A Guide to Working Remotely: Benefits of a Coworking Space

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People often assume that working remotely means working from home and, in many cases, this is exactly how remote workers approach the situation. However, working from home has its fair share of downsides, which is exactly why more and more remote workers have been turning to coworking spaces instead.

These spaces, which offer shared workspaces and other perks for a monthly membership fee, are extremely beneficial to remote workers in numerous ways. If you work remotely and could do with a change of scene, read on as Circle Hub talks you through the advantages that you can expect to experience after signing up with a coworking space.

A Professional Workspace

No matter what your job may entail, a sense of professionalism is a must. However, this can be difficult when working from home. Many people, even when working remotely, don’t have an adequate workspace in their homes. In fact, research shows that 51% of American teleworkers often work from their kitchen counters, while 35% have worked from a closet!

Making the move to a coworking space will give you a much more professional environment to work from. Not only will this give you a boost in productivity, which we’ll soon discuss in more detail, but it will also give you access to other services that can boost your sense of professionalism even more.

Take Circle Hub’s virtual office service as an example. It solves the problem of having to use your home address as your professional address by giving you the right to use Circle Hub’s prestigious street address instead. Not only will this make you seem more credible as a business person, but it’s also much safer than having your personal address splashed across your website and marketing material. When you receive mail, we can either keep this for you until you’re able to drop by and pick it up, or we can digitally forward it to you. 

Setting Work/Life Boundaries

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Working remotely can often make it difficult to establish work/life boundaries. When you work from home, these lines can easily end up blurred. It’s much harder to differentiate between your work and your home life when your home is your workspace. You won’t be able to properly leave your workspace behind at the end of each workday. 

This is why so many remote workers often find themselves putting in extra hours that they wouldn’t have done if they were working from an office. Studies show that 47% of remote workers tend to overwork. They find it very difficult to wind down at the end of the workday. This leaves them more susceptible to burnout.

It also doesn’t help that a home environment is often full of distractions. Whether this may be from kids, pets, or the stack of laundry that’s glaring at you from the other side of the room, distractions can be costly. This isn’t only in regards to the time that you waste on each distraction, but also in terms of the mistakes that you may make when you aren’t fully focused on your work.

Working from a coworking space turns this all around. By having a physical office space away from your home, you’ll find it much easier to distinguish between home and work life. Your work/life balance will become more solid, which, in turn, will give your mental health a boost.

A Boost in Productivity

One of the biggest benefits that comes from working at a coworking space is the boost in productivity that this provides. Research shows that 74% of people feel more productive at a coworking space, and this is down to a few different reasons.

Firstly, the inspiring environment. At a coworking space, you’ll be surrounded by other productive people, which is always extremely motivating. The buzzing ambiance will get your brain working in a way that it would’ve struggled to in a stagnant and isolated environment.

Of course, coworking spaces are also designed to raise productivity as much as possible. From the way they’re decorated to the natural lighting to the air temperature, all of this will give your brain the boost that it needs.

Saving on Overheads

While some employers provide a stipend that can be put toward an office space, most people who are working remotely don’t receive this perk. Instead, they need to fork out for overheads, equipment, and anything else from their own pocket. 

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why some remote workers look at coworking spaces as a waste of money. Rather than paying a monthly membership fee, they could save themselves the cost and work from home.

However, take a closer look at the finances involved and you’ll see that coworking can actually save you a pretty penny. The cost of overheads can quickly rise, but you won’t have to worry about that when coworking. From electricity and heating/air-conditioning to WiFi and cleaning services, all of this will be provided by a coworking space. Your monthly membership fee will contribute to this but, overall, you’ll likely find it much more cost-effective than paying for everything yourself.

Access to Amenities

In addition to saving on overheads, another financial perk that comes from working remotely at a coworking space is access to other amenities. Take general office equipment, for example. At Circle Hub, in addition to high-speed WiFi, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our printing facilities.

It doesn’t stop there either. We provide a number of other cost-saving amenities too. Our on-site fitness center, for example, gives you a way to stay fit without having to pay for a gym membership. Our complimentary refreshments are also loved by our members. If your caffeine habit sees you parting with cash on a daily basis, the free, all-you-can-drink coffee at Circle Hub would be a huge bonus!

Countering Social Isolation

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Working remotely can be lonely. Sure, you may check in with your employer or team on a regular basis, either in-person or via a screen, but this doesn’t make up for the lack of daily human interaction that you’ll be missing out on.

Why does this matter? Because human beings are social creatures. The human brain is at its best when it feels connected to others, which can be difficult when working remotely. 

Sign up to a coworking space and you won’t have this problem. You’ll be sitting at a desk with lots of other people around you, resulting in a sense of community. Make the most of our common areas during your downtime and you’ll meet so many other like-minded people. You’ll no longer feel isolated, which will be great for your mental health.

What happens on days when you don’t want to be working amongst a crowd of people? That’s where Circle Hub’s private office suites come in handy. You can book these office spaces by the hour, with pricing dependent on the office that you choose. If you simply want some privacy to work on a specific project, pick a single-desk office and you’ll be surprised by how cost-effective this option is.

Networking Made Easy

Of course, it’s not just socializing that’s important – networking is often crucial when working remotely too. However, it’s something that many remote workers struggle to do. If you don’t enjoy stuffy seminars and other professional networking events, how are you meant to network?

This is another area where coworking spaces really shine. We mentioned above how our common areas are great for socializing – well, they’re fantastic for networking too. At Circle Hub, our members come from diverse backgrounds and industries. Whether you’re looking to meet someone who works in marketing, IT, graphic design, or anything else, chances are that you’ll be able to make the right connections at our coworking spaces.

With that said, some people naturally find it difficult to network. This is why we also host organized events that our members can attend, free of charge. These are all causal events/activities that take the pressure off of networking. This makes it even easier to get to know new people.

If you’re still struggling, every coworking space, including Circle Hub, will have a community manager on hand who can help. They’ll be familiar with all of the members who attend their coworking space. This means that they’ll be able to introduce you to the people you want to meet. Most people who use a coworking space are always happy to expand their social/professional network, so you’ll be in great company! 

Flexible Hours

So far, we’ve talked about how coworking spaces can be more beneficial than working from home. However, how do they compare to hiring a private office space of your own?

Well, many of the advantages that we’ve described above still apply. From increasing productivity to social and professional networking, coworking spaces are often viewed as a better option than leasing your own office space.

Another reason why a coworking space is better is down to working hours. When working remotely, you’ll have a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to the hours you choose to work. Some people do best when they’re able to work late into the night. Others prefer to start their day at the crack of dawn, before the rest of the city rises.

With a private office space, this is often not possible. Whether due to building regulations or anything else, many follow 9-5 hours. Outside of these times, doors are locked and access is blocked.

With a coworking space, you’ll have more flexibility. Although not all coworking spaces offer 24/7 access, many, including Circle Hub, do. You’ll have your own keycard that you can use to enter the building whenever you want, giving you full autonomy over when you work. 

Working Remotely at Circle Hub

There’s no denying that working remotely can come with a long list of challenges. However, coworking can help you to get around the majority of them. Choose a space like Circle Hub and you’ll be able to enjoy the many perks that come from being a remote worker without having to deal with the common downsides. Not only will this make you more productive with your work but, ultimately, it will also be a huge advantage to your mental health, which will leave you much happier!

Click here to book a tour of Circle Hub’s coworking spaces today to see how we could improve your remote working experience. 

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