How to Choose the Perfect Meeting Space for Your Business

Meeting room

No man is an island. Any working professional knows that. Whether you’re a newly hired intern working on challenging projects or a C-level managing a business from the top of the food chain, you know that you’re only as good as the team you’ve got behind you.

And to get work done properly, smoothly, and at top-notch quality, a team has to sit down, share ideas, and build a project from the bottom up.

But good collaboration and some social skills aren’t going to cut it. You also must be practical when thinking about how your team can meet up and be the most productive you can be together. The first box you need to tick off? Finding the perfect meeting spaces for you and your team.

Not sure how to look for the best meeting spaces? Here’s Circle Hub’s checklist of the things you need to keep an eye out for when looking for the perfect workspace for you and your team.

Why Meeting Spaces are Non-Negotiable for Any Business

Meeting room

Having brilliant minds work together and collaborate is crucial to the success of any company. Without teamwork, projects can turn out embarrassingly messy and sub-par.

Teams are more successful when they are open with each other and share ideas. People get to voice out their ideas and use those of others as a springboard to create bigger, more creative, and more collaborative ones, leading to smoother-sailing projects and deliverables. That’s why having regular team meetings is a must if you want your business projects to fly.

Studies also show that having team meetings is pertinent if you want your employees’ relationships with each other (and with you) to flourish. If you want to keep the workplace happy for your team, you need to ensure they have meaningful, productive work-related interactions with each other.

But to reap all the benefits of productive team meetings and brainstorming sessions, you need meeting spaces that are conducive to working as a team.

You can’t just do it at a café or Zoom call every time. Sometimes, it’s best to be physically together in the same place. This allows teams to work efficiently and come up with the best output possible.

What Kinds of Co-working Spaces are Best for Groups?

There are tons of modern and creative workspaces that are great for groups. There are hot spots if you and your work friends want to work in a dynamic, flexible area, or even private office suites so people can sit side by side as they do individual work in a more exclusive space.

However, sometimes, what a team really needs is a place where they can buckle down and work as one. Conference rooms at coworking spaces like Circle Hub are perfect for that. They can hold small and big groups for training sessions, presentations, and casual brainstorming meetings, plus offer you tons of other perks and amenities.

But what are the things you have to double-check before booking meeting spaces for your hardworking team? Here are the factors you must consider if you want to find the perfect one.

It Should Provide Privacy to Allow Everyone to Freely Share Their Ideas

Meeting spaces for business

Perhaps the most important of the many benefits meeting spaces provide is that they give you and your group some privacy. Imagine talking about a top-secret project out in the open in a communal hot spot, where other people around you can hear every word that comes out of your mouth. That’s a risk no business head should take!

Aside from keeping work details confidential, it’s also important to have an exclusive space for your team to ensure there are no distractions that can hinder productivity.

Circle Hub’s conference rooms are glass-enclosed and give you the utmost level of privacy. That way, you can talk freely among your teammates without worrying about anyone hearing you.

You’ll be more confident speaking out loud instead of in hushed tones, like you would if there were strangers around. Think of it as having your own private workspace for the team, just within a shared coworking space.

It Must Have All the Technology Needed for a Smooth Meeting

The perfect meeting spaces should always come with all the technology you need to ensure that your team meeting or presentation will flow smoothly.

First and foremost, make sure that your meeting space has high-speed WiFi. Slow, choppy internet is the bane of any professional’s existence. Without steady, reliable, and fast internet, you won’t be able to do good research or send files to your teammates efficiently. This can cause delays in your team project.

Luckily, Circle Hub offers high-speed internet across all its workspaces. That means you and your team never have to worry about screwing up when hopping on an important video presentation or having trouble uploading important files on the cloud for the rest of the team.

Other technologies you should look for when on the hunt for meeting spaces include sockets to plug in and charge everyone’s devices, perhaps a flat-screen TV for calls and presentations, and maybe even a whiteboard for brainstorming sessions.

These equipment and tools seem basic, sure. But don’t take them for granted. They will all contribute to your collaboration and professional productivity as a group. Fortunately, the Circle Hub conference rooms provide all of them and more.

It Needs to be Big and Spacious Enough to Fit the Whole Team

Team meeting

Another thing you should always consider when checking out meeting spaces is how big the space actually is. Think about the number of people in your team, and whether or not the meeting area can hold all of you without making the room feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

Imagine a group of 10 people working in a meeting room meant for about four or five people. It’s going to be incredibly awkward! There will be no space to move around or maybe even sit down for half of the group. The lack of personal space might even lead to people not performing at their best, which can bring the whole team down.

Another reason meeting spaces should be spacious is so that they can be conducive to presentations to potential clients and partners. A tiny, stuffy room might make a bad impression when meeting clients for the first time. Make sure the area is roomy and sizeable to fit everyone attending the meeting. 

This is something we think is very important to us at Circle Hub. That’s why we’ve designed our conference rooms to fit teams of anywhere between 4-12 people. Whether you’re working with a lean team or presenting to a big board of clients, we’ve got meeting spaces for you.

It’s a Big Plus If You Get Access to Productivity-Boosting Amenities

Coworking spaces are getting more and more popular, not just because of the awesome services and spaces they provide, but for the plethora of amenities you can find in the space. So, if you’re looking for meeting spaces for the team in a coworking space, look for amenities the team can use to boost productivity.

At Circle Hub, we make sure to provide top-notch amenities that can help make working easier for you but also allow you to have fun in between your work tasks and meetings!

To help make your workday smoother, we have on-site printing services, in case you need hard copies of your documents pronto. We also have an event space if your team is working on an on-ground activation, and a video production space if you need it for content creation.

But our amenities aren’t limited to work-related concerns. When you work in one of our meeting rooms, you’ll also have access to complimentary refreshments and our break room if you need to wind down for a few minutes in the middle of a productive meeting.

We even have a fitness center at the Ventura location, which is great if anyone in your team de-stresses by working out after long meetings.

It Should Have 24/7 Access in Case the Team Needs to Stay Late

Meeting at night

If you want the highest level of flexibility when it comes to your meeting spaces, you’ll want to find a place that offers 24/7 access.

Being able to stay at the meeting place later than usual is helpful for those long nights when the team would rather stay late to finish everything instead of calling it a night and working more hours the next day.

Having 24/7 access to the meeting space is also important if you and your team want more control of when the workday starts and ends.

This is a huge benefit for people on a tea that don’t have the exact same daily schedule. For example, if some people have day jobs and you’re working together on a project only as a side hustle, you might find that late-night access to your meeting space is incredibly crucial. That way, you can all meet up and work in the evening, when everyone gets off their 9-to-5.

It Needs to be Easy to Book an Assured Time Slot for the Space

The worst thing you can do is call up your team and set a time and place for a meeting, only to find out when everyone’s there that there’s no available meeting room for you to work in. When selecting a meeting space, make sure it’s somewhere you can be given a sure timeslot to have the place all to yourselves.

We understand that this is a huge concern for busy teams who have deadlines to meet, which is why Circle Hub follows an office hoteling system. Office hoteling is a system wherein people book or reserve a workspace they’re eyeing in advance. It makes it more efficient and organized for everyone.

That way, you don’t have to wing it and cross your fingers that there’s a free room for you and your team when you get to the coworking space. All you have to do is call us up and ask our onsite community manager to reserve the room you want at the time you’ll be ready to use it. Easy peasy!

Being able to assure your timeslot at the meeting room of your choice prevents anyone on your team from getting hot desking anxiety, since you’ll already be assured of a private place to work as a team before you even come in.

The Location Has to be Appealing and Convenient for Everyone


Last but not least, you need to make sure that your meeting spaces are somewhere that’s convenient for the entire team.

Choose a location that is accessible to most, if not all, of the people in your group, whether it’s via car or subway. Preferably, it should be in the city everyone resides in so that the commute to the meeting space isn’t that much of a hassle.

Circle Hub’s two locations are both in the heart of California, specifically the Los Angeles area. The Northridge location is minutes away from the 118, 405, and 101 freeways, so it’s easy to drive to. The Ventura location, on the other hand, is immediately off the 101, making it even easier to reach.

You also want to be sure that your meeting space has available parking for those who are bringing a car. At Circle Hub, this will won’t be an issue. We have loads of parking slots that anyone can use in either of our locations, from street parking to reserved spaces right by the door.


We know, we know — this seems like quite the long checklist just to find the perfect meeting spaces for you and your team.

Luckily, the conference rooms at Circle Hub tick all of these boxes. They give you privacy, allow you access to cool amenities and technology, and are conveniently located for the whole team. They’re even available for you to stay in at odd hours, thanks to the workspace’s 24/7 access.

Need help looking for the perfect meeting spaces for your team? Inquire now so we can help you find a conference room that will suit your needs to get a productive flow going with your best people.

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