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Meeting room

How to Choose the Perfect Meeting Space for Your Business

By hubeditor | November 30, 2022
No man is an island. Any working professional knows that. Whether you’re a newly hired intern working on challenging projects or a C-level managing a business from the top of the food chain, you know that you’re only as good…
Office hoteling desk

What is Office Hoteling & How Does it Work?

By hubeditor | November 15, 2022
The world is so close to going back to normal after the height of the pandemic. That means people are going out more, seeing friends again, and, of course, finally returning to the office life. Remote businesses and freelancers are…
Coworking space

9 Amenities to Look for in a Coworking Space

By hubeditor | October 30, 2022
Finding the perfect workspace isn’t all about location or how modern the interior design of the space looks. Sure, those things are of the utmost importance, but they don’t really affect how you work. Aside from where the space is…
Workers learning how to navigate a small business in a coworking space

How to Navigate a Small Business in a Co-Working Space

By hubeditor | October 15, 2022
If you have a small business, you likely followed a pattern when it comes to where you hold operations. You probably started at home, doing remote work with online correspondence with your team, until you were able to rake in…

What Makes Circle Hub the Best Co Working Space in Northridge?

By hubeditor | September 30, 2022
There’s a lot to love about Northridge. It’s easy to get to, close to the city, and is rich in restaurants, shopping centers, and other fun stuff. That’s why we believe that Circle Hub Northridge is set up in the…
Man at desk

The Extra Benefits of Hot Desking That No One Tells You About

By hubeditor | August 30, 2022
When you work in a traditional office building, it can sometimes feel like you’re living the same days over and over again. You’re stuck in a small, dreary cubicle all day only to go home, sleep, wake up, and end…
Co working space with 24/7 access

Is It Important to Have a Co-Working Space with 24/7 Access?

By hubeditor | August 15, 2022
After two full years of almost everyone working from home, people have grown accustomed to their less uptight, casual workday. Instead of waking up two hours early to get your hair done and going on a long commute to the…
Video production space in Ventura

Need a Video Production Space in Ventura? Here’s How Circle Hub Can Help

By hubeditor | July 30, 2022
In the age of TikTok, Instagram, and all things social media, it’s important for businesses and personalities to be noticed. If you’re not relevant, you’ll likely drown in a sea of smaller yet trendier brands making waves online. That’s why…

6 Hot Desking Benefits to Consider When Choosing a New Workspace

By hubeditor | July 15, 2022
Decades ago, any employee would tell you that what will get you far in life is hard work and structure. But the modern Millennial professional knows that, nowadays, you can’t achieve success, work-life balance, and longevity in your career without…
Woman working on laptop

How Does Circle Hub Boost Professional Productivity?

By hubeditor | June 30, 2022
Showing up to work each day doesn’t necessarily mean being a lean, mean working machine from 9 to 5. There are days when you feel slow and lethargic, like you’re in a slump. The work you do comes out half-baked.…


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