How Does Circle Hub Boost Professional Productivity?

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Showing up to work each day doesn’t necessarily mean being a lean, mean working machine from 9 to 5. There are days when you feel slow and lethargic, like you’re in a slump. The work you do comes out half-baked. And it’s not because you’re lazy or don’t care — it’s just a general feeling of low productivity.

If you’re not feeling as productive as you should be at work, don’t beat yourself up so much. The problem might not be you at all, but the workspace you’ve chosen.

Maybe it’s time to rejuvenate your senses and get you pumped to work again by choosing an enjoyable workspace. Perhaps it’s high time you upgrade to doing your tasks at a coworking space, like Circle Hub.

Not sure exactly how a coworking space can help make you and your business work more efficiently? Allow us to tell you all the ways how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity.

Productivity is the Lifeline of Any Business

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Being productive doesn’t just mean getting a lot of work done in a short span of time. It means working efficiently and smartly to produce high-quality work without burning yourself out so much. The more productive you are, the faster you get stuff done without stressing yourself out.

High productivity benefits both you and the business you work for. It can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment by doing tasks at a nice pace while churning out high-quality output. It also gives you deeper engagement and involvement with the work you do.

And as a result, your small biz or company you work for reaps the benefits of success since you help them meet their goals.

Although professional productivity can be measured through one person’s work ethic, at the end of the day, it’s purpose is still to help a business succeed and do well. A business is nothing without productive workers keeping it afloat.

But many people mistake being highly productive for always being busy. What’s important to note is that glorifying being busy and burnt out all the time is a huge no-no for us.

Productivity is about being focused and having enough energy to tick off everything on your to-do list with flying colors within the given timelines. It’s about maximizing your time, not using up more of it. Plus, burnout does nothing but take a toll on your well-being and productivity levels.

One way to boost your professional productivity is to run your business at a coworking space. If you’re a freelancer or remote employee, it would also be excellent for you. Why? Here’s how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity.

1. A Workspace Outside of the Home Puts Your Brain into Work Mode

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Working from home has its perks. You don’t have to spend extra money on your commute to the office or force yourself to spend time with co-workers on days you’re feeling extra introverted. You can even work from the comfort of your bed!

But working from home can sometimes make you feel even lazier. Being around your kids and pets can also become a huge distraction, lowering productivity.

If you were to work in a coworking space instead, the delineation between your home and work life will be clearer. There’s a more professional feel in a coworking area. This puts your brain into work mode and getting you ready for your tasks. This is how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity.

Finding the right workspace is key when you’re at Circle Hub. Thankfully, there are plenty of options.

To lock in for a long day ahead, you can get a designated desk, aka a desk that’s all yours — no one else can sit here. Or if you thrive better working around other people and love when you’re surrounded by the bustling energy of other busy bees, you can catch a hot desk in any of the common areas.

2. Open All Day, So You Can Work When You’re Feeling Your Best

Being tied down to specific work hours can lower productivity for some. Night owls won’t be as productive as morning people when their shift at work starts at 8AM. Creative professionals, like writers and graphic designers, do their best work when they’re ready, not when they’re forced to.

Circle Hub is flexible and open for most of the day, so you can come in whenever you want. We may not be able to do anything about your work hours, but we’re ready any time to welcome you, whether you feel like coming in during the morning or the late evenings.

3. There’s High-Speed Internet for Zoom Calls and Emails

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In the past two decades, the internet has become an indispensable part of any business. It’s a non-negotiable at this point for anyone who wants to be productive at work.

Without reliable WiFi, it’s practically impossible to keep communication lines open between teammates. It’s needed to send emails, check calendar updates, and upload files on the company cloud.

And because more people are working from home, companies have become dependent on video meetings. Without the internet, leading these calls (or worse, presenting a deck to a client) is impossible. It’s also super embarrassing to have choppy internet when you’re trying to close a deal through a video meeting.

That’s why high-speed internet is one of our most important amenities. This is yet another way how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity. With the speedy WiFi at any of our locations, it’s faster and easier to get your tasks done.

4. Circle Hub Has Office Equipment and Services

But the internet isn’t the only technology you need to be more productive for work. Some jobs need other office supplies and services to get their tasks done. That’s why, at Circle Hub, we ensure that there are printing services available to help you get your work done fast.

Although some might think it’s outdated and unnecessary, a printing service is one of the most important amenities to look for in a coworking space and work area in general.

Some people need to print out their notes for an upcoming meeting, or a report that has to be sent physically to their boss at the end of the day. With a high-quality printing service, printing is easy-peasy and you can get back to work after getting your print-outs and reports.

Even if a printing service isn’t as important to some as, say, the internet, the lack of a well-oiled printer can slow down and hinder productivity for others.

5. You’ll Be Around Other Professionals for Collaborations

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At Circle Hub, it’s not just a workspace that you get. You’ll also be surrounded by many opportunities to network with others. Circle Hub isn’t just a place — it’s a coworking community, too. This opens up the possibility of partnering with these other professionals to further your projects.

Collaborations don’t just hone your social skills (something super useful for many fields), but they also make your projects and partnerships more substantial.

Imagine being a graphic designer working on an initiative that requires mind-blowing copy. No matter how beautiful your designs are, you might not make as big an impact as you would if you collaborated with, say, that awesome copywriter you met at one of the Circle Hub common areas.

If you were sitting at home or in an office, you might not be able to have these opportunities. While it doesn’t necessarily make you work faster, it improves the quality of your project. In short, how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity through a coworking community isn’t so much in the quantity of your output, but how substantial the final product is.

Working alongside people is also a huge deal to extroverts who are more motivated if they have a group to work with, even if they’re not working on the same thing. This boosts energy levels and makes you feel more invigorated and ready to work.

6. There are Meeting Rooms for Super Productive Team Discussions

Teamwork makes the dream work — everybody knows that. But working with other members of your company is difficult when you rely only on Zoom calls or even meetings at your local café. There’s too much room for distractions, unnecessary noise, and technical difficulties.

Working on your own is fine, but working as a team gets stuff done faster. You can rely on your teammates to veto or improve your ideas and use theirs as a springboard to create bigger, better ones. The result? Much more high-quality work.

It’s kind of the same as collaborating with other professionals. You and your teammates might have different skill sets, but when you put your skills together, you’ll be unstoppable. This is yet another way how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity.

To get your team project moving, Circle Hub has multiple conference rooms where you can hold your meetings as a team. These meeting rooms are super beneficial if you need a quiet, comfortable place to discuss your ideas.

The Circle Hub conference rooms are available for rent by the hour. These spacious, glass-enclosed rooms can hold anywhere from 4-12 people, so it’s comfy even for bigger teams. Each room comes with a flat-screen TV and a whiteboard to help you brainstorm and flash ideas on the screen.

There are multiple meeting rooms available in each of Circle Hub’s locations.

7. It’s an Aesthetically Pleasing Space That Makes You Feel Good

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Most people think that the issue of being more productive is an internal battle — something you have to convince yourself to do. But a lot of it actually has to do with your environment. There’s some evidence that shows how aesthetically appealing an office or work area is helps boost productivity.

Think about it. Who would have the energy to work if the office is cramped with huge desks, and when you look out the window all you can see are walls of concrete from the other miserable offices in your block.

Simple things to make the work area look and feel better help lighten up your mood at work, resulting in more productivity. Things as small as plants, picture frames, and sources of natural lighting help your well-being, making you more inspired to work.

When you like the physical space where you work, you get more things checked off your to-do list. This is yet another way how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity — with its beautiful, invigorating, Instgrammable interior setup.

The Circle Hub Northridge and Ventura locations have wide-open spaces and a visually appealing setup. And when you look out the window, you’ll see lots of greenery and beautiful views.

8. There are Opportunities to Unwind and Decompress

The more stressed and burnt out you feel, the less productive you will be, even after a good night’s rest. If you come into work still tired and mentally exhausted from the day before, your work performance will be crippled. So, when you feel extra tired, you need to find a way to de-stress and unwind.

Wondering how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity through work-life balance? One of the ways we do this is by encouraging exercise as a way to decompress via our onsite fitness center.

Sure, exercise keeps your mind and body healthy, but it also helps increase professional productivity. Working out boosts blood flow to your brain, making you feel sharper and more awake. This alertness can contribute to being more focused and concentrated at work, allowing you to get more done. 


Some might find it silly to think that a physical workspace can help make you work smarter, better, and more efficiently. But how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity comes in numerous forms — like putting your brain in work mode, giving you the best office technology, and giving you the chance to work with other professionals.

And it’s not just about pushing you to work to your limit. Circle Hub also prioritizes work-life balance and making sure you’re in a space that is visually relaxing and appealing. All of these also add to how productive you are at work, so it’s a priority for us, too.

Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to how Circle Hub will help boost professional productivity when you need an extra push. Interested in taking a look at our workspaces? Book a tour with us today to get a feel of what Circle Hub can offer!

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