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Anyone in the world of corporate and public relations can tell you that events management is one of the most stressful and most demanding jobs out there. You have to plan programs, manage guest lists, contact suppliers — and that’s not even scratching the surface.

But arguably the most crucial part of planning a smooth work event is booking the right venue. There are loads of event spaces available, from function rooms at fancy restaurants to hotel ballrooms. And still, it could take months before you find the one that’s perfect for your company’s occasion.

That’s why, aside from workspaces and private offices, Circle Hub boasts of an event space for any occasion. It has everything you’re looking for — spaciousness, convenient amenities, networking opportunities, easy access, and a prime location.

Why Are Events Necessary for Your Company?

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It’s been a few years since many employees have been forced to stay cooped up, working from home. But today, as quarantine measures start to loosen, many employers are facing a new struggle — making in-office work fun and attractive again.

One of the things we should anticipate now that people are slowly going back to the office is the comeback of corporate events. After all, it’s a great way to re-energize employees and put your brand out there again after years of being inactive on the scene.

There are many types of corporate events, from social mixers that build camaraderie to product launches that introduce your brand to the world. Whatever the purpose of your corporate event, it adds to your company culture and branding. In short, it matters a lot.

Aside from just affecting the image of your brand, corporate events allow you to grow your business in a fun and creative way. It gives a terrific return on investment, whether it’s in the form of employee retention and increased productivity, or getting your foot in the door with big clients during trade shows.

In a nutshell, corporate events impact your business significantly, be it through branding or revenue. It’s always an investment, which is why you should care about every detail of it. After all, it’s not the cheapest thing in the world to plan an event of 150 people from the ground up.

The Event Space You Choose Speaks Volumes About Your Company

Whether you like it or not, planning meticulously for an event can only do so much. If you plan and even execute an event perfectly but hold it in a venue that’s too small, uncomfortable, doesn’t have enough amenities, and has little to no prestige, it could spell disaster for your work event.

Choosing the best event space possible is especially important if you’re planning trade shows and other events where you have to showcase your brand to potential clients. It’s kind of like a presentation. Your event space needs to impress because your company’s reputation is at stake.

And yes, there are other factors that will make or break your event. These include the food you serve or the host’s charisma and ability to entertain. But what your guests will remember most will be the place they were at for hours and how they felt being there.

That’s why event coordinators spend weeks to months doing ocular visits to potential event spaces. It’s absolutely crucial that you get the right one for your event. You need to find one that will tick all your boxes, from size to ambiance to other tools and amenities that might be available to your guests.

Benefits of Circle Hub’s Ventura Event Space

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Many venues are built and designed for specific types of events. After all, it’s not necessarily the best to hold a hands-on employee workshop in a glitzy banquet hall. Nor is it practical to hold your annual company convention in a tiny function room.

But if you’re looking for a flexible event space for any occasion, you might want to add the Circle Hub event space to your list.

It’s big enough to host major events for your brand. But at the same time, its friendly environment, proximity to the city, and a plethora of networking opportunities make it very comfortable for everyday employee events.

This event space is located in Ventura, CA. It is perfect for medium to large-sized events with 170 people on the guest list. That makes it ideal for corporate events, employee parties, learning seminars, networking, and other social gatherings. It truly is an event space for any occasion.

Main Amenities

Here are some of its key benefits and amenities that make it the perfect event space for any occasion your team has marked on its calendar.

  • 170 standing and 130 seating capacity: The number one rule in booking a venue for your event is that every single guest should feel comfortable. The physical size of your venue will have a huge impact on that. If you have over 100 guests, it’s important that you have the capacity to hold them, whether they’re standing or sitting. The Ventura event space does precisely that.
  • An on-site kitchen: many event spaces well have a kitchen that you and your team can use, provided that you have your own catering service. But thanks to Circle Hub’s on-site kitchen and staff, you don’t even have to worry about that. Our dedicated team of chefs and servers can prepare and serve the food you want to have at your event. This helps make mealtime during your event smooth, seamless, and super tasty! That makes the Ventura venue the ideal event space for any occasion that food is involved.
  • Events coordinator: The thing about managing a work event is that when you’re in charge, you can’t really enjoy on the day itself. You have to stay on top of every single detail, from the program to serving dinner. To help lighten the load and give you a chance to enjoy the event yourself, Circle Hub provides you with your very own coordinator on the day of your event. That way, you can be as hands-off as you want and leave the logistics to a trusted professional.

It Allows You to Network with Other Business-Oriented Minds


At the end of the day, Circle Hub is primarily an office space. That’s why it’s an attractive place for young and determined entrepreneurs and business-oriented people.

Coworking spaces like these have become hubs for the new generation of business owners and savvy Millennials, thanks to their flexibility and incredible amenities. So if you’re looking to connect with people like that to grow your business, holding an event at Circle Hub is an excellent way to do so.

There’s already a thriving community of potential clients and partners at Circle Hub. Why not make the most out of it by holding events for you and your employees to meet them?

The best part is that because it’s a shared office space, you’ll get to meet all kinds of people working in different lines of business. You can meet people from tech, fashion, eco-friendly businesses, and way more to beef up your list of contacts and supplies for future projects.

It Gives a Feeling of Prestige at Your Brand Launch

Seeing as our Ventura venue is an event space for any occasion, it’s also tailor-fit for external events — like say, the official launch of your brand. It’s spacious enough to host representatives from media outlets, influencers, your stakeholders, and your employees.

One thing that gives this event space for any occasion an air of prestige is the fact that it lies at the heart of Los Angeles. California is a huge deal right now, what with tech corporations and startups popping up all over the state every single day. That’s why all Circle Hub locations are found in this state.

Plus, because of its proximity to the big city, it will be easier for your guests to access the place, whether it’s by driving there or taking public transport.

The prime location of our Ventura event space is exactly what you need to introduce your company to the world and impress them right off the bat.

It’s a Great Place to Hold Conventions and Employee Meet-Ups

Business convention

Holding employee-only events is fantastic for boosting their morale. And it’s important that when you plan events specifically for the people working for you and raking in money for your business, you only give them the best event space you can book.

When you book for an event at Circle Hub Ventura, every single employee will get the chance to enjoy themselves. Instead of your marketing team stressing over the program flow or where the caterers are, you can leave the event execution in the hands of our in-house event coordinator.

Studies have shown that events are more successful when you put the guests’ needs and concerns first.

Make sure you know the concerns of your employees who want to attend your event, like where they live and whether the event space is inaccessible to them. Luckily, the Ventura event space is in a city area, so it’s not that difficult to get to.

It’s Conducive to Learning During Seminars

One of the biggest problems employees have faced throughout the two years of working from home is being productive in an environment that’s actually conducive to learning and working.

So, if you’re planning on bringing all of your employees back to one office, think about doing some seminar and workshop events to get them excited.

The size of the Circle Hub Ventura event space is quite large. This spaciousness will make it very comfortable for employees to learn new things, collaborate as a team, and build rapport with each other somewhere other than the break area or a stuffy conference room.

Another thing that makes the Ventura space the best event space for any occasion that involves learning and applying new skills as a team is its high-speed Wi-Fi. To work efficiently during workshops, stable Internet is needed to get ideas flowing and to collate everyone’s work.

Strong Internet is also a must even for external events like tradeshows and conventions. Your suppliers and potential clients need access to their emails and texts even while they’re at your event. Otherwise, it would be a pretty strong reason to just up and leave.

It’s Comfortable Enough for Parties and Mixers

Circle Hub Ventura Event Space

And now for everyone’s favorite kind of work event: parties and social mixers. Not every corporate event has to be serious and stuffy. Employees always look forward to spending time with their work friends off the clock, and the Ventura event space is perfect for this occasion too.

Sure, you can hold a small mixer in a high-quality conference room, but it might not be spacious enough for a larger group that wants to have fun as a team. For the best employee parties, you want something that can fit hundreds of people, boasts high ceilings, makes an impact, and will be remembered.

Another reason to hold it in the Ventura event space is that the Circle Hub kitchen will be there for free-flowing food. This is something no one can say no to. Book an event space for your employees to relax, have fun, and eat together outside of the usual cafeteria or break room.


There are undoubtedly many factors you must consider before finally booking a space for your company’s event. You have to think about what your guests will like and whether it aligns with the image you want your company to portray. That’s why, for many event coordinators, every event is held in a new location.

But having a go-to event space for any occasion is a must if your company has plenty of events to plan out each year. The Circle Hub Ventura event space is perfect for any type of event — whether it’s a fun, laidback one for employees or a dazzling tradeshow for your potential clients.

Interested in this event space for any occasion? Contact us today to check out the site! A quick visit is all it takes to see how versatile it is, and how it can fit any type of corporate event.

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