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Woman at onsite fitness center on treadmill

Why It’s Worth Choosing a Coworking Space With an Onsite Fitness Center

By hubeditor | November 30, 2021
When you are thinking about shifting to coworking, the main question is finding the perfect workplace for you. With so many different co-shared office spaces now available, choosing between them isn’t always easy. Coworking companies are trying to one-up each…
Top event venues event

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Ventura’s Top Event Venues

By hubeditor | November 15, 2021
When you think about coworking, the things that usually come to mind are open work spaces – places where freelancers do their, well, freelancing… So, basically, a place where people come to do their jobs in a comfortable, stimulating environment.…
Man at desk working

Virtual Office vs. Space Rental: Which Would Be Best for Your Business?

By hubeditor | October 30, 2021
Many startups, small companies, or freelancers that are thinking of serious business endeavors are all at a loss about one thing: virtual office vs. space rental – what should I choose? The choice is quite easy if you know what…
Woman at work

Private Office vs. Hot Spot: What’s the Difference?

By hubeditor | October 15, 2021
Coworking office spaces offer a wide spectrum of working accommodation, depending on, of course, what it is that you require. In general, since there are different types of people that like to work under different conditions, there are bound to…
Man thinking

Choosing a Coworking Space: 10 Mistakes to Avoid Making

By hubeditor | September 30, 2021
If you have ever thought about renting a good coworking space, Googling coworking space to rent near me is not going to cut it. You have to take many variables into consideration. One coworking space could be appropriate for you,…
Coworking office

Is Coworking the Way Forward for Remote Workers in 2021?

By hubeditor | September 16, 2021
It seems that 2021 has brought even more uncertainties than the past two years combined. Nobody could have expected it, and all of us have probably hoped that the pandemic would be over by the end of last year. Coworking…
Man working at desk

10 Hot Desking Advantages and Disadvantages

By hubeditor | August 30, 2021
When people think about coworking office spaces, many aren’t familiar with all the possibilities such spaces offer. From designated desks to private offices, co-shared office spaces provide you and your company with endless possibilities of renting a space that will…

Coworking California: Why Should You Choose Circle Hub?

By hubeditor | August 15, 2021
Want your business to succeed but don’t know where to start? Need a stimulating environment, but just don’t seem to get that sort of inspiration at home? Maybe it is time to relocate. Scratch that, it is definitely time to…
Professional mailing address at office

Does Your Startup Really Need a Professional Mailing Address?

By hubeditor | July 30, 2021
A startup’s journey is in no way simple. It is a journey of many perils and obstacles. In order to build a successful startup, you need to take many things into consideration. You need to be able to predict many…
People working in coworking community

9 Ways Your Business Would Benefit From a Coworking Community

By hubeditor | July 15, 2021
As the pandemic is coming to an end, or, at least, as we are getting the hang of it, many businesses have to think hard about the future and their progress. Some of them had to be shut down. Many…


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