10 Hot Desking Advantages and Disadvantages

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When people think about coworking office spaces, many aren’t familiar with all the possibilities such spaces offer.

From designated desks to private offices, co-shared office spaces provide you and your company with endless possibilities of renting a space that will suit your individual needs.

As opposed to traditional office spaces, which are very strict and formal, here you can organize everything you want the way you seem fit.

One thing that has taken the center stage of any coworking space debate is, definitely, hot desking.

While many argue that this is the perfect thing for work optimization, there are still those who would beg to differ.

Let’s see what the hot desking advantages and disadvantages are, so you can come to your own conclusions.

What is Hot Desking?

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Hot desking is a very different notion from the more traditional office space. In a traditional office setting, you would have your designated office, cubicle or seat. You would stay there forever, or until you get a promotion or leave.

On the other hand, hot desking is a system that allows any employee to occupy the space for a short period of time. You then leave and make room for another person to finish their work.

This type of seating arrangement is breaking every bond with the traditional, because it is following the fast pace of modern culture and society. Nobody is situated in one place in today’s world, everything is in motion.

Employees are not an exception.

In some companies, having your own desk would be a complete waste of not only time, but money, too.

That is why communal office spaces have introduced hot desks – flexible working areas that can be occupied by whomever, whenever. Circle Hub, for example, offers a range of different seating arrangements and office spaces. Here you can find designated desks, private office spaces, hot desks, and a lot more. We have thought about everybody and everything, so you are sure to find your perfect working area there.

Hot desks have become so popular that many companies started to introduce the system into their own working areas.

However, there are two sides to every coin, so it would be good to know what are the advantages, as well as possible disadvantages of hot desking for employees.

The Advantages of Hot Desking

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Let’s face it, the time when you were able to finish everything from the comfort of your own office has come and gone. In this day and age, 90% of work has to be dealt with on the field.

If you are a programmer, of course, this doesn’t apply to you.

To all of those that don’t spend as much time in the office, this would be a perfect fit. You wouldn’t rent the entire office day, you would pay for as much as you need, not more, not less. Since time is money, and “penny saved is a penny earned,” there is a reason why affordability is mentioned first out of all the hot desking advantages and disadvantages.

This is perfect for companies with many workers. They can then organize their time more efficiently, since their employees could simply come, finish their own workload and free the space for another to do exactly the same.

The same spot accommodating more than one employee would mean less money spent on rent. At the end of the month, you’d realize that you saved a significant amount of money that could be put to another use.

Perfect Solution for Remote Workers

When we talk about hot desking advantages and disadvantages, this is what comes to mind. Hot desking is a perfect solution for employees that still need to come to the office and finish a couple of things before they head back home.

Even though there are days they need to be at the premises, they don’t need their own offices, just some space to finish up their work and get going.

Hot desking would, therefore, be perfect, not only for them but for the company, too. It would mean a great deal in the terms of space utilization and work optimization.

Since all mobile workers usually bring their laptops and work with them, hot desks are perfect for them to just sit and start, and then leave after they have finished.


Hot desks are there for you anytime you want.

This would suit freelancers the most, because they are already used to working throughout the day. Therefore, they can organize their time accordingly. The best thing about hot desks, or any other seating arrangement at a communal office space, is that you can come and go any time you want.

That way, you can book your time span, work effectively, and finish other obligations during the day. The best thing about hot desk flexibility is avoiding the commute during rush hours, which can be quite tiresome.

By having flexible working hours, you actually save time because you come when you are in the mood to work.


When it comes to hot desking advantages and disadvantages, this is one of the most important positive sides to having such a flexible seating arrangement.

Working from nine to five has proven to be ineffective, because people tend to lose focus. Research has shown that, in the end, people work less efficiently when they are made to work fixed eight hours a day, as opposed to choosing the amount of time they will spend at work.

Coming to work at a hot desk would mean you stay and work until you finish all the workload for the day. This can mean spending two or three hours at work, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Either way, it is more stimulating to know that you can go once you are finished, than knowing you have to stay for eight hours straight. That is why flexible working hours are believed to be the main working principle of the future.

It brings better productivity to the table, or in this case, a hot desk, and isn’t that everything all the companies have ever wanted?

Stimulates Networking, Collaboration, and Communication

At a hot desk, the seating order is so flexible, you never know who you are going to meet. Maybe it is a colleague you met just yesterday, and you can have a break together with a cup of coffee. Or it could be a potential partner, or a new client.

This type of seating arrangement stimulates conversation and socializing.

Since networking has become a crucial part of any progress in business, a hot desk might prove to be the right choice for you. Whether you are a freelancer, a small or big company owner, or an employee, you can never know how the person next to you might influence you and your work.

It could be a brilliant idea you have come up with together. Or maybe much-needed help and advice you needed over a problem you encountered.

All in all, hot desks are perfect for creating business contacts. As we all know, these can come awfully in handy in the future.

The Disadvantages of Hot Desking

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Although there is a significant amount of advantages to hot desking, some hot desking disadvantages are too obvious not to be mentioned. This is especially the case in terms of disadvantages of hot desking for employee.

So, we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but here are some of the hot desking disadvantages you have to take into consideration.

Lack of Personalization

This one is especially significant when we talk about the disadvantages of hot desking for employee. All workers tend to connect with the area they work, i.e. to personalize it. They bring a couple of pictures from home, a mug perhaps, a special piece of furniture they grew accustomed to. That is how their sense of belonging is created.

On the other hand, having a temporary seat at a hot desk would mean quite the opposite. No attachment, no getting used to a seating arrangement. Every day it is a new place at the table. Some would find that a bit discouraging, and even stressful, because they need some sort of security they can only find at a traditional office space.

That is why hot desking is not for everyone. People that don’t like change shouldn’t really consider it.

Lost Sense of Hierarchy

Although many companies try to find a way to break down the walls between the employees and the management, not all “walls” are bad.

Having everybody seated at a hot desk would disrupt the chain of command, because workers might lose the notion of who is in charge. Yes, everybody should be equal. However, when it comes to business, there has to be someone that is designated to be in control.

That is why this might be one of the major hot desking disadvantages for employee status. They would be confused about who to turn to when they need help, or sorting out a problem. That can cause a lot of stressful and problematic situations.

On the other hand, imagine somebody that has worked their way up the corporate ladder for twenty years seated next to someone that has just begun, and is treated as an equal. It can be quite discouraging for somebody that has worked really hard for their position.

Many Disruptions

As we have said, hot desking isn’t for anyone. There are many hot desking disadvantages you have to take into consideration.

When you have many people at a single desk, you are bound to have noise. If you are somebody that likes to work in peace, then you should definitely avoid siting at a hot desk. Imagine the noise that many people can create at one moment. It can be unbearable if you are a noise-sensitive person.

There is always somebody talking, exchanging ideas, even humming.

This type of problem might lead to a decrease in productivity. This is completely the opposite of what hot desks were designed for. The problem with productivity levels will definitely become obvious with workers that simply can’t stand the commotion. And that is absolutely their right.

Everybody has the right to choose the working environment that fits them best. That is why at Circle Hub, you are not restricted to hot desks. There are plenty of private nooks you can resort to for some quiet working time. So, don’t you worry.

Problems with Communication

Disruptions and all the commotion can often lead to problems in communication. This could mean many important details might be overlooked. This is especially important if we are talking about the disadvantages of hot desking for employee organization.

One can put their own job in peril because they cannot manage the hot desk organization. Because of the flexibility of working hours and the time spent at the hot desk, you will always be confused about where and when to find a person who is in charge.

Finding proper help at the most needed time is crucial in the business world. However, if you don’t know when and where that person will come to work, it can cause a significant amount of problems. Not to mention that, if you fail to finish your workload on time, you might end up losing it.

Safety Issues In the Time of Covid

Although working at a hot desk might help with the increase of productivity levels and lowering of the expenses, in the era of the pandemic it might not be as easy as it seems.

First and foremost, one must take care of the hygiene levels of the workstation at all times. That is why coworking companies must pay special attention to the cleaning of hot desks. They’ll need to do the same with any other communal working areas.

And when it comes to co shared office spaces, there are a lot of them.

It is essential that hot desks are cleaned and disinfected as soon as a person leaves their seat and finishes their work.

That way, you are creating a safe environment for everyone working there.

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of everybody who is leaving and occupying the hot desk, so that might be a problem. However, it is easily solvable with consistency and precaution measures. 


Yes, there may be plenty of hot desking advantages and disadvantages to consider. However, the odds are definitely in favor of hot desking. If you still aren’t sure about whether or not this would work for you, book a tour! You’ll be able to see Circle Hub’s hot desks for yourself.

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