8 Ways to Raise Workplace Wellbeing at Circle Hub

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Workplace wellbeing is a term that’s used to describe one’s physical/mental/emotional health while they’re at work. It’s something that many employers are now striving to improve, with research showing that wellness in the workplace has been linked to soaring productivity levels.

Of course, if your base is a coworking space, this can be a little trickier because not all coworking spaces prioritize workplace wellbeing. 

This is just one of the reasons why Circle Hub’s popularity has grown immensely in recent years. Our coworking spaces are geared toward boosting workspace wellbeing as much as possible. Here are eight ways in which you can capitalize on this to ensure that your professional (and personal) sense of wellness is as high as possible.

1. Take Regular Breaks Throughout the Day

It can sometimes feel as though there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. No matter how much time you spend at your desk, you’re still left with a lengthy to-do list at the end of the day.

When life feels this hectic, taking breaks often feels like a waste of time. After all, every second counts!

If you’ve been taking this approach, it’s time to change your mindset. Research shows that the human brain can only fully focus on a particular task for 90-120 minutes at a time. After this, attention begins to flag, meaning that productivity and wellbeing do the same.

This makes it so important to schedule regular breaks into your day, ideally every 90-120 minutes. These breaks don’t have to be long. Just a few minutes spent stretching and gazing out of a window will give your body the micro-break that it needs for your mind to refresh itself.

At Circle Hub, we encourage our members to take regular breaks to boost workplace wellbeing. We offer several common areas where you can hang out and enjoy a breather, whether you choose to lounge on a sofa for a few minutes or spend a while battling it out with others in our gaming room.

2. Connect With the People Around You

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Human beings are naturally social creatures. Sure, you may cherish the time that you spend alone but, ultimately, isolation will have a negative impact on your overall wellbeing. Human connection is vital, with studies showing that this can greatly improve mental health while keeping feelings of stress and anxiety at a low.

Fortunately, at Circle Hub, connecting with others is easy. Our members come from a diverse array of professional backgrounds, making for a buzzing vibe at our workspaces. Work at our hot spots, where you simply turn up, choose a desk, and get to work, and you’ll be surrounded by such an inspirational atmosphere. You’ll also find that our common areas are perfect for getting to know other members while you’re taking some downtime, and we host regular networking events that you should most definitely take advantage of too.

If you’re of an introverted nature, our community managers can help with introductions. It won’t be long before you quickly spot a few friendly faces each time you walk into our buildings. This will give you a strong sense of community and connection, which will have the larger effect of raising your workplace wellbeing.

3. Make the Most of the Different Workspaces Available

While the vibrancy and motivational nature of a shared workspace shouldn’t be dismissed, there will be times when you don’t want to be working amongst a larger group of people. You may be trying to concentrate on a project that requires your utmost attention, or perhaps you’re working on tasks that need to be kept completely confidential.

In situations like those, a lack of privacy can cause your workplace wellbeing to take a dive. This is why it’s important to stay in control by making the most of the different workspaces available at Circle Hub. For example, our private office suites are perfect for when you need some space to yourself. You can rent them by the hour, making them very cost-effective.

Likewise, if you have a favorite desk that you want to use on a certain day, take advantage of our Designated Desk service. This enables you to reserve a specific desk for the day/time you need it. It will help with your productivity, which, in turn, will be great for your workplace wellbeing.

4. Boost Your Body With Healthy Snacks

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There’s nothing wrong with indulging in snacks during the workday. Certain foods will be able to boost your focus, concentration, and energy. This will help to sustain steady productivity levels throughout the day.

However, more often than not, people don’t choose the healthy option when it comes to their workplace snacks. Instead, chocolate bars, cookies, bags of chips, and other similar processed foods tend to take center stage. This spells bad news for your workplace wellbeing. Studies show that snacking on unhealthy foods is linked to high stress levels, cognitive failures, and an increase in the likelihood of injuries. 

On the other hand, treat your body to healthier alternatives and you’ll experience the opposite. Give your body and brain the food that it needs to thrive and it will reward you! Some of the best foods for snacking on during the day are nuts, berries, popcorn, dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, and vegetable sticks. Each one will give your body the boost that it needs.

How does this relate to Circle Hub? Because our kitchen area makes it so much easier to keep your snacks healthy. You’ll have plenty of space to whip up a fresh and balanced snack rather than having to resort to a vending machine – something that your brain and your body will definitely appreciate!

5. Spend Time Helping Others

Ever feel good after helping someone with something?

There’s a reason for this. Research shows that helping others can have a significant effect on mental health. It reduces stress while improving self-esteem, mood, and even happiness.

This can trickle over into workplace wellbeing too. Spend a bit of time helping someone with their work and you’ll experience the same positive effects.

At a coworking space like Circle Hub, this is easy. Coworking spaces are absolutely perfect for collaboration. You’ll find that members tend to be pretty open when discussing the projects that they’re working on, along with the areas in which they could do with some help. Step in whenever you’re able to provide that assistance and by helping them, you’ll be helping your own sense of wellbeing too.

6. Get Active

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Physical activity is something that can drastically raise your sense of workplace wellbeing. Not only will you notice that your mood improves, but you’ll also feel more awake, more content, and less stressed. Even better, exercise can boost cognitive function too, giving you everything that you need to excel at your work tasks for the day.

How can you incorporate exercise into a workday at Circle Hub?

It’s simple – just spend some time at our on-site fitness center! This is a well-equipped area that’s perfect for a workout. Whether you want to squeeze one in before you start your day or release some steam in the afternoon, our gym is bound to get your heart pumping.

With that said, you don’t need to dedicate too much of your day to exercising. The recommended amount of moderate activity is two and a half hours a week. This works out to five 30-minute sessions each week – very doable! The fact that you won’t need to leave the building and make your way to a separate gym will also save you so much time, making life more convenient.

7. Learn Something New

Remember how we talked about how helping others can boost your sense of workplace wellbeing?

Well, the same applies when you allow someone else to help you. This doesn’t necessarily need to be in regard to a specific project you’re working on. Simply asking someone to share some skills in an area that you’re not familiar with will have you learning something new. As you may know, learning is great for giving mental health a boost.

This is particularly important if you’ve been feeling professionally unchallenged. Taking the time to soak up other people’s expertise and knowledge will enable you to broaden your horizons. You never know what your newly developed skills could lead to!

Of course, you could also learn something new from the activities hosted at Circle Hub. Our yoga classes, for example, are perfect for those who want to practice mindfulness. This is another way in which you can increase your overall sense of wellbeing. 

8. Spend Time Outdoors

Another way to improve your focus and concentration is to spend time outdoors. Research shows that even a short, 15-minute stint in fresh air can be a huge asset to your mental health. 

While some coworking spaces are situated in drab and uninspiring locations, that’s certainly not the case with Circle Hub. Both of our locations are in vibrant areas with plenty to offer.

If you’re working from our Northridge location, the Northridge Fashion Center is just a short walk away. We’re surrounded by various shops, restaurants, and bars, meaning that there’s always so much to see.

Meanwhile, our Ventura location is just a short drive from the beach. Whether you take a relaxing stroll on the sand or grab your surfboard and ride some waves, spending time by the ocean is always a great way to refresh the mind!


When you’re working from one of Circle Hub’s locations, you’ll immediately witness a surge in your workplace wellbeing. Whether you’re making the move from working from home or you’ve given up the lease for your private office, the inspirational environment that you’ll be able to immerse yourself in with us will do wonders for your mental health. 

Take things further by incorporating all of the tips that we’ve shared above. From making an effort to connect with other people to scheduling regular breaks where you do some exercise, eat a healthy snack, or help another person with something, all of this will enable you to raise your workplace wellbeing even further, until you’re truly, 100% content and satisfied.

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