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Coworking Safety Measures: Navigating Health and Hygiene

By hubeditor | November 15, 2023
Covid-19 really changed the game in terms of health and hygiene in the workplace. And with the impact of the pandemic still fresh in people’s minds, the focus on keeping safe hasn’t waned.  This has, understandably, led to some concerns…
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Why Startups Love Coworking: Benefits For Small Businesses

By hubeditor | October 30, 2023
Although coworking spaces are utilized by all types of professionals, startups and small businesses tend to be the heaviest users. Why? Because this working model offers some fantastic benefits to those who are in the early stages of launching a…
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The Role of Coworking in Building Professional Networks

By hubeditor | October 20, 2023
Networking is vital for every type of business. Not only can it help you to expand your client base, but it can also lead to collaborations and new professional partnerships while also stimulating creativity, innovation, and reflection.  This is why…
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Coworking Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for Shared Offices

By hubeditor | October 15, 2023
Working from a coworking space offers up so many benefits, making it hardly surprising that more and more people are making the move to shared offices.  With that said, when working in close proximity with other people who are also…
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Why Has Coworking Become So Popular?

By hubeditor | September 30, 2023
Although coworking spaces have been around since the 90s, they’ve recently experienced a huge surge in popularity. Statistics show that this is a sector that’s now set to steadily grow by 13% each year. Estimates predict that there’ll be more…
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How to be More Productive When Working

By hubeditor | September 20, 2023
There’s no denying that maintaining high levels of productivity throughout the day can be challenging. In fact, the battle to stay productive has led to many professionals relying on caffeine and other stimulants to get them through their hectic workdays,…
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6 Ways Circle Hub Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

By hubeditor | September 15, 2023
Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to stop working from home or you run an established company and need a new base, coworking spaces have been providing the perfect solution for businesses all over the world. Because of this, they’re…
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The Benefits of Coworking: Why Professionals Are Embracing Shared Workspaces

By hubeditor | August 30, 2023
Coworking spaces are now more popular than ever. In fact, there are over 19,000 of them dotted around the world, with projections showing that this figure could double by the end of 2024.  Why are so many professionals being drawn…
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Creating Connections: How Coworking Spaces Foster Collaboration and Networking

By hubeditor | August 20, 2023
Did you know that 80% of professionals attribute networking to success and satisfaction in their careers? It’s easy to see why this is. Networking not only improves a business’ visibility and reputation but it also helps to establish a stronger…
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Hot Desking: The Flexible Solution for Modern Professionals

By hubeditor | August 15, 2023
Hot desking is a concept that has recently been revolutionizing the modern-day workplace. Offering the utmost in flexibility and adaptability, professionals all over the globe have been embracing hot desking, attracted to how this easy way of working is capable…