Private Office vs. Hot Spot: What’s the Difference?

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Coworking office spaces offer a wide spectrum of working accommodation, depending on, of course, what it is that you require. In general, since there are different types of people that like to work under different conditions, there are bound to be different seating arrangements.

And the question, ultimately, is not which arrangement is better, but what the positive and the negatives of each might be, so you can make your choice accordingly.

Private office spaces, although holding the reins for decades now, have started to give in to different, more adaptable working surroundings, such as hot spots. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so stick with us at Circle Hub as we see what each of them has to offer.

Private Office vs. Hot Spot: What’s the Difference?

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When we talk about private office vs. hot spot, the thing that makes them so different in the first place is the inherent idea of both.

Private offices are, as the name says, private. They are closed for any other members and they can be used only by you and your team.

On the other hand, the main idea behind hot spots is that they are used by different people at different times in order to maximize space and time efficiency. So, at a hot spot, you are surrounded by other people who are also working.

In the private office vs. hot spot fight, there aren’t any actual winners. As we have previously mentioned, both have their positives and negatives. The question is which positives or negatives are the ones that will make you want to pick a side.

The Advantages of a Private Office

Although many alternative working spaces have emerged during the past few decades, many of which have been thought of as detrimental to the private office concept, they have endured. And for good reasons, too.

Private Offices Give You Privacy

The thing that is usually the biggest deal maker, and the reason why so many people, in the end, decide to rent such a type of space, is being secluded and able to do your job behind closed doors. There, you can deal with any sort of business that you need to without any disturbance.

Because, let’s face it, not every business is everybody else’s business.

Some projects are top secret and they are less likely to remain so if you are working in a space where everybody can easily have an insight into what you are doing.

Making private phone calls is practically impossible between all those people at the desk, as is filling in important documents. You wouldn’t want somebody to look into your future progress and potentially steal it.

Maybe this is an exaggeration, but one could never know, nor be safe enough.

So, for people that have highly confidential business to attend to, a private office would definitely take the win in the private office vs. hot spot debate.  

A Private Office Gives You Somewhere to Hold Meetings

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If you are working at a hot spot and you need to hold a private meeting, you would definitely have to book a meeting room in order to make that happen. However, what if the meeting room is not available at the time you need it?

When you consider the private office vs. hot spot conundrum, this is the first thing that people think of. A private office offers a world of possibilities when it comes to holding meetings. It will save you from having to book a meeting room and pray for an opening. Instead, you will have a private nook of your own, where you will be able to bring your clients without the wait.

You just call them and arrange a meeting. As easy as ABC.

Private Offices Can Be Personalized

Many people might think that personalizing a space is not that important. However, they would be wrong. There are studies that show that people in a personalized space tend to be much more productive. A few pictures of their family, parents, or their childhood help them remember why they started doing that in the first place. This gives them the motivation to move on and do their job well.

It is something that is only yours, and that makes a whole world of difference.

A Private Office Will Have Fewer Interruptions

When we talk about private office vs. hot spots, one thing is certain – if you are somebody that hates being interrupted, you’d better choose the former.

At a hot spot, everybody is in a hurry, and you are always there, available at any given minute. People are definitely more prone to asking you a question if you are in an open space, compared to when you are behind closed doors.

In a private office space, people need to knock in order to come in. And for some, that makes a big difference. Imagine taking on an important task, but not being able to finish it properly because you are constantly being interrupted.

That’s just not going to cut it, right?

This is why a private office space would be your oasis, your sanctuary where you can do everything in peace and quiet, properly and on time.

At Circle Hub, we have some amazing private office spaces that are worth checking out. 

The Advantages of Hot Spots

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Hot Spots Offer Maximized Space Usage

Hot spots, as opposed to private office spaces, focus on efficiency. The main idea of that type of accommodation is to make it as efficient, and as space-saving, as it can be. Since the rise in popularity of coworking spaces, such measures were due.

More and more people are opting for flexible workstations because of the nature of their job, and it is only normal that workstations have the same quality.

Basically, you come in, sit at an available workspace surrounded by other like-minded people, finish your workload for the day and get out, making your seat available for other users.

That way, one single seat can accommodate several users in a day.

Hot Spots Can Increase Productivity

There is a reason nine to five working hours are not going to cut it anymore. The world of business has become extremely fast-paced, and everybody is doing their job at different points in the day, depending on their schedule and the workload.

This is why many people need a space where they can sit for a while, finish what they have to do, and carry on with work in the field.

Such arrangements bring a significant increase in productivity, because you work until you are done. But once you are done, you are free to go and finish something else. This helps you focus more and gives you the motivation to complete your workload faster. So, if you are thinking about the differences between a private office vs. hot spot, this is something that you shouldn’t disregard.

Hot Spots Offer Networking Opportunities

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Establishing business connections is the single most important thing in the business world today. In this situation, hot spots take a major win in the private office vs. hot spot battle.

You never know who is sitting right next to you. It might be a potential partner, a client, or a very talented freelancer you realized you desperately needed on your team.

This kind of opportunity just doesn’t come up when you are sitting alone in a private office.

You might just run into a potential friend, who will be willing to help you solve a crisis you encountered while doing something important. Some of the most influential partnerships have come to be at a hot spot.

However, in order to take a look at the bigger picture and make your final decision about private office vs. hot spot, you need to know the disadvantages, too.

Private Office Disadvantages

As we have said, private offices are not for everyone. People that like working alone and in peace would definitely not find hot spots attractive. However, there are some things worth revisiting.

A Private Office Costs More to Rent

Of course, renting a private office will be much more expensive than renting a hot spot. You definitely have to take that into consideration when planning your budget. Yes, hot spots can be a bit overwhelming, but if you are not ready, nor have the resources to pay a bit extra, then you should definitely quit the idea.

Hot spots are cheaper and more economic for both the coworking company and the users.

Private Offices Can Mean a Lack of Communication

Working in a private office could be a lonely endeavor. No coworkers, no passers-by, nothing. Sometimes, you may need extra help involving something important, and you wouldn’t know who to ask.

As we have already mentioned, networking is the single most important thing in business. By being in a private office space the entire day, you are definitely denying yourself the opportunity to meet somebody really influential, who could become your business partner or a client. This is most surely a setback when it comes to debating about private office vs. hot spot.

No talent pool for you, either. How will you access the capabilities of all the working freelancers if you are so far away from them?

A Private Office Can Decrease Productivity

Although you might consider yourself to be a bit of a loner, studies have shown that people actually do less work when they are on their own, compared to if they were in a group.

So, you might not end up doing your best work, sitting alone at an office.

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Disadvantages of Hot Spots

On the other hand, although hot spots have taken a couple more wins in the consideration of private office vs. hot spot, it’s not like they don’t have disadvantages of their own.

Hot Spots Can Be Distracting

This really depends on the type of people that are sitting around you. Some disregard the fact that there are more people sitting around them and they start making inappropriate noises, phone calls etc., which might influence your focus quite a bit.

It’s not just that. Some might do it on purpose, but some don’t even realize how loud they are getting while working. All this can be really difficult to deal with.

At any given moment, someone might approach you and ask you something. We’re sure they mean well, but that’s maybe the last thing you need when solving a difficult issue at work.

Imagine having a deadline in two hours and somebody is talking loudly on the phone right next to you.

You’d probably want to escape such a place immediately, wouldn’t you?

However, this is not a problem so much with the people sitting around you, but the problem of having a good community manager. A good community manager would know how to establish a set of rules everybody can follow in order to work properly and without disruptions.

However, a bad one would do just the opposite. So, be sure to check reviews of the place in question, especially the ones about the community manager.

Hot Spots Can’t Be Fully Personalized

Having a place of your own at work really helps an employee connect to their working area. It gives them some much-needed stimulus. However, when you are at a hot spot, you need to take everything off the table once you finish.

This means no pictures of your dear ones, no notes, or anything. Sometimes it can be a bit disheartening, and that feeling may negatively influence your productivity levels.

Hot Spots Have Potential Health and Safety Issues

This is the number one problem to tackle in any working area, not just coworking spaces, especially now due to the pandemic. This is why hot spots need to be dealt with really attentively.

If they are not cleaned properly, one might get an infection really easily. So, think twice before renting a space and make sure you check how the health and safety measures are conducted in the coworking space of your choice. 

As you can see, there are many differences between a private office vs. hot spot. Figure out what your needs and priorities are and then take your pick. Once you’ve done that, get in touch with Circle Hub to see what we have to offer. 

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