Need a Co Working Space in Ventura? Here’s How to Pick the Very Best

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There’s a lot to love about Ventura, CA. Known for its beautiful beaches, lush and green hills for glamping, chill vibes, and proximity to California’s most glamorous cities, it’s definitely an ideal place to be based in. So, it comes as no surprise that everyone is looking to work in this fun, lively surf town.

Many creative thinkers and digital nomads look to this coastal city for a place to work — and for good reason! In recent years, so many workspaces have popped up to give these remote workers a place to clock in each day and get their tasks done. But how do you pick out the best co working space in Ventura if there are so many to choose from?

Today, Circle Hub will be giving you a checklist of all the things you should keep an eye out for when looking for the best co working space in Ventura. So long as the place ticks all these boxes, you’ve found yourself an awesome potential workspace. Let’s jump right into the list!

It Has Different Workspaces to Fit Every Need

Desk at co working space in Ventura

The first thing to look for in a co working space in Ventura (or a coworking space anywhere, for that matter) is different kinds of workspaces available in the building.

The main point of going to a coworking space is to have access to the kind of workstation that fits your need for that day. And finding the perfect workspace is important if you want to work efficiently and increase your productivity levels.

Some days, you’ll want to be by yourself and work quietly on your own without distractions. But on others, you’ll probably feel like socializing more with like-minded people or your own team members. So, ideally, your coworking space should have a range of workspaces available for you or your team.

Luckily, Circle Hub Ventura has plenty of types of workspaces available for you, depending on what will fit you and your needs best. Here are just some of them:

Hot Spots for Flexible Social Butterflies

If you’re more of a spontaneous worker who loves being around people, you’ll enjoy our hot spots — a shared, communal space where you drop by whenever you want, grab a seat anywhere, and work. It requires no long-term commitment, so it’s perfect if you want something flexible and doesn’t tie you down to the same office desk every single day.

What’s awesome about hot desking at the Circle Hub Ventura hot spots is that you can work in a new corner of the office every day. With a new view and ambiance every time, each workday becomes exciting and never boring.

And since hot desking involves staying in a shared area, you’ll have access to Circle Hub’s colorful and bustling coworking community. You’ll meet new people to network with and potentially find people you might want to collaborate with in the future!

Designated Desks to Ensure Your Seat

Of course, hot desking isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to have one set desk all day, or maybe even all week! Does that sound like you? Well, Circle Hub’s co working space in Ventura has just the thing for you — designated desks.

With a designated desk, we’ll reserve the same seat for you for however long you book it for. That way, you don’t have to deal with hot desking anxiety or worrying too much about not finding a seat once you get to the coworking space.

The desk is all yours; you don’t have to share or compete with anyone else to use it. The best part is that it also doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Just book your desk for as long as you’ll need it, even if it’s just for a day or two!

Private Office Suites for Teams with Individual Work Tasks

The co working space in Ventura also has private office suites for teams of 2-5 who would rather work in an exclusive area of the space as a group.

You can book a suite with up to five desks so that you and your teammates can work on your own individual tasks within the same vicinity, kind of like in a traditional office but with no long-term commitment.

Open floor plans (like those in private office suites) are known to allow for more efficient communication with your team while maintaining a degree of privacy. They offer the best of both worlds when you want to work around other people but don’t want the distraction and background noise of the hot spots.

There are Conference Rooms for Private Meetings and Presentations

Co working space meeting room

When looking for a co working space in Ventura, it also makes sense to make sure that there are conference rooms available should you need them to host meetings and client presentations. Circle Hub Ventura has rooms for rent by the hour, so that shouldn’t be a problem if you work at our space.

Our meeting rooms are glass-enclosed, giving you all the privacy you and your team need to carry out your meeting. This is perfect for brainstorming sessions for confidential projects or big presentations where you need a setting that’s as professional as possible without background noise from strangers.

The rooms also have all the tech and equipment you need for a group meeting, from a clean whiteboard to a high-end, flat-screen TV.

In the Ventura location specifically, we have conference rooms for 6 people, 10 people, and 16 people. That means whether you’re hosting a meeting for a small or large group, we have a room available.

There are many benefits to having a meeting room easily accessible to you at your coworking space, from privacy to giving clients a good first impression when meeting them at a professional conference room for the first time. And when choosing the perfect meeting space for your business, the ones at Circle Hub Ventura are most definitely the top contenders.

You Can Access the Coworking Space 24/7

Another thing you should look out for when hunting for the best co working space in Ventura is 24/7 access to the place.

Surveys say that almost half of professionals are more productive when given flexible working hours and schedules. And that makes total sense! There are morning people who like to get stuff done early on in the day, and there are also night owls who come up with their best work when the sun goes down.

When people are given the freedom and flexibility to work when they want to, they’re more productive and come up with the best, most high-quality output. In this day and age, a strict 9-to-5 is barely efficient. After all, you can’t force people to churn out work when they aren’t ready.

That’s why it’s important to have a coworking space with 24/7 access. It allows you to start and end your workday when you want to, allowing you to work at your best times. That makes it one of the most important amenities you can look for in a co working space in Ventura.

24/7 access is also perfect for freelancers or those who do side gigs while working a full-time job. That way, you can simply go to the coworking space after hours to work on your other projects.

There’s an Event Space to Hold Workshops, Seminars, and Work-Related Socials

CircleHub event space

If you’re a business owner that loves throwing corporate events for your team members, we highly suggest looking for a co working space in Ventura that has an event space. We’re proud to say that Circle Hub has the perfect one for any occasion!

Our events area in the Ventura location boasts a 1,500-square-foot space, which is fantastic for medium- and large-sized gatherings. It comfortably fits 170 guests when standing and 130 guests when seated. So, it’s excellent for seminars, workshops, roadshows, and even after-work parties.

Like the rest of the workspaces in Circle Hub Ventura, the event space has access to our high-speed internet and break rooms.

You can even work with our kitchen to discuss what food and drinks to serve during the event. Plus, you’ll get an on-site event coordinator to help make sure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. With all these amenities, the Circle Hub event space is sure to be one of Ventura’s top event venues.

You Can Shoot Creative Content in a Gorgeous Production Space

Many remote workers and freelancers in Ventura are of the creative type, shooting content for social media or production pieces day after day. If this sounds like you, you’ll love Circle Hub Ventura’s video production space.

It has indoor and outdoor spaces for you to shoot any kind of content you need for your projects or businesses. With modern, aesthetically pleasing interior design and lots of natural lighting, your photos and videos are sure to come out beautifully.

There are video production spaces for both small and large production teams. It’s perfect for shooting content for your business’ photo reserve or even just getting headshots for you and your team for company photoshoots.

One huge plus of a video production space in this coworking space is that you have access to Circle Hub Ventura’s other space. For example, because there are conference rooms in the building, you can book venues for pre- and post-production meetings as well. You can even use the space as an event venue for a post-production party for you and your team!

It Allows You to Avail a Virtual Office and Professional Mailing Address Service

Virtual office

If you run a remote business headquartered in your home, you might want a coworking space that offers virtual office services.

At Circle Hub Ventura, this means giving you a professional mailing address where all your business mail and parcels go. You can also use this address as your business’ official location.

That means you’ll be putting a professional office building address based in LA on your business cards instead of giving your home address! A virtual office gives off a more professional vibe, which is sure to score an awesome first impression on potential partners and clients.

We can also take care of your mail handling, so you don’t have to keep receiving parcels and mail at home. Then, you can simply pick them up at our location whenever you can, or have us send them to you digitally.

There’s a Fitness Center Where You Can Blow Off Some Steam

Lastly, you should always look for progressive, productivity-boosting amenities in whatever co working space in Ventura you choose. Some coworking spaces have gaming rooms to help people unwind and have fun, or lush gardens where people can step out and breathe some fresh air between work tasks.

At Circle Hub Ventura, one of our more unique amenities is the fitness center. If you’re a health and exercise junkie, you’ll love having a gym in your workspace. Instead of braving the California traffic and driving to the gym after work, you can head to the fitness center to squeeze in your daily workout.

Studies have shown that vigorous physical exercise can significantly improve one’s well-being at work. It also allows you to de-stress from long workdays or release some endorphins when you need a pick-me-up when work is extra anxiety-inducing.

Plus, you’ll be taking care of your health, which means your mind and body will stay healthy and energetic, making you ready for the day. It will also result in fewer sick days at work, which is amazing for productivity. These are just some of the most important reasons why it’s worth choosing a coworking space with an onsite fitness center.

Finding the Perfect Co Working Space in Ventura

Circle Hub Ventura gives you access to lots of productivity-boosting amenities, different types of workspaces to fit your need, and allows you flexible working hours day in and day out. If you’re looking for a co working space in Ventura, it’s one that is sure to be a top contender.

Want to check the place out? Book a slot for our workspaces today and see how you like it at Circle Hub Ventura. Who knows, it might just be your next favorite everyday coworking space in the area!

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