The Importance of Location: How to Choose the Right Coworking Space

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From available amenities to the various types of workspaces on offer, there are so many different factors to consider when choosing a coworking space.

While that may be the case, many would agree that what matters most is the location of that space. Why? Read on as Circle Hub explains the importance of location when you’re on the hunt for a coworking space.

Accessibility is Key

First and foremost, your coworking space needs to be easily accessible. One of the biggest benefits that come from coworking is the freedom that it gives you in terms of time management. However, if you end up having to spend hours commuting to and from your coworking space, then you’ll end up wasting so much precious time. And, as you know, time is money!

Ideally, you should be looking for a coworking space no more than 30 minutes away from your home. The less you have to travel, the better.

If you happen to reside in/near Ventura or Northridge in California, then it’s worth checking out Circle Hub’s locations. 

Our Northridge location can be found on Nordhoff Street. It’s easily accessible from the 118, 101, and 405 freeways, making it ideal for people who live in the surrounding areas too. Our Ventura location, which can be found on Eastman Avenue, also offers great accessibility to the 101 freeway.

Of course, if you aren’t planning on driving or walking to work, then you’ll need to consider accessibility by public transport. Again, both of Circle Hub’s locations make this easy.

It’s also worth considering how accessible your coworking space is to your clients or team members. You don’t want to end up picking a space that works well for you, only for the rest of your team to have to suffer through a long commute in order to attend weekly meetings. This is why a central location tends to be the best way to go when choosing a coworking space.

Convenience Matters Too

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A location that’s easily accessible isn’t the only consideration when choosing a coworking space. That same location also needs to offer convenience, and there are a few different ways in which it can do so.

Firstly, parking. There’s no point picking a coworking space that’s just a short drive from your house if you then have to spend half an hour driving around in circles trying to find somewhere to park your car. That’s why Circle Hub’s Ventura location offers plenty of parking directly in front of the building. You won’t ever have to worry about not finding a parking spot! 

Parking at our Northridge location is convenient too. There’s some on-site parking that’s reserved for people who are renting an office space, along with numerous street parking options nearby. 

In addition to parking spaces, you should also consider convenience in terms of nearby amenities. For example, is your coworking space located near a cafe that you like? Sure, at Circle Hub, we offer complimentary refreshments, which will save you from having to spend extra money on your daily caffeine fix. However, not all coworking spaces provide this. In these cases, nearby cafes, restaurants, or shops will undoubtedly turn out to be extremely useful.

The Location Will Influence a Space’s Overall Vibe and Connections

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Location can strongly influence the overall vibe of a coworking space. Although the clientele at most coworking spaces is relatively diverse, the location will, in some way, dictate this.

For example, if you pick a coworking space that’s situated in the heart of a financial district, then chances are that most of the people that use that space will be connected to the finance industry in some way. Likewise, pick a coworking space in an artsy area and you’ll most likely be rubbing shoulders with creative types.

For some people, this might not matter. After all, you’re only using that coworking space to work rather than socialize, right? 

This is true in a way. However, another benefit that coworking offers is the chance to widen your network. Most coworking spaces are set up to encourage networking. In fact, statistics show that 92% of people who use a coworking space end up significantly expanding their professional network. This is always going to be a good thing for your business. This makes it well worth picking a coworking space in a location that’s going to attract like-minded people.

A Good Location Will Boost Your Brand’s Credibility

If you’re a freelancer that works on your own, then accessibility and convenience are the two main factors to keep in mind when searching for a coworking space. The actual address of the location itself won’t matter too much, so long as it works for you.

However, if you plan on using your coworking space to host meetings or conferences, then physical location is key. Picking a coworking space that occupies a dark and dingy basement in a rundown area isn’t going to help your business to shine when clients arrive for a meeting. Instead, you want an address that exudes professionalism and credibility, which is exactly what you’ll be able to enjoy at both of Circle Hub’s locations.

If a coworking space also offers a virtual office service that you’re hoping to take advantage of, then this is another way in which the address really matters. At Circle Hub, our virtual office package enables you to use our mailing address for all of your business correspondences. You’ll be able to put our address on your business cards, your website, your marketing material, and anything else related to your business. Our upmarket Californian locations will help to give your business a credibility boost.

The Right Location Can Speed Up Business Operations

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Does your business deal with physical goods? If so, it might be worth considering a coworking space that also offers warehouse access. To be fair, this is a relatively new concept. Circle Hub Northridge was one of the first coworking spaces to offer this facility, and it’s one that has been extremely popular.

With no long-term contracts or minimum requirements, our warehouse space is ideal for small businesses. You’ll be granted 24/7 access, along with the use of an on-site forklift and a professional packing table.

This can really help to speed up business operations. Rather than having to waste time going back and forth between your coworking space and the warehouse in which you’ve stored your goods, you’ll be able to do both at the same location. Having everything in one place makes life so much more convenient while also, once again, giving your business a more professional vibe.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

So, now that you understand the importance of location, let’s take a look at some of the other factors that you should be considering when searching for a coworking space:

A Variety of Workspaces

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Some coworking spaces only provide desks in communal areas, whereas others, like Circle Hub, give you a few different options when it comes to where you work.

If a desk in a communal space is all you need, then our Hot Spots would be perfect for you. Here, you can simply turn up whenever you want, pick a desk, and get to work. Once you’re done, simply tidy up and then leave.

On the other hand, if you would like to ensure that your favorite seat is ready and waiting for you to arrive, then you could use our Designated Desk service. With this, you book your desk in advance for whenever you need it. 

What happens when you need a little privacy? That’s where our private office spaces come in. These vary in size, so you could pick a small one just for yourself or go with something larger if you need to accommodate a team of people.

Available Amenities

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We’ve already mentioned how members are able to enjoy free refreshments at Circle Hub. As important as this is, there are other amenities to look out for as well.

Firstly, you need good WiFi. A stable connection is an absolute must in this day and age, and Circle Hub guarantees this. We also offer printing services to save you from having to go elsewhere to print any important documents.

For many, one of the biggest advantages of coworking is establishing a better work/life balance. Circle Hub makes this even easier with an on-site fitness center, as well as a gaming room. Whether you need to de-stress midday or want to kick back and relax for a while before heading home after work, these amenities have been very well received and appreciated by our members!

24/7 Access

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If you’re planning on working 9-5, then 24/7 access won’t matter so much to you. However, for everyone else, this can be a really beneficial feature of a coworking space.

Some people do their best work first thing in the morning. Others are night owls and prefer to work once the sun goes down. Whichever category you fall into, a coworking space with 24/7 access, like Circle Hub, will enable you to do exactly that.

This can also be a bonus if you work with clients that live overseas. Different time zones can mean that video meetings and phone conferences take place out of hours for you. However, if you have 24/7 access to your coworking space, then this won’t matter quite so much since you’ll always have somewhere quiet and professional to take any late-night or early-morning calls.

Conference Rooms

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We’ve already spoken about how our private offices are great for team meetings. However, if you’re planning on hosting a larger meeting, then you’ll need a coworking space that also has conference rooms, like Circle Hub.

Our conference rooms are bright and spacious. With glass-enclosed walls, they offer the utmost privacy while still looking sleek and professional. You can rent them by the hour too, meaning that a quick meeting won’t end up costing you too much.


As you can see, location is key when choosing a coworking space to work at. While there are plenty of other important factors to consider too, making sure that you pick a location that works for you and your business should always be a priority.

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