How Circle Hub Defines Coworking

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Coworking as a concept has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years. However, the term ‘coworking’ is pretty relative, with different establishments attaching different meanings to it.

If you’ve been thinking about coworking at Circle Hub, read on as we explain exactly how we define the term and what this means for the experience that you’ll have here.

A Working Environment That Welcomes People From All Backgrounds and Industries

To put it as simply as possible, coworking is when people from different backgrounds, companies, and industries come together to work, either independently or collaboratively, from the same place. This greatly differs from a traditional office space, which usually only accommodates employees from the same company.

With that said, coworking is evolving. Although the above definition is what coworking means to Circle Hub, not all coworking spaces share the same idea of inclusivity. Instead, there are now some coworking spaces that are designed for specific niches. For example, coworking spaces for artists, or coworking spaces for women. These have their advantages but, at Circle Hub, we welcome people from all walks of life as we believe that this diversity helps to provide the vibrant ambiance that our members love!

The Flexibility to Choose From a Variety of Workspaces

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Flexibility is a huge part of coworking, which is what attracts so many people. It gives you the flexibility to choose where to work, when to work, and how to work. 

At Circle Hub, we try to enhance this flexibility as much as possible. One way in which we do so is by providing our members with a variety of workspaces that they can use.

Our Hot Spots, for example, will have you seated at a desk in an open-plan room surrounded by other people. Once you’re a Circle Hub member, you can simply stop by whenever you need to, choose an available desk, and get to work.

However, some days may find you wanting to work at a specific desk, whether this may be a bright spot in front of a window or a cozy and quiet corner. Either way, members can make use of our Designated Desk service to reserve a desk for the days/times that they need.

Of course, there may also be times when you don’t want to be surrounded by other people. Perhaps you’re working on a confidential project or you need to make a few video calls. Either way, Circle Hub gives you the option of booking a private office suite by the hour. Our offices vary in size, with the smallest accommodating just one desk. Prices vary depending on the office that you choose, but this is still a very cost-effective way to enjoy the privacy that an office space provides while still being immersed in an overall coworking environment.

A Space That Inspires and Motivates

With the number of coworking spaces around the world steadily on the rise, coworking is now more popular than ever. Unfortunately, not all coworking spaces define the concept in the same way as we do. Many spaces are dark, dingy, and cramped, which doesn’t provide a very inspirational working environment.

At Circle Hub, creating a motivational environment for our members is of the utmost importance. Coworking has the potential to really boost a person’s productivity, but only if the coworking space is able to provide an inspirational ambiance, which is exactly what we strive to do.

Our workspaces are bright, with plenty of natural light. Research shows that this is something that most professionals prioritize, which isn’t surprising considering that natural light can really boost a person’s productivity. Outdoor views do the same, which you’ll also be able to enjoy from our workspaces.

The open-plan nature of our workspaces makes them feel spacious and roomy, rather than cramped and claustrophobic. We make use of splashes of color, potted plants to provide greenery, and motivational signs too. All of this comes together to provide a workspace that brings out the best of a person’s working abilities. 

Access to Shared Amenities and Facilities

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While some coworking spaces provide a desk for members to work at and not much else, we do things differently at Circle Hub. We want to make life as convenient as possible for our members, so we provide access to a variety of amenities and facilities.

Take our kitchen and break room, for example. Not only will you be able to pop in and make the most of our complimentary refreshments, but this is also a great space for enjoying some downtime and meeting our other members. Coworking spaces are great for networking, and a large portion of this takes place in our kitchen area.

At Circle Hub, we also try to encourage our members to establish a healthy work/life balance. When choosing your own working hours, it can be easy to get carried away. People often find themselves working for the majority of the day, leaving very little time to relax and enjoy other activities. This may not seem like a big deal at the time but a healthy work/life balance is not only vital for your mental health, but it can also improve productivity.

This is why we go above and beyond to encourage our members to take some time out for themselves. Our on-site fitness center has proven to be extremely popular, as has our gaming room. Both give our members the chance to let off some steam and relax their brains. This means that they’ll feel fresher and more energized once they return to work.

Extra Business Services

As you can see, our definition of coworking involves making working life as easy and convenient as possible for our members. This is why we go above and beyond when it comes to the services that we offer.

Take our Virtual Office service as an example. It enables you to use our prestigious street address as your business’ official mailing address. This helps many professionals overcome one of the biggest obstacles when using a coworking space instead of an office of their own that has its own address. From your website to your business cards to your marketing material, you’ll be able to splash our address over it all. This will immediately give your business a greater sense of credibility, making customers more likely to trust you.

Our Ventura location also has an event space that our members are able to book at any time. At 1500 square feet, it’s large enough to accommodate up to 170 people. It even comes with kitchen access and your own personal event coordinator to help you ensure that whatever you’re hosting runs smoothly!

The Advantages of Coworking at Circle Hub

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Now that you know more about how Circle Hub defines coworking, let’s talk through some of the advantages that you can expect to experience when you sign up with us.

The first is motivation. As we explained earlier, we strive to make our spaces as motivating and inspiring as possible, and this is something that our members love. If you often find yourself procrastinating when working from home, you’ll notice a big change in this habit when working from one of our coworking spaces.

The sense of community at a coworking space is also a big draw. Not only will you benefit from the social aspect of this, but it’s also great for networking. We try to encourage this even further by hosting regular networking events that our members can attend free of charge. They’re casual and relaxed, which really sets them apart from the formal and stuffy networking events that many other coworking spaces host.

Of course, let’s not forget how cost-effective coworking is. Not only will you save big time in comparison to renting an office space of your own, but all of the facilities and amenities that we offer are things that a freelancer or a small business would struggle to afford on their own. At Circle Hub, you’ll have access to all of this for a very reasonable monthly fee. There aren’t any long-term contracts involved either. This means that you can stop and start your membership as and when you need it.

The Disadvantages of Coworking at Circle Hub

Wondering if there are any downsides to coworking? 

There aren’t many, particularly when it comes to a coworking space that’s as flexible and diverse as Circle Hub’s. Many cite the lack of privacy as one of the main disadvantages of coworking. However, from our private office suites to our conference rooms, it’s easy to book yourself a private space when you cowork with us.

Some people dislike how they aren’t able to personalize their workspace when coworking. While there’s nothing wrong with placing a few personal belongings on your desk while you’re working, you wouldn’t be able to paint the walls your favorite color or surround your desk with lavish potted plants and various ornaments. 

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Decorating your workspace can be beneficial but, if you go overboard, research shows that extra clutter can actually be very detrimental to productivity and a person’s ability to focus. At a coworking space, you have no choice but to keep your working area neat and tidy. You’ll also have to clear away all of your belongings when you leave. If you tend to be quite a messy person, you’ll likely notice that your productivity levels start to soar when you’re able to work in a less cluttered environment.


As you can see, coworking comes with several more pros than cons. Many have found it to be a fantastic solution for providing a low-cost yet high-end workspace that they can use whenever they need to. It’s convenient, easy to sign up, and, at the end of the day, the productivity boost that it provides will have you working to a much higher standard, which will unfold so many benefits for you and your business.

Want to know more about Circle Hub’s take on coworking? Click here to book a tour to check out our coworking spaces for yourself!

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