Unlocking Productivity: How Coworking Spaces Are Revolutionizing the Workplace

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Whether you’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or a 9-5 employee, it goes without saying that being as productive as possible is always going to be beneficial. In fact, many companies have been known to spend huge amounts of money on various productivity boosters – not only do these benefit their workers but they also spell good news for a company’s bottom line. Productive employees are always more cost-effective!

This focus on increasing productivity is partly why coworking spaces have become so popular lately. They’re designed to cultivate productivity in multiple ways, making them beneficial to just about everyone. 

Today, Circle Hub is going to explore exactly how coworking spaces have been revolutionizing the workplace by encouraging their members to be their most productive selves.

What Are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces provide office-like environments for their members to use. However, unlike a traditional office, which is usually only used by employees from a single company, coworking spaces attract people from all walks of life. Working at a coworking space means that you’ll be rubbing shoulders with workers from all industries rather than seeing the same faces every day. 

These shared workspaces usually come with a monthly membership fee that gives you access to a variety of different areas in which you can work, along with access to a wide range of amenities. 

How Do Coworking Spaces Boost Productivity?

There are a number of different benefits that come from working at a coworking space, with one of the biggest being the boost in productivity that the majority of members experience. 

How are coworking spaces able to improve productivity to such an extent? Let’s take a closer look…

An Inspiring and Motivating Ambience

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Traditional office spaces can often feel stuffy and stagnant. Enclosed cubicles can be quite restrictive, and the lack of motivation that’s often felt by many employees can quickly spread throughout an office.

However, start working at a coworking space and you’ll notice a difference in the overall vibe straight away. It will be buzzing with creativity, with everyone around you working productively. Even if you happen to be feeling unmotivated, submerging yourself in a coworking environment will soon change this – it won’t be long before you start feeling more inspired by the other people around you. In turn, this will help to make you more productive when it comes to your own work.

The Choice of Different Working Environments

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While working at a row of desks may be the norm, not everyone thrives in this environment. Sure, for some people and for certain tasks, this may be the most beneficial type of workplace. However, others prefer kicking back in a more relaxing atmosphere, while some do better when they have complete privacy. 

This is where coworking spaces really shine. Most coworking spaces, including Circle Hub, will offer a variety of different working environments for members to choose from. In addition to our more traditional desks and chairs, you can also choose to lounge on a sofa, sprawl out on a beanbag, perch on a high stool, plus so much more.

Coworking spaces aren’t all about shared environments either. At Circle Hub, we completely understand the need for privacy when working on a confidential project, or simply because you have a deadline looming and need to fully concentrate. That’s why we also offer private offices that you can hire by the hour. Go for a small office with a single desk or pick one that can accommodate a few people if you have a team that you need to work with – the choice is all yours!

The beauty of a coworking space is that it gives you access to all of these workspaces. You don’t have to pick just one. Instead, you could spend Monday working at a communal desk, Tuesday in a private office, and so on. You’ll be able to pick and choose your working environment based on the actual work that you’re doing, as well as the mood that you’re in. This alone will help to improve how productive you are since you’ll always be able to work in an environment that’s totally conducive to your needs.

Social Connections

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Humans are social creatures. Sure, you may get a fair amount of work done when sitting alone in an office, but you’re likely to feel much more productive if you have the opportunity to regularly make social connections. 

At a coworking space, this is easy. Work in a communal area and you’ll be surrounded by a diverse array of people. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you and not only will this new connection help you to feel more motivated, but it could also lead to new business opportunities. 

At Circle Hub, we further encourage social and business connections between our members by hosting regular networking events. These are informal events, from yoga sessions to complimentary breakfasts, that allow people to get together and expand their network. Unlike traditional team-building sessions, where people are forced to attend, these are completely optional, with no long-term commitments required. Simply turn up when you have the time – you never know who you’ll end up meeting!

The Ability to Set Your Own Hours

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While some people may enjoy the 9-5 grind, the majority of people tend to find this schedule quite restricting. It can feel even more frustrating when your job doesn’t require you to interact with others, yet company policies and building regulations mean that you still have to adhere to the same routine every day. 

Unfortunately, these restrictions can really affect productivity, which is another way in which coworking spaces are turning things around. At Circle Hub, our members enjoy 24/7 access to our workspaces, enabling them to set their own hours. This allows our members to work during the hours in which they’re most productive, which can also help to improve their work-life balance.

An Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Speaking of work-life balance…

This is something that so many people struggle with today. As a result, it affects their performance, and therefore their productivity. 

Coworking spaces change this. Not only can you set your own schedule to ensure that you’re making enough time for yourself, but many coworking spaces provide facilities that encourage you to focus on yourself during each work day. 

For example, at Circle Hub, we have an on-site fitness center. This makes it so easy to squeeze a workout into your day. With research showing that regular exercise is able to increase productivity, the convenience of our gym is something that many of our members love!

We also have an on-site gaming room. If you need to de-stress but aren’t in the mood for a workout, simply spend some time lost in your favorite game and you’ll soon find that your mind feels refreshed.

Access to Technology

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Technology can be expensive and, for many small businesses, a fully equipped office is a big investment. However, in order to remain productive, you need to keep up with the times – a slow bandwidth or smudged printouts isn’t going to cut it. 

These are things that you won’t need to concern yourself with at a coworking space like Circle Hub. From high-speed WiFi to state-of-the-art printing facilities, you’ll have access to all of this, at no extra cost. Fewer bills are always a bonus, and being able to depend on our technology will allow you to be at your most productive.


Studies have found that the higher the level of cleanliness in an office, the more productive an employee will be. However, when left to their own devices, many still find themselves working in clutter. This can really take a mental toll over time.

You wouldn’t have to worry about this at a coworking space. General rules are that you leave the space as you found it, meaning that you won’t be able to get complacent about clearing away your empty coffee cups after a long day. Keeping your workplace tidy will soon become a habit. And it will be one that will help to boost your productivity well into the future.

Even better, at Circle Hub, we have a professional cleaning crew that regularly keeps our workspaces spotless. You’ll find it so easy to be productive when surrounded by a clean and fresh environment!


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Let’s face it – if you’ve spent an hour stuck in traffic followed by another 30 minutes of driving around in circles trying to find a parking space, you’re unlikely to be productive for a while after that. All of that frustration and mental stress can be extremely impactful – it could take hours before your productivity starts to climb again, only to then be shot down when you have to repeat the same journey to get home.

The convenience offered by coworking spaces has helped to change this for so many people. Rather than being limited to a single physical office, people can choose from the growing number of coworking spaces located all around the world. Gone are the days of the long commute since you can instead pick a coworking space that’s easy and convenient to get to.

Circle Hub offers two locations for members to choose from. The first can be found in Northridge, California. It’s in the heart of the valley, meaning easy access to multiple freeways. Whether you plan on driving or taking public transport, this location makes that easy. 

You’ll also find a Circle Hub in Ventura, California. Again, this location offers easy freeway access, and it also happens to be a mere ten minutes from the beach! Even better, there’s plenty of available parking directly in front of the building, making your commute much less frustrating!


If you’ve been looking into ways in which you can increase your productivity, coworking spaces are definitely worth considering. Sure, they may not be for everyone, but the majority of those who have worked at one quickly become hooked. Not only does their productivity improve, but the sense of community and the inspiring ambiance tend to bring out the best ideas. Find a coworking space that encourages all of this and you’ll soon truly be working to your full potential.

Interested in the coworking spaces offered by Circle Hub? Click here to book a tour and find out more!

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