9 Things You Need to Know About Hot Desking

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Although hot desking began as a quirky workplace trend, the concept has really taken off in recent years, with this working model clearly now here to stay. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, hot desking refers to a workspace that contains desks that are available for anyone to use. You simply turn up, plug in, and get to work. It’s a model that has been particularly popular among coworking spaces but is one that traditional office spaces are now utilizing more and more as well.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not to jump onto the hot desking bandwagon, read on as Circle Hub shares nine things you need to know before you do so.

1. Hot Desking Gives You Complete Flexibility

For many, the best thing about hot desking is the flexibility that it gives them. For starters, you’ll be able to pick and choose your own working hours. You won’t need to plan your day around when your office is open or when a specific desk is going to become available, as there’ll always be one waiting for you whenever you decide to turn up. This is especially true of the hot desking areas at Circle Hub, known as Hot Spots. With Circle Hub being open 24/7, you have full control over your working hours.

Being able to choose your own desk also puts you in charge of the ambiance you set yourself in for the day. If you have a jam-packed to-do list, you can select a desk in a quiet corner with minimal distractions. Meanwhile, if you’re spending the day brainstorming and could do with some inspiration, seat yourself in the middle of the room where you can pick the brains of those around you.

2. Hot Desking Can Save You Money

Coworking spaces usually offer a variety of workspace options, but hot desking always comes out as the most cost-effective. With Circle Hub, you pay a monthly membership fee that allows you to use our hot desking facilities whenever you want and as much as you want. 

This way, hot desking works out to be infinitely cheaper than hiring your own private office, and it won’t tie you down in the same way either. Hot desk at Circle Hub and you won’t have to deal with any long-term contracts or leases. You can start and stop your membership whenever you want. This will save you from having to pay for months when you won’t need a desk.

Plus, let’s not forget the costs of decking out a private office. From having to buy desks and chairs to office amenities and decor, you won’t have to fork over for any of that if you sign up for a hot desking service. 

3. Hot Desking Can Quickly Boost Productivity

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Everyone wants to be as productive as possible, which is another reason why hot desking has soared in popularity. Thanks to its agile and adaptive nature, people tend to find hot desking workspaces to be open and welcoming, meaning that they immediately feel comfortable there. This influences their frame of mind and their motivation for the day. It gives them the push that they need to get tasks done even more efficiently.

Your surroundings also play a big role in productivity. Sit amongst a bunch of people who are procrastinating and complaining about work and you’ll likely find that your productivity dips too. However, in a well-managed hot desk workspace, you’ll be surrounded by people who are doing their best to be as productive as possible. Immerse yourself in the motivated buzz all around you and this will rub off on you too, giving you your own productivity boost.

4. Hot Desking Can Increase Creativity

The last thing that a creative wants is to have to work in a dull and stagnant environment. They need vibrancy and inspiration in order for their creative juices to really start flowing. This is exactly what’s provided in a hot desking environment.

The fact that collaboration is so much easier in a workspace like this helps too. Sure, you may not want to interrupt the person next to you to ask for some ideas but, at Circle Hub, for example, we have plenty of common areas where you can hang out with other creatives and exchange thoughts. There’s so much opportunity to swap ideas with other people, making hot desking loved by those in creative fields.

Of course, your physical environment will influence your creativity too. At Circle Hub, we utilize open spaces, bright colors, plenty of greenery, and more to stimulate your mind as much as possible. You won’t have to spend the day in a dull and drab ambiance if you choose our hot desking facilities!

5. Hot Desking Works Well For Teams Too

Many people are under the impression that hot desking is only suitable for individuals, meaning that those working in a team will need to find an alternative. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all. 

Instead, hot desking lends itself surprisingly well to teamwork. Not only will your entire team be able to work in a dynamic and inspirational environment, but you’ll all be able to benefit from the flexibility, productivity boost, and increased creativity that hot desking offers too.

What happens when your team needs to hold a noisy or confidential meeting? You’re right in thinking that this wouldn’t be suitable for a hot desking environment. However, many coworking spaces, including Circle Hub, offer other facilities for this. Take our conference rooms, for example. You can lease one by the hour, saving you from having to overpay for a private space for a short meeting. Once you’re done in there, you can then head back to our hot desking area, grab an available desk, and continue working.

6. Hot Desking Will Help You Network

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We’ve mentioned a few times how beneficial it can be to surround yourself with other productive people, not only in terms of boosting your own productivity but also for inspiring creativity. Well, having access to all of those individuals from a variety of industries also makes for fantastic networking.

Networking can be extremely transformational. You could end up meeting someone who you decide to hire, or be hired yourself by someone you meet. Even if you’re not looking to hire or be hired, an expansive professional network will always be great for career development. 

Circle Hub takes things a step further. In addition to encouraging our members to network while hot desking, we also host regular events that our members can attend free of charge. These informal get-togethers are perfect for meeting other professionals. Not only will you be able to increase your professional network, but most people find our events to be a great way to socialize too!

7. Hot Desking Often Gives You Access to Other Amenities

Some people assume that hot desking gives you access to a desk, a chair, and not much else. Sure, this may be true of some coworking spaces, but it’s definitely not the case at Circle Hub. 

Instead, hot desk with us and you’ll have access to all of the other amenities that we offer at our coworking spaces. This starts with our office amenities, from WiFi to printing facilities. As mentioned earlier, a Circle Hub membership also gives you the opportunity to book conference rooms by the hour, and the same applies to our private office suites too. 

We also offer several recreational amenities that our members love. Our on-site gym, for example, is perfect for blowing off some steam whenever the work-related stress gets too much. Physical activity has also been shown to boost productivity. This makes it well worth dedicating some time to staying fit. 

If working out isn’t your thing, you may be more excited about our gaming room. It’s ideal for our members who need to unwind in a non-strenuous way. You’ll also be able to meet other gamers this way, immediately giving you a way to bond with other like-minded members.

8. Hot Desking Encourages You to Stay Tidy and Organized

Do you struggle with staying organized when you’re working? If clutter is commonplace for you, hot desking can help you to change those habits.

How? Well, the reason why hot desking works so well is that people are encouraged to leave their desks as they’ve found them. They need to be clean and tidy, ready for the next person to use. When hot desking, you won’t have the opportunity to leave your desk full of clutter, meaning a messy environment for you to return to the next day. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean slate each time you turn up at a hot desking space, which will do wonders for both your mental health and your productivity levels.

9. Hot Desking Can Help to Improve Your Work-Life Balance


Finally, let’s talk about work-life balance, something that many modern professionals struggle with. This is particularly the case for remote workers and others who are able to choose their own working hours. Fortunately, hot desking can help with this too.

To start with, the fact that hot desking is now so popular means that there are hot desking facilities located all over the world. You’ll be able to pick one that’s easy and convenient for you to get to, meaning that you’ll no longer have to deal with a long and stressful commute.

The way in which hot desking also provides a firm separation between work life and home life helps too. Once you’re done with work, you simply tidy up and leave. It’s so much easier to switch off at the end of each workday, enabling you to turn your full attention to your home/personal life.

Hot Desking at Circle Hub

Wondering whether or not to give hot desking a try?

As we discussed earlier, there aren’t any long-term commitments involved when you hot desk at Circle Hub. If you’re unsure about how well hot desking would work for you, sign yourself up for a month and see how things go. Chances are that you, like the majority of others, will love it and will immediately see how advantageous this working model can be!

Want to check out Circle Hub’s hot desking facilities for yourself? Click here to book a tour today!

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