The Benefits of Flexibility: How Coworking Spaces Are Adapting to New Workstyles

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The Covid-19 pandemic caused a huge shift in the way in which people work. The majority of people were forced to work from home, and while this undeniably came with a few hiccups at first, it wasn’t long before employees realized how beneficial this could be. The flexibility that it offered brought about so many perks, leading to an increase in both productivity and job satisfaction.

As a result, it was hardly surprising that so many people weren’t keen on bouncing back to traditional workspaces once the pandemic started to decline. More and more people started seeking out jobs that allowed them to work remotely. In turn, more companies started to offer this option too. It was a must if they wanted to retain their employees and attract top talent.

However, working from home came with some downsides, such as the lack of social interaction. It wasn’t such a big deal in the short term but, over time, people started to feel isolated. They now craved a workstyle that combined the flexibility of working from home with the camaraderie and the buzzing professional environment of a dynamic workplace, and this is when coworking spaces really came into the spotlight. 

Today, Circle Hub will be exploring how, thanks to the way in which they offer the utmost in flexibility, coworking spaces have adapted to the new normal.

A Variety of Workspaces

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One of the biggest advantages of working remotely is the flexibility that you have when choosing a workspace and creating a conducive working environment. Coworking spaces have adapted to this by providing their members with a range of different workspaces to choose from.

At Circle Hub, we have a variety of environments that our members can choose to work in. From a regular desk with a comfortable chair to a plush sofa to sprawling beanbags, our members are free to work in an area where they feel most productive in. Whether they want a cozy corner or a bright, window view, Circle Hub offers this flexibility. 

Not only that, but working at a coworking space means that people can change their working environment whenever they need to. Rather than being stuck staring at the same view each day, they can mix things up a bit. This can often feel so refreshing, enabling a person to work in a more productive manner.

Aesthetics Matter

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People value aesthetics. It’s something that matters more than many realize. An aesthetically pleasing space helps those within it to feel good. This then translates to a boost in productivity, along with an improvement in work quality. Having a workspace that’s pleasing to the eye really helps people to focus. 

Again, this is something that coworking spaces offer. Sure, everyone has different tastes, but clean and bright spaces tend to have a wide appeal. This is why many coworking spaces, including Circle Hub, are decked out to offer exactly that.

In fact, at Circle Hub, we take things a little further. Research shows that having greenery and plants in a working environment can increase productivity by up to 15%. This is why lush foliage is a big part of our decor. Coupled with all of the natural lighting that floods all of our workspaces, it’s easy to see how the new generation of workers would be attracted to this environment.

The Ability to Remain Professional

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There’s no denying that working from home offers maximum flexibility. However, there’s also no avoiding the fact that it detracts from a person’s professional stature. A business that’s run from a professional address will always seem more credible than one that operates from someone’s home.

In this sense, coworking spaces offer the best of both worlds. People can work from home whenever they wish, but they also have a coworking space available for whenever they need a more professional touch. One example would be client meetings. While these could be hosted in cafes or restaurants, the calm and focused environment of a coworking space would be much more suitable. 

Many coworking spaces, including Circle Hub, also have meeting rooms available to rent by the hour. They’re ideal for when people need some extra privacy, or for when they need to impress a client!

Our virtual office service is something else that will help to give a business a credibility boost. This service enables a person or business to use our street address as their professional mailing address. This gives clients or customers a much better impression of a business. It’s also safer too as, this way, a person’s home address won’t be made available to the public.

Setting Working Hours

It goes without saying that one of the biggest benefits of working remotely is flexibility in terms of working hours. Of course, some companies still require their employees to be available within certain time frames but, for the most part, people are free to pick and choose when they work.

This is something that traditional office spaces struggle to offer. Whether due to staffing issues or building regulations, employees aren’t usually able to come and go as they please. This made working from home feel even more refreshing. Night owls could work until the early hours before sleeping until midday, while early birds could get started at the crack of dawn.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to working hours, and this is something else that many coworking spaces have adapted to. At Circle Hub, we offer 24/7 access. Our members can turn up at any hour of the day and get to work. This gives them the flexibility to structure their working day in any way they like.

A Vibrant Community Atmosphere

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As mentioned earlier, social interaction was something that so many people started to miss after working from home for a while. Humans are social creatures – we need to feel connected to others. It’s not just mental health that suffers when a person feels isolated – research shows that loneliness also increases the risk of suffering from a heart attack or a stroke. 

Coworking spaces offer the best of both worlds. They give people the flexibility to socialize and meet new people, but they also offer peace and privacy when someone needs to knuckle down and get to work.

Many coworking spaces are designed to encourage socializing and networking. At Circle Hub, we have a vibrant break room and kitchen area where people can quickly strike up a conversation with someone new. Not only does this help to give people the sense of connection that they need, but it could also lead to exciting new business opportunities.

In fact, we take things a step further by also hosting networking events. As opposed to many traditional networking sessions, these aren’t formal suit-and-tie events. Instead, they’re relaxed and casual. Free breakfasts, yoga sessions, juice bars…members can pick whichever events appeal to them the most and then get chatting to like-minded individuals.

Resources for Well-Being

These days, people expect more than just office amenities from their workspace. Due to the longer hours that people are now working, coupled with how so many are constantly connected, people are attracted to workspaces that help them improve their work-life balance.

This is an area in which coworking spaces really shine. Take Circle Hub, for example. Our on-site gym is perfect for when people need to release some stress and squeeze some exercise into their busy schedules. Working out is a great way to boost emotional well-being, which is why we’ve made it a priority to help with this.

For people who prefer to relax in non-strenuous ways, we also offer a games room. This is something that would have been unthinkable in a traditional office space, but it has proven to be extremely popular with our members. They’re able to grab complimentary refreshments from our kitchen and then kick back with a video game for a while. It’s the perfect way to take a break and unwind!

Access to Office Amenities

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One of the downsides to working from home is the lack of available amenities. This is something that a traditional office space would always provide. However, when people work from home, they need to fork out for these amenities themselves. Be it high-speed WiFi or a high-quality printer, these things can be expensive. They also often come with maintenance costs.

However, when a person works from a coworking space, they have the flexibility to use these amenities whenever they need to. They can still work from home, yet it’s easy to pop into their coworking space if they need to print something out or need a super stable internet connection for an important video meeting. 

The Lack of a Commute

Nobody enjoys a long commute through rush hour traffic. In fact, this can really mess with a person’s mindset, leaving them feeling frustrated and stressed out before their day has even begun. Working from home does away with this completely, allowing people to simply roll out of bed and get to work (or even work from bed!). 

While a commute of some sort is still needed in order to work from a coworking space, people have the flexibility to choose exactly how long their commute is going to be. Rather than having to attend one physical office, they can pick and choose from all of the different coworking spaces out there. They’ll be able to opt for one that’s nearby and convenient to get to. Some coworking spaces, such as Circle Hub, even have multiple locations so that people can travel the state and still have somewhere to work.

Are Coworking Spaces the Way Forward?

Due to how coworking spaces have responded so well to the need for new workstyles, they’re definitely the way forward for individuals and businesses alike. In fact, even many Fortune 500 companies are choosing to make use of coworking spaces. This shows just how broad their appeal has gotten. 

This is largely down to the flexibility that a coworking space can offer. It combines the benefits of working from a traditional office space with the advantages of working from home, bringing together the best of both worlds. So long as coworking spaces continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their members, their popularity will only continue to increase.

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