The Importance of an Enjoyable Work Space

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When you’re working a full-time job, it’s important that you like the environment you’re in.

Think about it. Employees spend most of their day at an office where they’re expected to punch in eight or more hours and get all their tasks done without coming across any issues and problems. The least that they can hope for is a work space that’s enjoyable to be in.

Having an enjoyable work space ready for your workers isn’t just important for the mental well-being of your people, but for their productivity too. If an office isn’t exciting or doesn’t take care of its employees’ state of mind, their company’s overall performance will struggle.

Of course, this applies to coworking spaces too. So at Circle Hub, we make sure to provide your office space with loads of functions (from on-site staffing to spacious conference rooms), but balance it out with fun amenities your staff will love. Read on to see what we do to give your employees a more enjoyable work space. You’ll also learn why it’s important in the first place.

Burnout is a Very Real Issue in the Workplace Today

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Millennial professionals are notorious for their vulnerability to burnout. Many have even deemed them the “burnout generation.” You hear countless stories of young people quitting jobs they were unhappy with, or not being able to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of corporate with their mental health intact.

Burnout is that feeling of extreme exhaustion from work that often leads to poor mental, physical, and emotional health. It’s when the work doesn’t stop. You wake up every morning and live the same day over and over again. It causes fatigue, brain fog, and general unhappiness.

While many people get burnt out because of the nature of their work, the volume of tasks they have to do, or even bad management by a horrible boss, the work space itself contributes to the prevalence of burnout too. Your work space should inspire you to work. It should allow you some enjoyment throughout the day.

Now that companies are starting to consider transitioning from a work-from-home setup to an in-office one, it’s important to have systems in place that help keep burnout and employee fatigue at bay.

Sure, going back to an office setup is stressful enough because of logistics and thinking of the overhead costs for utilities. However, you also need to think about your employees’ mental health too.

If you’re bringing them back to onsite work, make sure the work space enriches their everyday life instead of ending up as a drab place they dread going to.

Why an Enjoyable Work Space Matters

Employees give up almost a third of their day to work for a company. Therefore, the burden is on the employer to ensure that the work space their people use is fun, feels safe, and is sustainable for long-term productivity and overall happiness, even for those working longer hours than usual.

One way to do this is to move your company to an enjoyable work space that allows more fun, freedom, and flexibility, even during work hours. An office with tons of mental health benefits may seem unconventional. However, today, it’s undoubtedly a must if you want high employee retention.

In fact, it’s been shown that a whopping 87% of employees want their employers to give them better, healthier benefits in the office, such as wellness areas, healthy meals at work, and ways to improve their fitness. That’s why “recharge rooms” are a growing trend in offices today.

An enjoyable work space like this is meant to give employers time to kick back and relax in the office. Some companies allow for gyms, meditation rooms, and napping areas with tons of bean bags lying around. It’s a great way to tell your employees, “Hey, you can breathe and unwind when you need to.”

Rooms and amenities like these exist to allow a semblance of work-life balance for employees. However, it has amazing benefits for the company too. It boosts employee retention and reduces absences since it fosters a happy, healthy environment. More importantly, it increases productivity.

Here are some of Circle Hub’s amenities and offerings that can help you create the most enjoyable work space possible for your employees:

A Designated Desk That’s All Yours Makes It Feel Like Home

Enjoyable work space desk

The heart of an enjoyable work space is a personal work station that inspires and motivates you. That’s why trends like #studygram exist on social media, where people show off photos of their aesthetically pleasing work desks. It’s a brilliant way to make the work space a little brighter and more fun.

The problem is that many coworking spaces are impersonal. It feels like you have no ownership of your work station since it’s shared and changes day by day.

But at Circle Hub, you can claim designated desks . These are seats and tables that you can reserve as your own personal work station that no one else can use or even sit at. You can have the desk reserved for as short or long as you please. Plus, it comes with high-speed internet and complimentary beverages.

There are lots of ways to personalize and “prettify” your work area, like keeping your fave succulent or framed family photo on your desk. It’s a terrific way to make the office feel like a second home. It increases comfort and productivity levels at work because you’re in a little nook that’s all yours.

Having Time for a Workout Can Boost Endorphins

An enjoyable work space isn’t limited to just the desk an employee works at. Being surrounded by amenities that suit their lifestyle and priorities are bound to have a positive impact on overall work performance. For those who are into health and fitness, that means getting to work out to de-stress.

There are many reasons why one would appreciate a fitness center in their work space. Exercising is known to be a great way to relieve anyone of stress. It allows employees to channel their anxiety or work agitation into something more productive. It can help them to think better later on.

Plus, working out comes with a unique adrenaline rush and boost of endorphins that can re-energize your employees if they’ve been stressed out. These make them feel more invigorated and ready to take on more work after a good stretch or run on the treadmill.

In a nutshell, a fitness center boosts productivity because your employees won’t feel as sluggish. They can kickstart their day off with a quick workout to get a boost in both their energy levels and overall health. This translates into good work later on. And, guess what? At Circle Hub, we have our very own on-site fitness center. You won’t have to travel far to get your workout kick!

Breaks are Essential for Prolonged Productivity

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When you’re working hard on a long task, it’s easy to assume that the fastest way to finish it is to take no breaks at all. But studies have shown that small breaks throughout the day actually boost your performance and productivity.

That’s because taking breaks gives you time to rest, allowing you the capacity to work longer later. Regularly taking breaks at work also helps keep your well-being and mental state in a good place. This is because you don’t force your brain into overdrive for long, stressful periods.

It’s similar to working out. You split your exercises into multiple sets with breaks in between so you can do more throughout your time at the gym. It’s a far cry from trying to do 100 squats in one go. That will only have you catching your breath halfway through, with no energy to continue.

Circle Hub has a break room open to people who want to hit pause for a bit and reset their mind. It’s where they can relax for a few minutes and network with other people while enjoying a cup of coffee in between tasks. After all, having engaging conversations with others is a great jumping point for collaboration.

Unwind with Some Friendly Competition in the Gaming Room

Having an enjoyable work space with a gaming room allows you to get more creative and let your imagination run wild. This is important for any job, but especially for those in a more creative field, like writing or graphic design.

When your employees take some time off to play a round or two with others in the game room, they could come back with dozens of ideas to contribute at the next brainstorming session.

Aside from creativity, there are also tons of reasons why employees who embrace their gamer side might be gems in the company. Studies show that gamers usually have a better and more sustained attention span, so they can be more alert, focused, and productive while they’re in work mode.

It might also bring out your employees’ competitive side — and we all know that those with a competitive spirit pour their heart and soul into any project. This can result in amazing initiatives from your employees, leading to good numbers for your company.

Games are a great way to bring people together too. So, if you’re trying to foster camaraderie in your team to make them more excited to come to work, the Circle Hub gaming room is perfect for you.

Revitalize Your Body and Senses with Refreshments

Food is one of our basic needs, but what role does it play in the workplace? The simple answer is that it re-energizes workers and makes them happy. It’s an easy way to foster an enjoyable work space for all.

Lots of young professionals are stress eaters. When they feel like the workload is too heavy to carry, a pink glazed donut or tray of salmon skin rolls is all it takes to get them back on track. Others need their daily iced Spanish latte, and they’re ready to jump on another Zoom call.

That’s why at Circle Hub, we provide refreshments to everyone.

Free food also encourages mingling at the workplace. And when you have a friend group at work, it makes the work space more enjoyable.

Peer Out the Window to Take in Sunny California

Street in Ventura
Valeria Venezia / Shutterstock.com

An enjoyable work space isn’t restricted to the office itself. Sometimes, it also refers to the city in which the office is located. One of the things we’re most proud of in Circle Hub is our sought-after locations: Northridge and Ventura, both in sunny California.

Our location gives your company the prestige of being headquartered in a thriving, business-savvy city. But more importantly, we love how it helps with employees’ overall happiness and well-being.

The heart of LA is a stone’s throw away from the office. So, workers have proximity to shopping stores and restaurants they can check out in their free time.

California is also known for its sunny weather. This means more serotonin to keep your employees cheerful and awake. There are barely any clouds or rain here that can make employees feel lethargic and too sleepy and lazy to work.


Providing and investing in an enjoyable work space is key for employers who are serious about taking good care of their employees.

Allowing them multiple breaktimes and fun “recharge rooms” might sound crazy to traditional companies, but if you want to boost retention (especially among the younger generation), a fun, flexible work space is non-negotiable.

Thinking of getting a space with Circle Hub so that you can get a taste of these fun amenities? Give us a call! We’d be happy to walk you through our various workspaces and amenities so that you can decide whether or not they’re the right fit for you.

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