How to Find the Perfect Workspace

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It’s fun working remotely. You don’t have to brave 7AM traffic to go into a stuffy office each day, or stress about clocking in too late because of it. You get the freedom you want to choose where you want to work — whether it’s at a cute little café, a quiet spot in the park, or just in your bedroom.

But selecting a workspace isn’t all about what’s cheap, or convenient, or near your home. If you choose one based on those alone, you likely won’t find the best workspace for yourself.

Avoid mistakes in selecting the perfect workplace by keeping your working styles in mind. Think about what type of community you work best with or whether you gravitate toward a constant or ever-changing kind of space. While one workspace will be excellent for a certain type of person, it may not be for you based on your personality and way of working.

Asking yourself, “How do I find my workspace”? We’ve got you. Here are the questions you need to be asking yourself to find the best work area for yourself to boost your productivity, motivation, and overall happiness at work.

Where You Work Affects How You Work

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Productivity is not all skill and concentration habits. Your work environment also has a huge impact on how much you do during your 8 hours of work a day, and how high-quality your final output is.

Studies have shown that even the smallest things about a workspace can affect employee happiness and productivity, like the temperature, lighting, and even noise in an office area.

How easy it is to communicate with others also plays a role in how well you do your tasks throughout the day. And a lot of that is dictated by the floor plan of your workspace — yet another thing to consider when you ask the question “How do I find my workspace”?

But finding the perfect workspace isn’t all about functionality. It needs to be enjoyable for you specifically as well. You need to find comfort and peace as you spend your entire day in that space, but also the energy it takes to put out all your work as efficiently as possible.

If you don’t enjoy your work area, your productivity levels may suffer. So, when posed with the question “How do I find my workspace?” always keep in mind that it must be exciting and stimulating — a place with fun amenities that makes you happy and inspires you to be creative and social.

When you’re stuck with the problem of “How do I find my workspace?”, you must ask yourself six important questions. Answering these can help ease the stress of workspace-hunting for any remote worker looking for that perfect productivity nook:

1. Are You Looking for Ways to Cut Down on Costs?

Many people don’t realize it, but working remotely can mean tons of extra expenses, especially if you make an active effort to work outside your home.

For some people, it means looking for a café they can camp out at to work all day long, and then spending big bucks every hour or two to buy overpriced food and coffee just to keep your table.

It could also mean jumping from workspace to workspace to find a place with stable WiFi and office equipment nearby, like an establishment with a nearby printing shop.

If you’re trying to cut down on costs from gas, food, and office utilities as you work remotely, you might find it within good reason to run your business from a coworking space instead.

Doing work at a coworking space has plenty of benefits, like drawing a line between home and work life and avoiding the rigidity of a traditional corporate office. However, its biggest pull is that you can save lots of money working there.

When you get your work done at Circle Hub, you don’t have to pay extra to rent out a workspace for the long term, or spend way too much on food and coffee just to stay there. We offer a space where you can work for the short term for an affordable price, and the best part is you can stay as long as you want.

Plus, the amenities at Circle Hub locations help cut down on your costs for food and office tasks too. There’s a kitchen where you can get refreshments at any time. You also get access to fast, stable WiFi, printing services, and other office-related utilities, at no extra cost.

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2. Do You Work Better Alone or with Others Around You?

Everyone falls within the spectrum of introversion and extroversion. You’re either someone who is more productive and creative when left alone, or one who thrives and springs into action in the company of teammates.

It’s important to know which one you’re more like when attempting to answer the question, “How do I find my workspace?”. You have to consider what kind of work set-up is better for you to be at your best — one where you can cherish alone time, or one where you can brainstorm and communicate with others as you get your tasks done?

If you love working among people, you might enjoy Circle Hub’s hot spots. Just book a slot in our hot spot for a day, and you can work in any of the shared, communal spaces with the rest of the coworking community of freelancers and remote workers.

Working in an environment with people around is great for extroverts because you can bounce ideas around with like-minded people.

Now let’s move on to introverts. While some love being around people, others get their best work done when they’re alone. After all, being alone helps boost concentration and attention. This allows you to be more efficient and competent when working on tedious tasks without the distraction from others.

Being alone also helps immensely with letting your creative juices flow. While working with a group, you might feel a little pressured to make your ideas fit the mold of what others want to hear. When you’re alone, you’re free to make all those decisions yourself.

If you’re an introvert asking, “How do I find my workspace in Circle Hub?”, the answer is simple: designated desks. By booking a designated desk, you can claim a space that’s all yours and no one else’s. Fewer distractions, more work done.

Desks at Circle Hub

3. Do You Prefer a Work Area that is Constant or Dynamic?

You can also choose between designated desks and hot spots depending on whether you prefer a workspace that is constant or dynamic.

If you like organizing a space that’s truly yours, or if you appreciate a bit of routine and structure in your work life, a designated desk is really for you. While this service is designed for the short term, you can reserve your space for as many days or weeks as you please.

But let’s face it. For some people, working at the same desk every day of the week can get a little boring and Groundhog Day-ish. It’s more exciting to see a change in scenery from time to time as you work. This is when you know hot spots are the perfect Circle Hub workspace service for you.

Aside from being around more people, hot desking means you can move around more freely. For example, you could be working at a table with a beautiful painting in front of you one day, and then in front of a glass window overlooking nature and greenery the next, depending on where you sit.

This is terrific for those with issues with focusing on work when they feel bored of monotony. With a new workstation every couple of days, your mundane tasks can seem exciting again, thereby boosting your productivity levels and will to work.

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4. How Important is Work-Life Balance for You?

When asking yourself, “How do I find my workspace?”, you should also consider how it can help you with work-life balance. At Circle Hub, you can get the functionality of a workspace that fits your preference and work style, plus access to amenities that can reduce stress and burnout.

Circle Hub boasts an extensive fitness center that can boost not just your health, but your professional success too. This is great for fitness lovers who want to squeeze in a sweat between work hours.

Studies also show that you can get more done in the day when you take some time to work out. So, it’s excellent for raising productivity levels if you’re in a slump. It combats stress and fatigue, allowing you to do more when you come back in to finish your tasks.

Circle Hub also has a gaming room, where you can take breaks and have a little competitive fun with the rest of the coworking community. Playing games activates the brain when it’s sleepy or groggy, so coming into the game room is great for breaks.

It’s an excellent source of stress relief, and it’s a lot of fun too! So although a gaming room isn’t essential in the perfect workspace per se, it’s nice to have for maintaining work-life balance. So, make it a key consideration when choosing a workplace.


5. Is Your Line of Work in Content Creation?

Now that social media is a huge part of every company’s marketing plan, there are more and more content creators out there. Aside from a lot of creativity and thorough planning, there’s one key element any content creator needs — a nice production area for their everyday photo and video shoots.

At Circle Hub Ventura, we have video production spaces to help you get that perfect shot for your website or TikTok account. The furnished, 1-500 square-foot space is curated to look sleek and Instagrammable to maximize your creative flow as you shoot content for your brand. The place also has lots of natural lighting — perfect for shooting.

There are also larger studio spaces for the production of videos that need a larger team. It also comes in handy for small events like team-building activities and seminars.

6. Are You a City Person Who Thrives in the Hustle and Bustle of the Town?

The last question you should ask yourself when you’re looking for the perfect workspace is if you love the city. Choosing a workspace isn’t just about the building it’s in, the chairs and tables, or even the community you can vibe with when you’re there. It’s also about the location and how prime it is.

While many remote workers are fine setting up shop in the suburbs or love the relaxing vibe of the countryside, others thrive more when they’re in the city. Plus, there are way more job opportunities in urbanized areas, even if they’re more densely populated.

When you work in a prime location like Los Angeles, CA (where both Circle Hub’s Ventura and Northridge locations are found), you’ll be in close proximity to the hottest restaurants, shopping centers, galleries, and parks. It’s a huge plus for those who like to explore new places before, after, and even between work hours.

So, if the city streets and trendy shops and restos of sunny California excite you, Circle Hub might be the perfect location for you to work.


When you sit and ask yourself “How do I find my workspace?”, there are several questions you need to consider before you find the perfect one. You first need to think about the city and location you think you’ll work best in.

And then you go into the nitty-gritty — like what amenities will help you achieve work-life balance, and whether you like working around others or by yourself. Only then can you pinpoint the answer to “How do I find my workspace?”

No matter what working styles you have, or however you like to boost productivity between work hours, Circle Hub always has something for everyone. Sick of asking yourself, “How do I find my workspace?”

Book a tour with us so we can help you find the best one that will fit all your preferences across our locations!

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