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The People You’ll Meet in a Coworking Space

By hubeditor | February 20, 2024
One of the reasons why so many people enjoy working from a coworking space is because of the diverse crowd that they’re able to immerse themselves in. Coworking spaces attract people from all walks of life and from every level…
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9 Things You Need to Know About Hot Desking

By hubeditor | February 15, 2024
Although hot desking began as a quirky workplace trend, the concept has really taken off in recent years, with this working model clearly now here to stay.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, hot desking refers to a workspace that…
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Benefits of Having a Separate Workspace Outside of Your Home

By hubeditor | January 30, 2024
There’s no denying that working from home has its perks, but it comes with many downsides too. This is something that people often don’t realize until they actually start working from home, only to discover that they’re left feeling overly…
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A Guide to Working Remotely: Benefits of a Coworking Space

By hubeditor | January 20, 2024
People often assume that working remotely means working from home and, in many cases, this is exactly how remote workers approach the situation. However, working from home has its fair share of downsides, which is exactly why more and more…
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8 Ways to Raise Workplace Wellbeing at Circle Hub

By hubeditor | January 15, 2024
Workplace wellbeing is a term that’s used to describe one’s physical/mental/emotional health while they’re at work. It’s something that many employers are now striving to improve, with research showing that wellness in the workplace has been linked to soaring productivity…
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WeWork Vs. Circle Hub For Teams

By hubeditor | December 30, 2023
The concept of coworking is rapidly growing in popularity, to the point where this working model is no longer solely utilized by remote workers – larger corporations are also making the move from traditional offices to coworking spaces. Doing so…
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How Circle Hub Defines Coworking

By hubeditor | December 20, 2023
Coworking as a concept has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years. However, the term ‘coworking’ is pretty relative, with different establishments attaching different meanings to it. If you’ve been thinking about coworking at Circle Hub, read on as we…
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Flexible Work Trend Predictions For 2024

By hubeditor | December 15, 2023
While the concept of flexible working used to be considered quite niche, the Covid-19 pandemic saw it really take off. For many, flexible working quickly became the new normal, and its popularity has continued to grow ever since. Flexible working…
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Choosing a Comfortable and Inspiring Coworking Environment

By hubeditor | November 30, 2023
Thinking about making the move to a coworking space? Good decision! Coworking offers up a huge array of benefits, which is why this working model is rapidly growing in popularity. Your next step is to choose a coworking space. It…
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Coworking For Freelancers: Boosting Creativity and Collaboration

By hubeditor | November 20, 2023
Of the millions of people around the world who make use of coworking spaces, roughly 42% of them are freelancers. This not only makes them the largest coworking demographic, but the rate at which more and more freelancers are making…


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