to finish your work as fast as possible.

So when you want a space that’s all yours, you can get one of Circle Hub’s designated desks. This desk becomes your own personal work area, where no one else can sit. It’s a great alternative to having to look for new seats around other people every time you come into the coworking space.

Of course, privacy doesn’t always mean being alone. Sometimes, you need to have quiet, private time with your team as well. This is important when you’re having confidential meetings or projects where you all need to concentrate without any background noise. Circle Hub’s private office suites are perfect for that.

3. There are Designated Rooms for Intense Brainstorming Sessions

The 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity won’t be complete without a little something for intense brainstorming with your team. It can be distracting working on important team projects in a wide-open space where people can hear you. So, Circle Hub’s conference rooms have got your back.

Since you have your own glass-enclosed conference room, you won’t be subject to the noise of the other workers in the common areas. This leads to increased concentration and focus.

Each conference room has a whiteboard and flat-screen TV. This gives you the tools you need to properly present your ideas to your teammates.

There are three conference rooms in the Circle Hub Ventura location, and one in the Northridge location.

4. Circle Hub Has High-Speed Internet for Anyone to Use

The 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity aren’t always related to the workspace itself. Sometimes, it’s something you can’t really see or touch but plays a vital role in daily work — like the internet.

Having high-speed internet is a must for anyone nowadays, not even just for workers. But it plays a huge role when you’re working because, without fast, stable internet, it will be virtually impossible to get anything done. Even sending a simple email will cause a headache if you don’t have good internet.

At Circle Hub, we have high-speed internet available to all. It can help make your Zoom meetings and other tasks run smoothly, without the hassle of having to wait until the download and upload speed gets better.

Outside of just work, fast internet makes employees happy. Imagine being excited to do your work, only to have to deal with unstable internet. Your productivity and motivation levels are sure to go down!

Slow internet will decrease productivity by a ton, so we made sure that everyone working at the Circle Hub locations gets the best WiFi possible.

5. Two Glorious Words: Free Food!

Circle Hub kitchen

Some of Circle Hub’s most popular amenities include the kitchen and break room. Here, you can take a few minutes off work to eat some of the free refreshments and complimentary beverages. It gives you some time to rest and recuperate when the workload is heavy, refreshing your mind for a while.

Having free food for employees is usually a missed opportunity for many companies. Businesses don’t realize the impact of free meals and snacks in the workplace.

When there’s food around, employees will be more productive and healthier (so long as you have nutritious snack options). This boosts work quality and decreases employee absences in the long run.

It’s important to have yummy food at work to serve as a quick source of stress relief for those that need the extra endorphins. Free refreshments like coffee and tea will also give employees the caffeine kick they need to be more focused and energized for the long workday ahead.

6. You Can Re-Energize Your Brain in the Gaming Room

One of Circle Hub’s more unique amenities includes a game room. Here, you can take breaks during your busy day to rest and unwind with some fun games.

Gaming boosts productivity because it gives you a break from your work tasks. However, at the same time, it revitalizes your brain, making it more active and ready for problem-solving and high-level thinking. It’s also been proven that playing a game for an hour will significantly improve your focus and attention.

If you spend time with others in the game room, it can even ignite your competitive spirit. This will give you an extra boost of energy to work and put out quality work, especially if you’re trying to come out on top in your company.

7. You Can Work Out at the Fitness Center Between Work Hours


Staying fit is a fabulous way to stay healthy and happy, but it’s also a great way to boost productivity in your work life. That’s why having fitness goals and working out regularly can help boost your career as a professional.

Circle Hub recognizes this, which is why we have a fitness center for anyone to use. Out of the 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity, this is the one health buffs will love the most.

Exercising is known to reduce stress levels and fight exhaustion. This is great if you want to come into work with the mindset to get work done without feeling burnt out later on. Aerobics in particular helps improve your memory and attention span, which are much-needed at work.

Plus, squeezing in time to hit the gym as a young urban professional can be tough. Knowing this, Circle Hub makes it easier. You can work out in the fitness center any time you want — before, after, and even between work tasks.

So if physical and mental health is your utmost priority, this is probably the most important of the 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity.

8. There’s an Event Space for Team-Building and Learning Seminars

Team-building is an excellent way to boost productivity as a team. It improves communication among employees and allows them to get to know each other to better understand each other’s work styles, strengths, and weaknesses. This is key if you want your employees to work like a well-oiled machine.

Circle Hub has a terrific event space in the Ventura location that is great for team-building activities and other learning sessions and seminars. It’s 1,500 square feet in size, which can accommodate up to 170 guests standing and 130 guests sitting. It’s the perfect venue to hold talks, seminars, and team bonding activities.

After a successful work event, people are likely to get along better and easier when they get back to work. They’ll have a more thorough understanding of how they can work as a team. This will be beneficial for their productivity levels and the business as a whole in the long run.

9. There are Production Areas for Creative Shoots

Photo shoot

Most of these 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity apply to every type of worker, but this one is specific to those in a more creative line of work.

If you work in social media, production, or content creation, you’ll know that work is a lot more meaningful when your setup for shoots looks nice. You’ll have much more drive and energy to take photos and videos for ads and TikToks if you’re in a quality production area.

When you work at Circle Hub, you don’t have to find a new area to do all your production tasks. You can do it right in the office’s video production areas. It’s a great way to boost creativity, and consequently, productivity.

The video production spaces in Circle Hub’s Ventura location include indoor and outdoor spaces. Each space is quite large too, fit for about eight people.

They’re equipped with lots of natural light and trendy styling that’s appealing to the eye. Just one look at this area and you’ll be super excited to work on that content calendar of yours.

10. The Virtual Office Service Gives You a Professional Feel Even When Working Remotely

And finally, the last among the 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity is the fact that a virtual office can give your work a more professional feel, motivating you to do your best.

Circle Hub’s virtual office services include a professional business address for your company, as well as mail handling for all your correspondences. That means you and your employees can work remotely, but still have an official business address in the heart of California.

Having a professional office address can help boost productivity because it builds confidence in the employees. When you say your office is based in California, it gives you a sense of pride. This makes you motivated to work harder for a company you love and has prestige.

For business owners, having a virtual office address means work-related mail and packages won’t keep coming to their house. This keeps their home life private and sacred, and with work-life balance always comes better productivity during the workday.


Whether it’s because of the people you’ll be around or the beneficial amenities you can find at Circle Hub, a coworking space can help increase your energy to work. So many things about Circle Hub can help invigorate your brain and inspire you to do more than you did yesterday.

These 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity are only some of the reasons why you and your employees will always be ready to take on a challenging day at work.

Ready to get things done? Experience the 10 ways Circle Hub can help boost your productivity by booking a desk or office with us today!

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