How to Find the Perfect Industrial Space in California

California industrial space

So, you are over the moon because your business has really started to take off. But soon you realize that increase in your product demand means expanding your production and storage facilities.

And that means that you need to be searching for a proper industrial or warehouse space.

This could put you in a serious conundrum, and your business at a crossroads. You need to get yourself familiar with the specifics of choosing a proper industrial space. There are many things to consider and one can find themselves overwhelmed at first.

However, with proper guidance, you will soon find a suitable industrial space that will meet all your needs. And, fortunately, if you’re in CA, California industrial space options are easy to find.

Know the Type of Industrial Space You Need

Industrial space

Before actually starting your search, you have to be familiar with the types of industrial spaces there are, and which one you need. California industrial space offers a wide variety of choices, so your only task is to decide.

Generally speaking, you can divide industrial space into three different sections:

  • Warehouse space
  • Manufacturing space
  • Mixed space (warehouse and manufacturing space combined)

Warehouse space is mainly used for storing goods and distributing them further. There are distribution centers that are a subtype of warehouse spaces. However, they differ in the fact that goods are not stored for a longer period of time in distribution centers. Renting a warehouse would mean you have to pay special attention to whether you have the proper equipment for labeling and shipping.

On the other hand, manufacturing centers are, well, the word says it all, places where the products are being manufactured. The heart of any business, these are places where the products are produced or put together. Renting a manufacturing space would mean that you have to take into consideration obtaining machinery, making sure that you have enough high-volume power sources, etc.

As for mixed spaces, you will have to consider all of the above together. So, if you want your space to be both a warehouse and a manufacturing space, you will have to really put your mind to it, and consider all the variables and necessary equipment.

The California industrial space world prides itself on many state-of-the-art warehouses on offer. One that stands out is definitely Circle Hub. We offer not only office space, but warehouses that go along with those, too. In addition, there is an on-site forklift, which could be of significant help when moving your goods.

Consider Your Budget

If you have products that need to be manufactured, or stored, the first thing is planning the funding for the endeavor. Try to look for locations that are within your budget. There is no point in choosing a space that will suck up a significant amount of your monthly earnings.

California industrial space options are filled with affordable choices, so you needn’t worry. You will definitely find something that will fit your pocket.

In addition, take our advice:

It is always better to choose a smaller space, but a space with more equipment. Renting industrial machines could be quite expensive, so having a place that includes one or two that you need is definitely a big plus.

Choose Your Area Wisely

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Looking for a proper California industrial space that will suit your needs means that you have to take into consideration many factors. And location is a big one

Are your goods supposed to be distributed quickly after manufacturing or not? If not, how much storage space do you need? How are the goods going to be transported? Should it be close to an airport or a port? Should it be next to a well-connected highway? Is the traffic bad? Is there space for large trucks to pass?

These are the types of questions you will have to have an answer to in order to choose the most optimal space.

Also, you need to see if it is more important to be closer to customers, suppliers or partners. Being closer to customers would mean quicker distribution, which will lead to higher customer satisfaction.

You know what they say, good word travels fast.

Make Sure Your Space is Reachable

As we’ve mentioned, when looking for a good California industrial space, one of the main issues is the three L’s – location, location, location!

Traffic is the first and main thing to think about. Imagine getting an urgent order, and your goods not being able to get to the designated destination because of bad traffic.

Talk about a bad advertisement…

Nobody would want that, of course. That is why you need to see whether the space is surrounded by heavy traffic or not. Will your vehicle full of goods have proper passage or not? Being stuck in traffic for hours on end will do everybody a disservice.

That is why it is reasonable to pick a place that is maybe a bit further away from where you would want it, but not limited by traffic.

Consider the Workforce

Worker at warehouse

Goods are not going to be stored or distributed on their own. That is why you need to see the availability of the workforce in the location you chose. Owning or renting a California industrial space would definitely mean that you will have to have somebody to work there for you.

And for these types of jobs, it is always preferable to choose somebody in the vicinity.

That way, they will not be burdened by a long commute, which would stress them out. Working at a warehouse is a very demanding job. And the last thing the workers need is more stress or difficulty. They have enough on their plate as it is.

However, if you have applicants that are suitable for the job but actually live further away, you will have to maybe consider transportation costs and possibly organize a company transportation system.

That is how you can help your employees travel to and from work without having to worry about whether they will miss the bus or not.

On the other hand, it is always good to have a well-connected location, because more potential employees would be interested in working there. If they can manage to arrive at their workplace more easily, they will definitely be more inclined to accept the job.

Consider the Size

When you are opting for a California industrial space, you have to be careful about the size of the space you are renting.

It may be silly, but Circle Hub suggests following Goldilocks’ train of thought: not too small, not too big, but just right. Because, in the end, it comes down to that.

Yes, storage spaces are supposed to be large. However, choosing a warehouse that is going to be way bigger than what you need could only lead to disorganization. But if you are certain that your business will grow and you have enough evidence in the present to support that, then, of course, going bigger is the right way to go.

On the other hand, if your predictions are that your supply and demand will not change for a certain period of time, then the right option would be to choose a space of an appropriate size. In this case, if you need a smaller space, go with a smaller, but more organized one.

Consider the Interior Space

California warehouse

Will your space only be used for storing? Are your goods big or not? Will they need special machines for transport and storing?

These are all very important questions because they determine your choice of interior space. If you are talking about big machinery, then a low ceiling is out of the question. Likewise, if you need space for those machines to move around, then having many rows of shelves is also unreasonable.

If you need to store goods on shelves, you can put as many as you’d like. After all, all of the organizing will be conducted by people, and not big machines. And people (last time we checked) can go between shelves with little problem.

Circle Hub’s warehouse is, without a doubt, the only California industrial space you need. You can use the warehouse in any way you want and don’t need to think about it further. There will definitely be no complications at Circle Hub.

Think About Additional Features

Thinking about all the additional features your space needs to have is definitely a big deal when it comes to renting a California industrial space.

On-site offices

Depending on the type of business you are developing, maybe your presence at the premises will be needed on a daily basis. In this case, it is more prudent to pick a warehouse with offices, than one that doesn’t have any.

Dimensions of the Space

As we have mentioned before, you need to be careful about the height of the ceilings. If you are in demand of some heavy machinery, then choose a higher ceiling. You don’t want a machine to get stuck or damaged.

Reinforced Floors

In addition, make sure the floors are reinforced. Again, this depends on the type of goods you are producing and distributing.

Piling goods up would mean that they will only become heavier and heavier. You don’t want them to fall through the floor and get damaged.

Sufficient Lighting

You need to have enough light when storing and packing goods. If your space is not well lit, then, trust us, go and look for another one. It is not only a matter of well-packed goods, it is a safety issue.

Also, make sure that it is energy-efficient. At this point, anything that would mean saving money would do you good. Saving money means that you will have more of it to invest in improving your business.


Having a space to park would mean a lot, not only to your employees, but to your business, too. The employees at the warehouse would appreciate it greatly if they didn’t have to waste their time looking for a parking spot.

On the other hand, you need space to park all the delivery vehicles. Even more so if trucks are involved. The packing and distribution process will be that much easier.

It will also send a great message to your potential customers and partners. It will facilitate their coming and going to a great extent.

Think About Safety Measures


It goes without saying that each industrial space should have the necessary safety measures installed correctly and without exception.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. That is why we repeatedly hear on the news about some accident that has happened at a warehouse, due to poor safety measures.

However, most of the California industrial space options out there have properly conducted all the safety precautions, and they have all the necessary safety equipment. Sprinklers, for example, are a priority at any warehouse. Again, you’ll find this all at Circle Hub.

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t cut costs on this. Better safe than sorry. Being irresponsible about proper safety installations could only lead to unnecessary accidents, where your employees could get hurt and all of your merchandise damaged. So, don’t put everything on the line for a couple of dollars saved. Safety first, always.

Include the Tax Fee

Not many people are familiar with the fact that the tax fee depends on the municipality you are in. So, if your offices are located at a completely different municipality, be sure to ask around about the one you want to rent a warehouse at.

That is why it is convenient to rent an office at a coworking office space. At Circle Hub, you will not only be able to rent a warehouse, but you will be introduced to all the surrounding conditions. You will know exactly how much you have to pay per month, and we will sort all the paperwork for you in advance.

Apart from that, coworking spaces offer many other convenient things that will make your life easier. So make sure to consider that option, too. 

Ready to explore the best industrial space that California has to offer? Get in touch with Circle Hub today!

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